TOP 5 Best Action Camera 2022

TOP 5 Best Action Camera 2022, Are you looking for an Action Camera but don’t know which one to choose because of the different options that are available?

Do you want to know what is going to be
the best action camera for you
in this article, we’ll break down the top
five action cameras on the market this
year based on price versus performance
and situations they’ll be used in
we’ll take a look at products for each
use case so if you want an action camera
for summer sports winter sports casual
use or anything in between will have
the perfect option for you

so if you’re interested in finding out
which action camera will be best for you
stay tuned to all the links to find the
best prices on all the products in
the article will be the down below
the products mentioned in this article are
in no exact order so be sure to stay
tuned till the end so you don’t miss

GoPro Hero8 Black

first up the GoPro hero8 black is our pick
for best action camera for most people
the GoPro Hero 8 black is a couple of years
old now but has all the features
an average person could need an action
camera at a more affordable price tag
then the latest releases from GoPro
the action camera
is compact has a foldable
built-in mount a wind-resistant mic and
uses a gp1 chip and a 12 megapixel
sensor coupled with optimized software
this gives you a better battery
performance and has freed up processing
power for new stabilization capabilities
that notably improves GoPro’s hyper

GoPro Hero8 Black
GoPro Hero8 Black

smooth and time warp functionalities
compared to the hero 7 black you’ll get
smoother articles and time-lapse shots
which is available across all
resolutions and frame rates
the hero8 black shoots up to 4k
resolution at 60fps and can Livestream
or act as a webcam at 1080p
the live burst mode captures a series of
images giving you a burst of 90 frames
to choose from which is great for
getting the best out of moving shots the
battery will give you up to 50 minutes
of continuous shooting time in 2.7 or 4k

Built-in directional mic a 3.5

at high frame rates but you could
stretch that out to 2 hours for lower
resolution footage or when using time
warp modes optional mod accessories
include the media mod which adds a
built-in directional mic a 3.5
millimeter mic port HDMI output and two
cold shoe mounts to attach your favorite
lights mics or LCD screens
also available in the light mod which is
a small mountable led light and the
display mod that adds a front-facing

if you’re looking for an action camera
with an ideal balance between price and
performance the GoPro hero8 black is a
a good choice it has just about everything
you could want in the latest gopro at a
more affordable price point than
something like the hero 10 which we’ll
talk about this later in the article

DJI Action 2

next up is the DJI Osmo action DJI’s first
action camera the DJI Osmo action shares
a lot of similarities with the GoPro
lineup it’s a great overall action
camera and a solid all-around option
there are some definite differences
though the Osmo action has a wider 16×9
screen compared to the GoPro’s
display but the Osmo screen is dimmer
which can be limited in sunlight and
while the Osmo has a built-in color
front-facing screen it doesn’t have GPS

DJI Action 2
DJI Action 2

so you won’t be able to add overlays
that includes your speed or location the
Osmo’s rocksteady electronic image
stabilization does a good job and is
comparable to the GoPro’s hyper-smooth
stabilization but the overall effect
lacks a bit because the Osmo crops the
frame a lot more to the point of being
very noticeable while this may not be a
big deal in all situations if you’re
Use a selfie stick to capture yourself
snowboarding for example you may not be
able to get your entire body in the frame
you may want to consider the wider field
of view of the GoPro hero 8 black or the
GoPro hero 10 black coming up later in

Camera supports 4k

the article this camera supports 4k or 2.7
k capture at frame rates up to 60 fps
dropping to 1080p you’ll get frame rates
up to 240 fps which you can record as a
standard file with embedded sound
most article modes use the 16×9 aspect
ratio or 9×16 if you mount the camera in
portrait orientation but there are also
4×3 modes which use the full height of
the sensor at 4k or 2.7 k quality
electronic article stabilization is not
available at this aspect ratio and
capture is limited to 30 fps
if you’re looking for a compact
waterproof action camera with 4k article
and a full-color front LCD the DJI Osmo
action is a great choice

GoPro Hero10 Black

next up is the GoPro Hero 10 black our pick
for the best overall action camera
the GoPro Hero 10 black is refined and
versatile with an improved interface and
image quality that makes
it the ideal
waterproof companion for all of your
adventures it’s the new and improved
model of the hero 8 we mentioned earlier
and gives the best all-around action
camera experience this camera is built
around a 23 megapixel one by 2.3 inch
sensor and is waterproof down to 10
meters but the new gp2 processor unlocks
most of its new abilities include

GoPro Hero10 Black
GoPro Hero10 Black

5k 60fps 4k 120fps and 2.7 k 240 fps
shooting modes other improvements
include a much more responsive touch
screen interface a handy new wired data
transfer mode for phones and some
internal image quality boosts like local
tone mapping and improved low light
noise reduction
from a physical standpoint the hero 10
black is almost identical to its
predecessor GoPro has made a couple of
subtle tweaks though and the big one for
water sports fans is the new lens cover
it now has a water-repellent hydrophobic
a coating that really works leaving no
water droplets to obscure the view of

