TOP 5 Best Budget Camera 2022

There’s never been as wide a selection of cameras as there is today and fortunately, many cameras are budget-friendly, so if you’re picking up photography for the first time or simply want to upgrade, you can find a good quality camera that won’t break the bank. But sorting through all the options can be quite difficult.

Are you looking for the best budget
camera in 2022 in this article we’ll break
down the top five budget cameras on the
market this year based on performance
and situations they’ll be used in so
whether you’re looking for the best
budget camera for photo video
anything in between stay tuned we’ll
have the perfect option for you
all the lengths to find the best prices
on all the products mentioned in this
article will be the down below
the products mentioned in this article are
in no exact order so be sure to stay
tuned till the end so you don’t miss

Canon EOS M50 Mark ii — Best Budget Camera for Video

first up the canon eos m50 mark ii our
pick the best budget camera for video
the canon eos m50 mark ii is a budget
an entry-level mirrorless camera that’s
good for capturing family photographs
and video and for enthusiasts looking to
move beyond a smartphone its mirrorless
design and complementary compact lens
the system makes it easy to travel with and
its front-facing touchscreen is useful
for selfies and vlogs speaking of lenses

Canon EOS M50 Mark ii — Best Budget Camera for Video
Canon EOS M50 Mark ii — Best Budget Camera for Video

the m50 mark ii comes complete with an
efm 15 to 45 millimeter is stm lens kit
and is compatible with many efm mount
lenses one of the carryovers from the
original m50 is a 24.1-megapixel sensor
with it you’ll get the same iso
sensitivity range 10 fps burst speed and
number of autofocus points but the mark
ii introduces some software updates that
give it a slight advantage over the
original m50 it also adds a fully
articulating LCD touch screen that gives
your have access to all the controls you need
including a movie self-timer that gives

Shoot vertical videos

you have between 2 to 10 seconds to set up
your shot before the camera starts to
record other standout features include
the ability to shoot vertical videos
that are specially formatted for social
media platforms and you can live stream
to youtube directly from the camera as
well when it comes to shooting video in
4k the results aren’t first-rate but
definitely passable this stems from the
the cropped angle of view and the fact that
the dual pixel autofocus is disabled in
4k mode you’re also limited to 24 frames
per second things look different when
you shoot in 1080p though the full width
of the sensor is used and autofocus is
fast and very reliable you’ll also get

the benefit of digital stabilization to
keep all your handheld shots smooth and
steady and you can even push the frame
rate up to 60fps the canon eos m50 mark
ii is easy to use a camera and a very
good choice for beginner photographers
videographers and vloggers while it’s 4k
the video has a few limitations it shines
when shooting in 1080p.

Sony Alpha A6000 — Best Budget Camera for Most People

next up is the sony alpha a6000 our pick
for the best budget camera for most people
even though the sony a6000 has been
around for a while, it remains one of the
best mirrorless camera sony offers
thanks to its impressive performance and
value for the money the a6000 comes with
an help 1650 lens kit so you could start
shooting right away the quick autofocus
and 11 fps continuous shooting mode will
let you capture action shots and the
24.3 megapixel 35-millimeter full frame
image sensor and image processing engine
will capture images with good detail and
color unlike the canon eos m50 mark ii

Sony Alpha A6000 — Best Budget Camera for Most People
Sony Alpha A6000 — Best Budget Camera for Most People

the a6000 only captures video in 1080p
at up to 60fps and while limited in
the resolution it still performs well and
the video record button is intentionally
recessed to help you avoid triggering it
accidentally controls are distributed
across the top plate and on the back and
many can be customized to suit your
needs also on the back of the camera
you’ll find the tiltable 3-inch
non-touch LCD display that can be used
to set up and compose your shots but

Small pop-up flash

that’s not your only option if you
prefer you can use the electronic
viewfinder instead of a small pop-up flash
remains concealed until you need it and
when deployed can add light fill to a
reach of about 20 feet because the flash
could be a bit harsh it’s mounted on a
pivot and can be tilted up to 90 degrees
making the light bounce off the ceiling
and softening the fill for a nicer
effect for battery life you can expect
to get up to 325 shots or 90 minutes of
video recording time
sony has come very close to creating the
perfect compact camera system with the
a6000 and if you’re looking for good
performance at a budget price point the
sony a6000 is an excellent choice

Fujifilm X-T200 – Best Budget Camera For Photography

next up is the Fujifilm xt200 our pick for
best budget camera for photography the
Fujifilm xt200 is a small entry-level
a mirrorless camera that’s ideal for
casual photographers who are interested
in vlogging family photography or just
shooting for pleasure the xt200 is a fun
to use the entry-level mirrorless camera for
people who prefer the flexibility of
interchangeable lenses over cameras with
fixed lenses while the xt200 supports
interchangeable lenses it doesn’t come
with a lens kit like the canon eos m50
mark ii and sony a6000 but

