TOP 5 Best Camera Phones 2022 – Review

The best camera phones offer a combination of imaging technology with pin-sharp displays and lightning-fast internet connectivity. But with choices at every turn, it’s hard to make a good decision.

what is going to be the best camera
phone for you in 2022
in this article, we’ll break down the top
The five best camera phones on the market
this year based on price versus
performance and situations they’ll be
used in so whether you’re looking for
the best camera phone for photography or
for video stay tuned we’ll have
the perfect option for you
all the links to find the best prices on
all the products mentioned in this video
will be in the down below the
products are in no exact order to be
sure to stay tuned till the end so you
don’t miss anything

Google Pixel 6 Pro — Best Camera Phone for Most People

First up the google pixel 6 pros our pick
for best camera phone for most people
Google has a reputation for delivering
excellent photography experiences on its
phones and the google pixel 6 pro is no
exception in fact its hardware and
the software has both seen huge upgrades
from the pixel 5. the design of the
google pixel 6 pro has a camera band
that houses its powerful new camera
array and spans the entire width of the
phone the 50-megapixel main shooter
which has an f 1.9 aperture is the

Google Pixel 6 Pro — Best Camera Phone for Most People
Google Pixel 6 Pro — Best Camera Phone for Most People

the camera you’ll likely be using the most
it takes high-res photos with good
detail and true-to-life colors
the telephoto camera has a four times
optical zoom and produces detailed
images of distant subjects but you’ll
need a steady hand tripod or gimbal to
get the best results as is the case with
all telephoto modes when you want to get
more people or more of a sweeping vista
into the frame the ultra-wide camera is
up to the task of delivering a 114 degree

Portrait shots good picture

field of view on the front of the phone
there’s an 11.1-megapixel selfie camera
with an f 2.2 aperture, it produces nice
looking at portrait shots good picture
quality for video calls and you can also
record 4k video the camera software is a big part of what
makes the pixel 6 pros such a great
camera phone night sight gives you better results in
dark areas motion mode provides great
long exposure shots and real tone
enables you to capture more natural
looking at skin tones in photos of people of color
magic eraser is another big upgrade and
is designed to let you easily remove

Portrait shots good picture
Portrait shots good picture

subjects that you don’t want to be
included in your photos such as an
unattractive background element or photo
bombers if you want a phone with a fantastic
camera the google pixel 6 pro is an
excellent choice it has a powerful
camera array that’s paired with some
exciting software features that give you
lots of versatility

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra — Most Versatile Camera Phone

Next up is the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra our
pick for most versatile camera phone
the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra is a big
powerful and attractive android phone
it’s super versatile and the cameras are
a clear highlight with the space zoom
capabilities taking you to infinity and
beyond the camera array on this phone is
very similar to what you’d find on the
galaxy s21 ultra there are two 10
megapixel telephoto lenses one is f 2.4
with a 36 degree field of view and the
other is f 4.9 with an 11-degree field
of view, there’s also a 12 megapixel
ultra-wide with a 120-degree field of
view and the 108 megapixels main wide
camera with f 1.8 and an 85-degree field
of view

the technology backing the cameras has
also undergone a significant upgrade
enhancements include better optical and
digital image stabilization and image
processing zoom capabilities are also the best
available the three times and ten times
optical zoom is solid and offers clear
images of distant objects but the thirty
times and one hundred times space zoom
is where you’ll see the greatest
improvements a lot of this is due to the
improved stabilization that takes
control of the lens and holds a subject
in the frame

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra — Most Versatile Camera Phone
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra — Most Versatile Camera Phone

Samsung’s adaptive pixel

wide and ultra-wide images are also
improved using Samsung’s adaptive pixel
the tech that uses nana binning takes 9
pixels of information and combines them
into one for better color and contrast
blending it with the full resolution of
the 108-megapixel wide angle original
that lens also gets an autofocus assist
from what looks like a fifth lens on the
back of the phone that is actually a
laser autofocus sensor the front-facing
camera meanwhile uses tetra binning to
combine four pixels into one for a high

quality 10-megapixel image you can also
shoot high-quality 4k video at 60fps and
up to 8k at 24fps
if you absolutely love photography and
the ability to take great shots on the
fly the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra is
the perfect camera for you the camera array
is excellent and the zoom capabilities
will finally let you capture what your
eyes can see.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro – Great Photography Camera

next up is the Huawei mate 40 pro our pick
for a great photography camera
the Huawei mate 40 pro is one of the
best phones around in terms of hardware
its cameras take incredible pictures its
the screen looks great and it feels
wonderful in the hand thanks to its
curved display and slender build
the main snapper is a 50-megapixel f 1.9
camera and has a rib sensor as opposed
to the standard RGB allowing it to take
in more light, this is joined by a 20
megapixel f 1.8 ultrawide camera and a
12-megapixel f 3.4 periscope telephoto
with five times optical zoom

