TOP 5 Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2022

TOP 5 Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2022. Finding the best bass Bluetooth speaker can be a pain. There are so many options on the market, and it’s hard to tell which one will be best for you and your needs.

what’s up guys in this article we break
down the top five base Bluetooth
speakers on the market this year based
on price versus performance and
situations they’ll be used in so whether
you’re looking for the best speaker for
home use or something more rugged for
taking on the road we’ll have an option
for you so if you’re interested in
finding out which base Bluetooth speaker
will be best for you stay tuned
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all the products mentioned in this article
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products mentioned in this article are in
no exact order so be sure to stay tuned
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JBL Xtreme 2

first up is the JBL Xtreme 2.
JBL is well known for their outdoor
friendly Bluetooth speakers and the
Xtreme 2 is no exception this portable
the speaker is very rugged and can
effortlessly pump out powerful bass
a response can produce extremely high
volume levels and is completely
constructed of hearty materials
including durable fabric and rubber end
caps that make it ipx7 waterproof you
can take the speaker to the beach or the
pool with confidence it’s not just
splash resistant it can actually survive

JBL Xtreme 2
JBL Xtreme 2

full immersion in water so it’s ideal
for practically any environment
the Xtreme 2 has a cylindrical shape
that bulges in the middle rubberized
feet on the bottom panel keep it from
rolling around and dual 20 millimeter 20
watt drivers project sound forward
through the grill covered front section
while it may not have audiophile quality
sound it handles lows nicely thanks to
the dual 2.75-inch passive bass
radiators located on both ends of the
speaker enclosure that gives it the right
amount of emphasis without overdoing it

Wireless connectivity

the thumping bass kicks through cleanly
and the mid and high frequencies cut
through without sounding harsh
if you’re loyal to jbl and want a more
balanced sound profile with even more
extended low bass check out the jbl
boombox 2 coming up later in the article
for wireless connectivity the Xtreme 2
uses Bluetooth 4.2 giving you around 30
feet of range with no stuttering or

it also has JBL connect plus that lets
you connect other JBL speakers to cover
a larger area
the speaker’s battery will give you up
to 15 hours of playback and has a USB
connection concealed by a waterproof
the flap that lets it act as a power bank
which can be really useful if you’re out
at the beach all day and your phone
starts to run low
if you’re looking for a portable
Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect for
outdoor use at the beach a backyard
cookout or even to take camping the jbl
Xtreme 2 is a great choice its
the waterproof build will stand up to wet
environments and the extended battery
life will keep the party going

Sonos Move – Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker For Home

next up the Sonos move our pick for the best
base Bluetooth speaker for home the
Sonos move may be a bit more expensive
then something like the JBL Xtreme 2 but
its smart connectivity and room-filling
sound make it worth every penny and is
one of the best bass Bluetooth speakers
for home use
the Sonos move doesn’t sound like most
portable speakers the high-quality sound
starts with a pair of class d digital
amplifiers that drive a downward-firing
tweeter for highs and one mid-woofer
integrated into the cabinet to cover
mid-range and bass frequencies

Sonos Move - Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker For Home
Sonos Move – Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker For Home

Mid-range drive

the mid-range driver offers forceful and
space-filling low end even when
competing with the acoustics of a wide
open space it produces punchy bass
shimmering highs and a lilting vocal
that cuts through it all with direct
clarity with the speaker expected to be
moved around both inside and outside of
the house in areas with differing
acoustics the true play system kicks in
and is incredibly effective at reworking
the audio output to suit different
environments once the move detects a
change in the acoustic environment it
recalibrates to deliver the best sound
for the space, the speaker is in

battery life is very good giving you up
to 10 hours of playback and when
recharging you’ll reach 100 in around 2
and a half hours the speaker can charge
over USB but you’ll likely use the
included docking base ring there’s also
a standby mode that kicks in to save
power when the speaker has been idle for
more than 30 minutes letting it conserve
power for up to five days without a
charge with enough in reserve to let it
be woken up if you’re looking for a premium portable
base Bluetooth speaker with a build and
performance that justifies the
investment in the Sonos move is a great
choice from on-the-go portable playback to
being part of a multi-room setup with
additional speakers the Sonos move
offers a lot of flexibility

Voonex Sound ArcWave – Best Bass Speaker For The Money

next up is the Voonex Sound ArcWave our
pick the best bass speaker for the money
the Voonex Sound ArcWave is an
affordably priced Bluetooth speaker that
delivers great sound quality with an
emphasis on the low end and its features and
the performance set it apart from other
affordably priced speakers giving you
the most for your money
the small simple design of the arc wave
lets you take it with you wherever you
go you can easily bring it along in your
bag or backpack and enjoy it while
hiking camping or partying with friends

its ipx5 waterproof rating isn’t ideal
but not bad either it can handle some
rain but you would want to avoid fully
submerging the speaker underwater
sound is processed through the arc waves
max DSP
technology producing mesmerizing
sound through its high powered 60 watt
speakers you’ll enjoy clear highs and
mids that sit on a foundation of low
frequencies that are produced by the
acoustically engineered base diaphragm
and if that’s not enough you can enable

