TOP 5 Best Budget TV 2022

You don’t have to break the bank to get a good TV with decent image quality. Manufacturers have been putting out better low-cost TVs, and as a result, you can get a great TV for only a few hundred dollars. Sure, they don’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles on offer by their more expensive siblings, but they still have a lot going for them. But making a choice in a sea of budget TVs can be a bit difficult.

TVs have become more affordable than
ever nowadays you don’t need to spend a
lot of money to get a very good quality
tv but which tv is the right one for you
in this article, we’ll break down the top 5
budget TVs on the market this year based
on price versus performance and
situations they’ll be used in so whether

you’re looking for a tv for your bedroom
living room watching sports or anything
in between will have the perfect option
for you, if you’re interested in finding
out which budget tv will be best for you
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in no exact order so be sure to stay
tuned till the end so you don’t miss
anything first up

TCL 55-Inch 6-Series 4K Roku TV (55R635)

the TCL 55-inch 6-series 4k Roku tv our pick for the best
budget tv for most people the tcl6
series 4k Roku tv shines as a beacon for
budget tv buyers and has the ideal
balance of performance and price making
it the best choice for most people
looking to get a budget tv however it’s
not perfect for everyone the 55-inch tcl
6-series 4k tv comes equipped with roku
tv and offers a pretty robust search
feature and most of the major streaming
apps one of the best things about roku
tv is that it doesn’t have any strong

TCL 55-Inch 6-Series 4K Roku TV (55R635)
TCL 55-Inch 6-Series 4K Roku TV (55R635)

ties to a major streaming service so it
doesn’t push you in any particular
direction like apple tv or amazon fire
tv do roku tv supports everything from
Netflix Hulu sling tv and amazon to
lesser-known websites like 2b
crackle and others the mini led
backlight system uses thousands of leds
to create deep black levels bright
highlights and a wide color gamut that
looks amazing this tv is also screencast
ready so you can cast content from your
mobile device to your tv in terms of

smart home platforms for gaming

smart assistance roku tv uses the roku
assistant which is really only good for
finding shows and movies but it does
link to amazon alexa and google
assistant if you want to control the tv
using either one of those smart home
platforms for gaming the 6 series uses
thx certified game mode then improves
response time and input lag and lets you
enjoy article games the way they were
meant to be played but there is no
support for HDMI 2.1 you can get that
with the tcl5 series that we’ll see
later in the article, if you’re looking for

a budget 4k led tv that delivers a
great picture with excellent contrast
and color the TCL 6-series 4k Roku tv is
a very good choice you’ll also get the
easy to use and reliable Roku tv
a platform built in to simplify your
viewing experience simply put this tv
has the best balance of an affordable
price tag usability and great picture

Hisense U6G – Best Value 4K TV

next up the Hisense u6g our pick for
best value 4k tv if your priority is a
good viewing experience at a great
budget price point the u6g is definitely
for you similar to the tcl 6-series 4k
roku tv it offers great performance for
its budget price point with the key
difference between the two being the
high sense is more affordable but does
compromise slightly on the quality of the 55
inch high sense u6g may be a budget tv
but it still offers a solid design it
may not be as refined as more expensive
models but the bezels are still

Hisense U6G – Best Value 4K TV
Hisense U6G – Best Value 4K TV

relatively slim the legs are sleek and
stylish and in general the tv looks
pretty good the u6g ships with android
tv and offers a row of apps at the top
of the ui along with rows of content for
each app under that it’s a solidly
designed interface and if you’ve never
used it before you’ll easily get up to
speed with it in no time app support is
also quite good android tv supports most
major apps including Netflix Hulu HBO
youtube and more and there’s even

4k resolution support

recommendations based on shows and films
you’ve previously watched the u6g’s uled
technology offers bright vivid colors
and deep black levels on a budget along
with 4k resolution support for dolby
vision hdr10 plus and hlg and 60 local
dimming zones to ensure deeper more
natural black levels the u6g’s audio
system offers plenty of volume and music
and dialogue both come through with good
clarity enhanced by Dolby Atmos sound
that provides realism you can hear in
every scene and you can control

everything using the voice remote open
apps adjust the volume and search for
your favorite shows using just your
voice if you’re looking for a budget tv
that focuses on delivering good article
and audio at a very affordable price
point the hisense u6g is a great choice
your viewing experience will also be
streamlined with the voice remote and
built-in android tv

TCL 75-inch 5-Series 4K Roku Smart TV (55S535)

next up is the TCL 75-inch 5-series 4k Roku
smart tv the tcl5 series 75-inch 4k Roku
smart tv is a great choice for anyone on
a budget looking for a quality big
screen tv it earns that distinction by
delivering a solid quantum dot 4k
the picture at an affordable budget price
point tcl has tweaked the design of the
5 series making the bezels a touch
narrower and overall the set is slimmer
at its thinnest point, it comes with a
standard array of ports but among them
are 4 HDMI 2.1 ports that support
With next-gen gaming consoles gamers will
appreciate the tcl5 series snappy

