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The best Gaming CPU will give you the fastest chip, with the most cores, in your price range. That might be the lofty Intel Core i9-12900K, AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, or something that will give you more bang for your buck like the Intel Core i5 12400. But this is a pretty technical area and making a decision can be a bit intimidating.

So what is the best gaming processor for
you in this article, we’ll break down the top
five gaming CPUs on the market this year
based on price versus performance and
situations they’ll be used in so whether
you’re looking for the best intel CPU
the best AMD CPU or simply the best of
the best stay tuned we’ll have an option
for you all the links to find the best
prices on all the products mentioned in
this video will be in the down
below the products are in no exact order
so be sure to stay tuned till the end so
you don’t miss anything

Intel Core i9-12900K — Best Overall Gaming CPU

first up the intel core i9 12900k our
pick for the best overall gaming CPU intel
core i9 12900k is the best overall
gaming processor you can get right now
and has everything you need for intense
gaming including plenty of cores for
excellent performance this processor
comes with a redesigned socket so if
your motherboard doesn’t have an intel
lga 1700 socket you’ll have to upgrade
to soften the blow the rog Strix z690e
gaming wifi motherboard with
a compatible socket is included in the box
making everything a whole lot easier
this processor is based on intel’s

Intel Core i9-12900K — Best Overall Gaming CPU
Intel Core i9-12900K — Best Overall Gaming CPU

new 12th generation alder lake s
architecture and offers a 10 to 15 jump
in performance per watt thanks to
improvements to the individual
transistors that make up the processor
in a nutshell for pure gaming
performance of the intel core i9 12900k is
about two percent slower than the ryzen
9 5900 x which we’ll be looking at later
in the article alder lake also brings
support for PCIe 5.0 for now it feels a
bit pointless but that will change PCIe
4.0 devices are only now really taking
off and it’ll probably be a while before

The CPU-16 cores are split

we start seeing SSD and graphics cards
really taking advantage of PCIe 5.0 but
when that happens the 12900k will be
ready the CPU-16 cores are split right
down the middle with eight performance
cores and eight efficiency cores so
while the heavy lifting is being handled
by the performance cores all background
tasks are routed to the efficiency cores
that means that things like your browser
running in the background or listening
to Spotify while gaming won’t slow down

what you really need the performance for
if you’re looking for a gaming CPU that
offers strong performance excellent
multitasking and the insurance of future
proofing the intel core i9 12900k is an
excellent choice with the new chip
layout and efficiency cores to power
background tasks you won’t have to worry
about anything slowing you down.

Intel Core i5-12600K — Best Intel Gaming CPU for the Money

next up is the intel core i5 12600k our
pick for best intel gaming CPU for
the money the intel core i5 is the CPU that
really matters for most gamers it’s
cheaper than an i7 or i9 but still
offers the fundamentals of what makes
those chips are great for gaming and come
at almost half the price as the intel
core i912 900k the core i5 12600k
supports PCI-e 4.0 and is built using
alder lake s architecture marks
a significant improvement over their 11th
gen rocket lake predecessors this allows
intel to make its best gaming processor
claim without massaging the numbers too
much you get two sets of cpu cores in a

Intel Core i5-12600K — Best Intel Gaming CPU for the Money
Intel Core i5-12600K — Best Intel Gaming CPU for the Money

six plus four design this means that
there are six performance cores and four
efficiency cores both the performance
and efficiency cores share access to 20
megabytes of l3 intel smart cache along
with the onboard uhd graphics 770. the
core i5 1 600k sits just below the 5
gigahertz mark on its performance cores
which means you’ll have to tweak it
yourself to push it over that milestone
but that shouldn’t be a problem with
intel’s promise
of plenty of
overclocking headroom is something that’s
definitely worth mentioning is that

Upgrade your motherboard and CPU

intel recommends using windows 11 with
this processor to get the most out of it
that comes down to the hybrid
architecture and something intel calls
the thread director which helps the os
schedule tasks with greater granularity
as to what’s going on also noteworthy
and following the intel core i9 12900k
is the fact that this processor also
utilizes the redesigned lga 1700 socket

so you may need to upgrade your
motherboard and cpu cooler if they are
not compatible if you don’t need the
power of the intel core i9 12900k the
intel core i5 12600k offers a great
middle ground and is a very good choice
for gaming, this processor delivers a
clever balance of price and performance
and that makes the entire 12th gen
platform a little more digestible.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X — Best AMD CPU

next up is the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x our pick
for the best AMD CPU the AMD ryzen 9 5900x
is an absolute monster of a CPU bringing
the biggest generational jump in single
core performance in years and is one of
the best high-end gaming CPUs for power
users this 12 core 24 thread processor
has a base clock of 3.7 gigahertz that
can boost up to 4.8 gigahertz it has 64
megabytes of l3 cache and it keeps the
same tdp of 105 watts the zen 3