Voonex Sound ArcWave - Best Bass Speaker For The Money
Voonex Sound ArcWave – Best Bass Speaker For The Money

the bass boost mode for even more low
end the audio quality really jumps out
at the sub 70 dollar price tag and truly
competes with speakers well out of its
the price range on sound quality
the arc wave’s powerful battery keeps the
party going with up to 15 hours of
continuous playback and recharges in
about three hours with the included
USB-c fast charge system
play your favorite tracks over the
Bluetooth 5.0 connection that gives you
a solid connection with your phone or
other BlueTooth enabled devices and up to
100 feet of range or for non-Bluetooth

Access your digital assistant

users, you can connect up through the
audio jack or use an sd card to play
audio files you can even link up two speakers using
the tws pairing feature for high quality
stereo separation and if your phone is
connected an integrated mic lets you
take calls and access your digital
assistant all without having to take out
your phone if you’re someone looking for a great
all-around speaker and don’t want to
spend money unnecessarily the vuenex
sound arc wave might just be the perfect
speaker for you is the sound quality as
good as something like the Sonos move or

does it get as loud as the jbl boombox 2
no but the difference for casual
listening is surprisingly small and
unless you’re directly comparing the two
most people hearing it will just think
it’s a normal high-quality speaker so
most people would be better off just
saving the money and going with
something like the Voonex Sound ArcWave
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JBL Boombox2 – Best Overall Bass Bluetooth Speaker

next up is the JBL boombox 2 our pick for
best overall bass Bluetooth speaker
jbl’s boombox 2 speaker pumps out even
more thumping bass and volume than the
JBL Xtreme 2 has a battery that will
keep the party going from dusk till dawn
while it’s classified as a portable
speaker the boombox 2 isn’t the kind of
the speaker you could just throw in a bag

JBL Boombox2 - Best Overall Bass Bluetooth Speaker
JBL Boombox2 – Best Overall Bass Bluetooth Speaker

it’s big and heavy and portable in
the sense that it has a built-in handle for
taking it to the backyard rooftop or to
and from your car’s trunk
the boombox 2’s dual 30-watt tweeters
and dual 40 watts four-inch woofers
combine with two large passive radiators
that aid in pumping out base just as we
saw on the JBL Xtreme 2.
even at high volume the low end doesn’t
distort and digital signal processing
keeps the output in check by thinning

Pairing volume transport

the low end out a bit when necessary
across the front face of the speaker
there are controls for powering Bluetooth
pairing volume transport and more a
the status led strip on the front face also
lets you keep tabs on battery life and a
party boost button lets you link the
boombox 2 with other jbl speakers to
output the same audio simultaneously
the battery will give you up to 24 hours
of continuous playback and the speaker
also acts as a power bank to keep your

phone and other devices topped up and
the entire unit is rated ipx7 so it’s
not going to be affected by getting wet
or even taking a tumble into the water
if you’re looking for a robust portable
base Bluetooth speaker with great sound
The quality of the jbl boombox 2 is a really
good choice and this is the kind of
the speaker that’s perfect for backyard
parties tailgate and anywhere else you
want to bring big Bluetooth audio.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 – Best Outdoor Bass Bluetooth Speaker

last but not least the ultimate ears
mega boom 3
is our pick for the best outdoor
base Bluetooth speaker
the use of mega boom 3 has what you want in
a portable Bluetooth speaker with good sound
quality long battery life ruggedness
water resistance and more making it the
best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor
use some Bluetooth speakers may sound great
but can be bulky and don’t travel well
while others may offer great portability
but fall short when it comes to sound
quality and battery life the mega boom 3
on the other hand, strikes a good balance
between portability power and sound

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 - Best Outdoor Bass Bluetooth Speaker
Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 – Best Outdoor Bass Bluetooth Speaker

this speaker features a cylindrical
shape and features a magic button on the
top that lets you control music playback
and launch one-touch playlists from
apple music or Deezer you’ll also love
the dj mode lets you invite up to
two other friends to help you take turns
controlling the mix
this utilizes the speaker’s multi-point
Bluetooth pairing and it can all be
controlled using the mega boom companion
app and whether you find yourself in the
mountains in the desert or at the lake
the mega boom 3 is protected by its ipx67
rating so it can get seriously wet and
keep on booming it can even be totally
submerged in the water for up to 30
minutes but that’s not likely to happen
as the speaker floats too

Never sound harsh

your first impression of the mega boom 3
will probably be its capability to
produce a lot of volumes but not at the
cost of the sound quality of this speaker
really kicks the bass delivers good
impact and the mid-range and highs are
clear and never sound harsh
the battery life offers up to 20 hours
of playback at a conservative volume but
that number will drop a bit

if yoU really crank it up but of course, that’s
to be expected the mega boom 3 is one
of the best portable based Bluetooth
speakers that you can get and is a great
the choice for outdoor use it features a
rugged waterproof design and gives you
all-day battery life and incredible

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