TCL 75-inch 5-Series 4K Roku Smart TV (55S535)
TCL 75-inch 5-Series 4K Roku Smart TV (55S535)

response with an image lag of 13.1
milliseconds which is almost half the
time of the tcl 6-series roku tv pair
that with the hdmi 2.1 support needed to
get most of the advanced features
offered by the Xbox series x or ps5 and
the tcl5 series shapes up to be one of
the best tvs for 4k gaming provided you
could do without ultra-high frame rates
for movie and tv viewing the tcl5 series
does a commendable job displaying good
brightness and contrast and maintaining
a good level of detail even in darker
scenes hdr help to make highlights

Big red splash screen of Roku tv

truly brilliant bright elements that are
positioned against a dark background
maintain a crisp look with no halo
artifacts and the gradient of a sunset
looks consistent from edge to edge
without the banding, you often see on
subtle color transitions like the tcl 6
series the 5 series offers a familiar
big red splash screen of Roku tv not
only does it make finding and streaming
different online sources of
entertainment a snap and also helps with
setting up the tv the roku interface
will walk you through the basics on
screen including connecting the tv to

your home wifi network once it’s
connected it will automatically check
for and download any software updates
and roku supports all major content
providers from Netflix to Disney plus
if you’re looking for a budget tv with a
huge 75-inch screen and a good quality
quantum dot picture the tcl5 series is a
the perfect choice you’ll also get the added
benefits of Roku tv and support for
next-gen gaming

Best Budget TV 2022

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Toshiba 43LF621U21 Fire TV — Best TV Under $300 Dollars

next up is the Toshiba 43 lf621 u21 fire tv
our pick for the best tv under 300
the Toshiba 43 lf621 u21 fire tv
features a built-in fire tv experience
that delivers 4k ultra HD picture
quality and access to all your favorite
movies and tv shows for less than 300
it’s perfect for someone on a very tight
budget the fire tv supports 4k hdr
content with the hdr10 format but offers
a high level of brightness and
particularly deep black levels it does
have a dynamic backlight feature that
adjusts luminance based on the picture

Toshiba 43LF621U21 Fire TV — Best TV Under $300 Dollars
Toshiba 43LF621U21 Fire TV — Best TV Under $300 Dollars

but without full array backlighting that
can dim different zones this feature
doesn’t improve contrast much
additionally, the color gamut isn’t very
wide either the limited contrast means
that black area can occasionally appear
washed out before the price it still
manages to look pretty good considering
its limitations the amazon fire tv
the platform works with your existing amazon
account for transactions like
downloading apps and renting or buying
media so you’ll have to sign in to

Streaming and online features

access most of the fire tv features
however you don’t absolutely need an
amazon account to use the toshiba fire
tv an optional basic mode lets you use
the tv as a standard tv cutting out most
streaming and online features from the
interface but providing access to the
tv’s different inputs if you want to
rely entirely on external article sources
and not deal with an amazon account it’s
a viable option if you do decide to go
all in you’ll get access to most major
streaming services including amazon

article and music Hulu Netflix PlayStation
via Spotify twitch and more fire tv also
includes access to the alexa voice
assistant which you can use to search
for content control media playback
provide general information and even
control smart home devices if you’re on
a strict budget the toshiba 43 lf-621
u21 fire tv is a perfect choice for
someone in the sub 300 price range
despite its limitations, you’ll enjoy a
reasonable 4k picture in the fire tv os
that will give you access to a huge
amount of content last but not least the

Vizio M55Q6-J – Best Budget TV for Gaming

Vizio m55q6j our pick for the best budget tv for gaming
the Vizio m55 q6jtv offers a good picture
quality with advanced gaming performance
and features at a price point that won’t
cost you an arm and a leg but it’s more
than just a gaming tv it offers a good
overall tv viewing experience as well
this 65-inch 4k tv looks sleek and
unassuming from the front with a thin
black border around the screen and a
matte black plastic band framing the
tops and sides like all Vizio smart TVs
the m55 q6j uses the company’s smartest
a platform that offers a lot of

Vizio M55Q6-J – Best Budget TV for Gaming
Vizio M55Q6-J – Best Budget TV for Gaming

flexibility in a fairly simple interface
the app selection is a bit light but it
offers big names like amazon prime article
apple tv disney plus Hulu Netflix and
several dozen other streaming services
with many free options smart cast also
supports both apple airplay and google
cast so you can stream article from your
android phone or iphone or any
compatible tablet or computer while it
doesn’t have its own voice assistant
aside from direct tv control and content

Hands-free voice commands

search the tv is compatible with amazon
alexa google assistant and Siri if you
want to control it with a hands-free voice
commands through a smart speaker this tv
supports hdr content in hdr 10 hdr 10
plus dolby vision and hlg it features
auto low latency mode and variable
the refresh rate for gaming and has good
brightness and black levels looking at
color the m55 q6 j’s quantum dot
enhanced color performance is pretty
impressive and accurate with spot-on
reds and blues well-balanced cyans and
yellows and a green reach that exceeds
the standard color space in all the
m55q6j delivers a crisp vivid picture
that faithfully reproduces the material

if you’re looking around for a budget tv
with some added features for gaming the
Vizio m55 q6j is a great choice youll
get a well-rounded tv with a great
picture and features like variable
refresh rate and auto low latency mode
for a better gaming experience while
also gives you a solid tv watching
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