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X — Best AMD CPU
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X — Best AMD CPU

architecture that’s in place was built
from the ground up with three primary
goals the first goal was focused on
single core performance as amd didn’t
want to have a great increase in ipc by
spreading their workloads across a ton
of cores the next goal was latency this
meant unifying cores in cash in a
continuous 8-core complex creating
better communication between the cores
and lower memory latency by having more
cash available the last goal was
efficiency that would offer high

AMD’s greatest achievement

performance while keeping temperatures
in check but AMD’s greatest achievement
really shows in its gaming performance
if you look at the performance of
everything before the 5000 series you’ll
see that even something like an intel
8700k would give you better performance
then a top-end 3000 series AMD chip so
for the longest time the opinion was
that if you wanted the highest fps you’d
have to go with intel but now the choice
isn’t so clear where intel may excel
with a particular game, AMD might kill it
on another, this levels the playing field
a lot and if you’re a true gamer you’ll

definitely benefit with the greater
a choice that’s now available if gaming is
important to you and you’re not married
to intel, the AMD ryzen 9 5900x is an
excellent choice it’s an incredibly
powerful processor and goes beyond what
last generation CPUs had to offer and
with 12 cores and 24 threads a large
selection of games should show big
performance increases
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Intel Core i5-12400

next up is the intel core i5 12400 some
might regard the intel core i5 12400 as
one of the least exciting processors
from the 12th gen alder lake CPUs but in
fact’s an excellent gaming processor
with impressive overclocking abilities
and best of all it doesn’t cost an arm
and a leg this processor has the same
alder lake special sauce that makes the
core i912 900k and core i5 12600k such
potent contenders it’s a six-core CPU
that is the result of intel’s focus on
the mid-range market and one of the

Intel Core i5-12400
Intel Core i5-12400

absolute best value gaming chips around
and the decision to enable hyper
threading on its full range of
processors give the i5 12 400 some
serious multi-threading muscle for the
money while this isn’t a hybrid
processor and it’s missing the extra
efficiency cores that add to
the versatility of chips like the core i9
and core i5 it still rocks with the
golden cove architecture inside its pure
the performance cores the core i5 1 400
isn’t really made for multi-threading so
those six powerful performance cores are
more than enough for a dedicated budget
gaming chip you’re also not restricted
to windows 11 to get the most out of
this CPU is either in a straight CPU.

Gaming processor with great performance

performance terms the core i5 12400 is
pretty impressive offering a great single
core performance and solid
multi-threaded prowess despite the lack
of efficiency cores what really
highlights the power of the golden cove
microarchitecture is how the core i5
12400 compares with the best CPU of the
11th gen range almost across the board
the core i5 tops the core i9 it’s only
in heavily multi-core focused
applications that the two additional
cores of the core i9 11900k come into
play if you’re looking for a gaming
processor with great performance at a
budget price point the intel core i5
is a very good choice it offers
performance that’s on par with the best
of the last generation and when paired
with the right motherboard can deliver
excellent overclocking potential.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

last but not least the AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
our pick for the best AMD gaming CPU for the
money like the AMD ryzen 9 5900x the AMD
ryzen 5 5600x is based on the zen 3
architecture it’s the most affordable in
the zen 3 families and promises everything
a triple a gamer could possibly want
this gaming CPU is a 6 core 12 thread
processor with a base clock of 3.7
gigahertz and maximum boost of 4.6
gigahertz it’s built up of a single core
a complex that has 32 megabytes of l3
cache and the same I o die that could be
found in zen 2. like all of the ryzen

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

desktop CPUs this processor doesn’t come
with integrated graphics meaning, you’ll
either has to buy a new GPU or use your
old one in the interim when it comes to
gaming this processor is excellent and
like the intel core i912 900k and intel
core i5 12600k the ryzen 9 5600x
supports pcie 4.0 in addition to the cpu
you get an amd wraith cooler which is
pretty good on its own but if you plan
on overclocking you’d probably be better
off with a third-party all-in-one liquid
cooler or a more robust air cooler other
more granular improvements include an
optimized boosting algorithm improved
memory overclocking and reworked cache
a topology that delivers a new level of

The 5600x is limited to six cores

power efficiency in fact the ryzen 5
5600x is one of the most power-efficient
desktop pc chips around right now even
though the 5600x is limited to six cores
it’s still a powerhouse offering
smoother performance and higher minimum
frame rates for a better gaming
the experience overall if this isn’t a great
the value I’m not sure what really is the
AMD ryzen 5 5600x delivers awesome
gaming performance that particularly
shines in 1080p and is a great mid-range
the choice for a gaming CPU this six-core
the processor runs cool thanks to its
bundled CPU cooler and its backward
compatible with older motherboards.

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