Fujifilm X-T200 - Best Budget Camera For Photography
Fujifilm X-T200 – Best Budget Camera For Photography

it is compatible with many x-mount lenses it’s
quick and easy to focus takes good
photos and videos using the LCD
touchscreen or electronic viewfinder and
with its side-by-side previews of how a
selected filter will affect an image
it’s perfect for beginners who are
honing their skills and need some help
every now and then images are captured
through the 24.2 megapixel sensor and
some small improvements like the use of
copper wiring over aluminum let the
camera operates 3.5 times faster than the
t100 producing some excellent results
overall there’s also a digital gimbal in

Fujifilm mirrorless camera

a place that uses the camera’s built-in
gyroscope with an image stabilizing
algorithm to keep footage looking smooth
however, you can only use this in 1080p
further improvements include a faster
shooting speed of 8fps for still images
which is just slightly behind the sony
a6000 and canon eos m50 mark ii there’s
higher performance video of 4k at 30fps
moving a bit ahead of the eos m50 and
autofocus that’s as fast as the xt3
which once was the top of the line
Fujifilm mirrorless camera if you’re
shopping for a budget camera for
photography the Fujifilm xt200 is a
solid choice this entry-level camera is
easy to use produces good results and
will even help you out along the way if
you ever need it

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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II — Best Overall Budget Camera

next up is the Olympus om-d e-m10 mark ii
our pick for the best overall budget camera
while the Olympus om-d e-m10 mark ii may
come at a budget price point this micro
thirds sensor camera is no slouch when
it comes to performance and offers some
great improvements over its predecessor
the Olympus omg em10 with a 16.1
megapixel four-thirds sensor and tropic
v2 processor the camera could shoot in
jpeg raw and even stereoscopic MPO
formats it also provides a number of
autofocus options as well as a generous
amount of scene modes and a burst

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II — Best Overall Budget Camera
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II — Best Overall Budget Camera

shooting mode of 8.5 fps which is
comparable to the Fujifilm xt200 like
the canon eos m50 mark ii and the sony
a6000 the Olympus comes with a
compatible lens kit in this case a 14 to
42-millimeter 2r lens kit the em-10 mark
ii has also been given a substantial
boost in video capability with the
ability to shoot full hd video at
anywhere from 24 to 60 fps while its
the predecessor was limited to 30 fps like
the sony a6000 though there is no 4k
ability available but it can take
time-lapse images at specified intervals
and compile them into a 4k video file
and to keep your shots looking great the

Horizontal and vertical shifts

em-10 mark ii has a 5-axis stabilization
system this means that the camera could
correct not just for side to side and up
and down movements but also for
horizontal and vertical shifts as well
as rotational motion the 3-inch tilting
the touchscreen on the rear of the camera
has been brought forward from the older
the model along with the pop-up flash and
hot shoe the battery is rated for 320
shots but can be increased to 750 shots
if the quick sleep mode is enabled to
conserve power new additions include a
faster electronic shutter improved
electronic viewfinder and autofocus
targeting pad

if you’re looking for one of the best
overall budget cameras you can get the
Olympus om-d e-m10 mark ii is a very
capable tool and a great choice it’s
true that there are a lot of higher spec
cameras on the market but few areas
cost-effective and as capable as this one.

Canon T7 — Best Budget DSLR

last but not least the canon t7 our
pick the best budget DSLR if you’re
interested in making the jump to DSLR
but don’t have a very large
budget to work with the canon eos rebel
t7 covers all the basics and is a great
the starting point for beginners the eos
rebel t7 gives you greater control and
better image quality than your compact
camera or smartphone although it’s very
similar to the older eos rebel t6

Canon T7 — Best Budget DSLR
Canon T7 — Best Budget DSLR

retaining the digit four-plus image
a processor in the nine-point autofocus
system improvements include a
24-megapixel sensor and several
performance upgrades that make it worthy
of consideration holding the camera
you’ll appreciate the textured coating
on the front grip along with the rear
thumb rest for an overall comfortable
feel the rear button configuration is
well laid out and demystifies navigation
and operation with the quick menu button
enabling you to quickly access
frequently used settings on the back
the three-inch touchscreen sits flush and
there’s also an optical viewfinder in

55-millimeter kit lens

like most of the other cameras we’ve
looked at the rebel t7 comes with an 18
to 55-millimeter kit lens that offers
good image stabilization even when
Your hand holding the camera and
shooting at slow shutter speeds and
while not super fast the rebel t7 will
shoot continuously at 3 fps you won’t be
able to freeze high-speed action but you
will be able to catch slower actions like
people animals and more
if you shoot video you’ll be able to
shoot 1080p at 30 or 24 fps 1280 by 720
at 60fps or 640 by 480 at 30fps

overall both color reproduction and
The video quality is good the camera
connect app lets you transfer files from
the camera to your mobile device and can
also be used as a digital shutter
release the battery will last for about
600 shots or 60 minutes of video and
like the Olympus OMD em10 mark ii a
setting in the interface will let you
automatically shut down after being idle
for a set period of time to conserve
battery power if you’re looking for one
of the best budget DSLRs on the market
right now the canon eos rebel t7 is a
decent choice while it doesn’t have the
latest hardware it’s geared toward
beginners and offers an affordable way
to improve your photography skills
without spending a bundle.

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