Huawei Mate 40 Pro - Great Photography Camera
Huawei Mate 40 Pro – Great Photography Camera

on the front, there are two cameras a 13
megapixel f 2.4 ultrawide selfie cam
joined by a time-of-flight sensor for
improved depth sensing
selfies look good and are pretty bold in
terms of color
from scenic vistas to close-up subjects
and portrait shots of the mate 40 pro
produces fantastic results with good
color accuracy depth and contrast
the ultra-wide camera uses a freeform lens
which uses an uneven shape to
effectively reduce the kind of
distortion ultrawide photos usually have
and it works very well

Shoot up to 4k 60fps

photos were taken using the periscope
the telephoto lens looks so good it’s
difficult to tell that zoom was used
at all portrait mode is refined with no
over-the-top bokeh effects and some
settings like highlights and shadows are
ai tweaked to make the subject stand out
more naturally even in low light this
the phone remains consistently adept at
taking great photos by maintaining
detail and color with very little noise
in dark areas for videography this phone
uses the ultra-wide lens and you could
shoot up to 4k 60fps but enable image
stabilization or subject tracking drops
that down to 1080p at 30fps

like the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra you
can record 4k video using the
front-facing camera too
if you’re looking for a camera phone
that excels at photography the Huawei
mate 40 pro
is a fantastic choice from
landscapes to portraits and more this
the camera will give you excellent
photographic results even in low light
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iPhone 13 Pro Max — Best Overall Camera Phone

next up is the iPhone 13 pro max our pick
for the best overall camera phone
the iPhone 13 pro max has incredible
battery life cameras that could do
pretty much anything you’d need on a
smartphone and is available in a range
of muted but classy colors simply put
this is the leading contender for the
best overall camera phone you can get
right now

iPhone 13 Pro Max — Best Overall Camera Phone
iPhone 13 Pro Max — Best Overall Camera Phone

just as a camera array in the Samsung
s 22 ultras is derived and
improved upon from a previous model the
iPhone 13 pro max builds on the camera
array from the iPhone 12 pro max
tweaking it for better performance
the main camera which apple calls the wide
the camera has a 12-megapixel sensor with
larger 1.9-micrometer pixels placed on
one of the largest sensors Apple has
ever put in a smartphone this larger
sensor lets it capture more light and in
combination with its f 1.5 aperture

Ultrawide sensor packs 12 megapixels

you’ll be able to shoot some seriously
impressive low-light images the upgraded
ultrawide sensor packs 12 megapixels and
has apple’s night mode functionality
that gives it the ability to take some
breathtaking photos in near pitch-black
situations as long as you’re able to
hold the handset perfectly still for the
the necessary amount of time similar to the
google pixel 6 pro’s night sight the
a telephoto lens can zoom in three times
optically and there’s even a macro mode
that will activate when you move the
phone closer to a subject once it kicks
in the blurriness clears to reveal
a close-up world where you could take some
very interesting shots

if you like to shoot videos the iPhone 13
pro max has you covered you can shoot 4k
or 1080p video at up to 60fps 720p at
30fps and more
if you’re shopping around for the best
overall camera phone the apple iPhone 13
pro max
is definitely what you’re
looking for it has a versatile camera
array and shooting modes and includes a
macro mode for extremely close shots
last but not least.

OnePlus 9 Pro

The one plus 9 pro while the one plus 9 pro isn’t going to
knock the iPhone 13 pro max off its top
spot it is one of the best camera phones
that one plus has been released and the camera
system in it has been developed in
collaboration with the iconic
photography company Hasselblad
the 9 pro boasts a quad-camera that
includes standard wide ultra-wide and
telephoto modules as well as a 2
megapixel monochrome sensor the array

features a 48 megapixel 2×2 Octa quad
Bayer sensor and gets most of the basics
right when it comes to photography
dynamic range is particularly impressive
with bright highlights often well
preserved when shooting in high contrast conditions
target exposures of people can be a
a little low in strongly backlit shots but
for the most part, the 9 pro delivers
nice exposure white balance is fairly
neutral in most shots and colors are

OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus 9 Pro

Retain detail & Structures

well-saturated detail is
particularly impressive in outdoor shots
and when the light levels drop the 9 pro
is able to retain detail even in fine
structures the ultrawide camera has a 14 millimeter
equivalent focal length and f 2.2
aperture for the ultra-wide one plus is
switched to the larger sony IMX 766 50
megapixel one by a 1.56-inch sensor which
allows more light to pass through giving
it has an edge over its competitors the
telephoto camera utilizes an 8 megapixel
sensor with an f 2.4 aperture lens
that’s equal to three times optical
zoom which is decent but falls short of
the longer ranges available on
competitors like the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra

for video, the one plus 9 pro comes with
8k recording at 30fps which is above and
beyond everything else we’ve looked at
if you’re looking for a smartphone with
a camera array with very good
photographic abilities and is simple to
Using the one plus 9 pro is a great choice
it’s the best camera phone one plus has
released date and it could shoot 8k

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