The gp2 processor

the lens and like the hero9 black
the lens cover is removable and replaceable
if it does suffer any damage or if you
want to add and filters there’s a 1.4
inch front LCD for vloggers which has
smoother motion thanks to higher frame
rates enabled by the gp2 processor and
the 2.27 inch rear screen has improved
touch sensitivity other gp2 related
improvements include better in-camera
horizon leveling which keeps your
footage level even if you’re rocking
from side to side and hyper smooth 4.0
image stabilization which remains
the best form of stabilization on any action cam

and if you’ve been thinking of using a
GoPro as your live streaming camera the
hero 10 black brings it’s highly
effective stabilization to your streams
if you’re looking for the most polished
versatile GoPro action camera on the
market the GoPro hero 10 black is an
excellent choice it’s tough and
waterproof and you can take it anywhere
if you want the best of the best this is it

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DJI Pocket 2

next up is the DJI pocket 2 our pick for
best action camera for content creators
the DJI pocket 2 excels as a compact
vlogging and action camera and combined
with its creator combo package, you’ll
get some useful tools to make shooting
easier and give you better overall
results it also doubles as a great
handheld action camera so you’ll get
almost all the benefits of an action
camera and content creation tool in one
compact package

DJI Pocket 2
DJI Pocket 2

the pocket 2 shoots article at 4k 2.7k or
1080p at frame rates from 24 to 60 fps
it features a 1 by 1.7 inch 64 megapixel
CMOS sensor and an f 1.8 fixed aperture
lens the built-in image stabilization
delivers cinematic smoothness that your
smartphone simply can’t deliver and if
your subject is in motion you’ll easily
keep them in the frame using an active track
3.0 to capture audio the pocket 2 uses
DJI matrix stereo soundtrack and
an array of four built-in microphones that
adjust the audio according to the
direction and focus of the camera with

Full handheld motion

the camera alone you’ll have access to
useful features like time-lapse that
will turn hours into seconds motion laps
that can add some camera motion or
hyper lapse to add full handheld motion
you can even hand the editing off to the
ai editor and it will combine your clips
with transitions and music to create a
great looking finished product the
creator kit upgrades the pocket 2 to a
full mobile camera rig and includes the
do-it-all handle that adds a

forward-facing speaker a USB-c port for
charging an audio jack and a tripod
mount a wide-angle lens attaches
magnetically and increases the field of
view from 93 to 104 degrees and a
wireless clip-on mic and transmitter
provides a simplified way to capture audio
the dji pocket 2 is super portable and
delivers great article quality with
built-in stabilization that is perfect
for capturing all kinds of outdoor
action and is a very good choice it
doesn’t give you the flexibility to clip
onto your clothes or as many accessories
as the other action cameras, we mentioned
but if you intend on mostly using your
action camera as a handheld one this is
the perfect camera for you

GoPro Max

last but not least the GoPro max our
pick for best 360-degree action camera
the GoPro max is a 360-degree action
a camera that eliminates the difficulty of
360-degree article production bumps up
the spherical resolution to 5.6 k and
offers flat 16×9 digital shooting lenses
like its predecessor the GoPro fusion
the max uses two 180 degrees fisheye
lenses to capture everything in its
direct line of sight it then stitches
these two hemispherical article files
together automatically which is a huge
time saver the max has a lot of the new

GoPro Max
GoPro Max

features we saw at the beginning of the
article with the 8 black but the max
pushes these a little further with even
greater hyper-smooth digital
stabilization bigger 360 degree
time-warp time-lapse sequences and wider
super view shooting formats the max also
has water resistance up to 5 meters
retractable mounting fingers and is
compact enough to be compatible with
GoPro’s entire range of mounting

The additional microphones

solutions a six microphone array
captures a truly three-dimensional
soundscape and the additional
microphones also work to cancel out
background noise and focus on voices
or other desirable sounds
in 360 modes you could shoot at 60fps in
3k and time-lapse functionality is also
available allowing you to capture longer
spherical photo sequences
it also includes a couple of new
multi-photo shooting capabilities in
case you want to take still images and

like the hero8 black you have the option
to live stream in 1080p too the battery
will give you up to 50 minutes of
shooting time with the dual-lens array
and additional on-camera processing
software running and can be stretched
out to a couple of hours with less
demanding article resolution or time-lapse
modes if you’re looking for a 360-degree
action camera with up to 5.6k resolution
and onboard processing that automates
the stitching process of the GoPro max is
an excellent choice this camera is also
water-resistant and has superb audio
capture capabilities that will make your
shots come to life.

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