Top 4 best sony airpods in your budget

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Sony and audio are two words that go
really well together but recently sony
expanded their earbud lineup as i
mentioned in my original article about the
latest edition the link buds s this
makes things a bit confusing you see the
link buds s were meant to be a mid-range
model and yet in several ways they’re
better than the flagship

Sony wf-1000x mark

wf-1000x mark is they’re lighter more
comfortable have better microphones and
a few other tricks that make them a
a strong candidate for number one so in
In this article, I want to compare and
contrast the four earbuds in sony’s
wireless earbud lineup these are the
premium sony wf-1000x mark fours at 280
dollars the mid-range link buds s at 200
the regular length buds down at 180
and of course the wh c earbuds at just 99
so with such a wide price spread how to do
this comparison and which one actually
deserves a spot in your ears

Hey welcome to the website as I said
we have four different earbuds here all
made from sony but if you looked at them
individually you wouldn’t believe they
were made by the same manufacturer these
have a lot of differences although there
are still some of the common themes the
sony staples that we’d like to see on
these but let’s start off with some of
the differences in the physical design
and looking at the cases.

sony c500s

First of all from cheapest to most expensive you can
tell that the case design kind of is one
of the biggest reflectors of the price
the sony c500s are definitely the
cheapest feeling case I don’t know if
sony makes a translucent cover because
it’s cheaper or to make it look cheaper
but either way, it’s something they’ve
always done on their more affordable
earbuds and these have no magnets they
kind of snap open from the flex and the
plastic the case I mean it gets the job
done it’s a case right you’re not doing
that much with it it’s small enough that
it fits in your pocket it doesn’t have
wireless charging you do have 10 hours
of 10 hours of battery in the earbuds

which is really impressive and then an
additional 10 hours with the case i wish
the case had a little bit more battery
than that but regardless and we’ll talk
more about the earbuds next but moving
up in price to the next case the link
buds just the regular link buds this one
is both my favorite and least favorite
at the same time, it’s a love-hate
the relationship I love how small this case
is very compact I love the smooth curves
all the way around it extremely
pocketable it’s honestly one of my
favorite cases out of any earbuds but it
doesn’t have magnets which I know sounds
like a weird thing to be upset about but

Five and a half hours of battery life

i always hate the physical button
because it just it takes two hands to
open this then you can kind of open with
one hand if you get good at it but i
don’t know it’s something that i never
really liked additionally it kind of
flings open and is kind of loose until
you snap it all the way open and it
doesn’t have wireless charging it does
however, have USB type-c on the back and
when you charge this up you’re getting
five and a half hours of battery in the
earbuds and 23 hours when you include
the case which again is impressive given
the size moving up in price again the
link buds s is probably the best balance
for the case out of all of these.

Five and a half hours of battery life
Five and a half hours of battery life

it’s still very small very compact
unfortunately, this one also doesn’t have
wireless charging which is by far
the biggest drawback in my opinion for a 200
pair of earbuds but with that being said
you are getting a pretty decent battery
you’re getting six hours in the earbuds
and 20 when you include the case we have
a button on the back for pairing and
when you open it up we’ve got that nice
little indicator light on the front and
the earbuds themselves again are very
small so a nice compact case with
magnets on there it feels nice good
tactile closing there it’s a decent case
overall just lacks wireless charging i
don’t know why Sony did that and then we
have the most premium ones or the most
premium looking one the sony 1000x mark
fours now this case has wireless
charging it has everything you’d expect

Sony C500 does have USB type-c

it is also the largest out of all of these cases
maybe not be larger than the c500
it’s kind of hard to tell with those two
but it does have USB type-c on the back
you’ve got the indicator light on the
front Magnus to open and close it a
really nice case but definitely a little
a bit on the chunky side so now talking
about the earbuds in that same order the
c500s you would expect to be the lowest
quality out of these but I actually
really like them for several reasons
The first one is that they are very small
and for me at least they’re very

comfortable they’re very secure and for
working out these might be your best
option because they have physical
buttons the physical buttons are
a little bit mushy there’s not great
tactile feedback on them but physical
buttons in my opinion are better than
capacitive touch sensors when you’re
running because if you’re wearing gloves
or if your hands are wet or any other
a situation where capacitive touch sensors
are not ideal a physical button is
always very reliable and I love having
that on top of that we’re getting four
different colors with these you’ve got
like a little orangish coral kind of
color you’ve got a minty blue-green and

Sony link buds design

Then black and white as well so the
earbuds although we’re lacking proximity
the sensor on the inside and although I mean
we’ll test the microphone in a second
like overall I’m kind of impressed with
the design of these earbuds moves up to
the sony link buds this one really
divided the entire earbud industry
everybody was really impressed by the
open ear design they’re incredibly
comfortable they’re extra probably the
lightest ones out of all of these and
when you put them in your ear they’re
definitely a very different fit from any

earbuds you’ve ever tried where you put
them in and you kind of have to fit the
little rubber loop up in your ear kind
of in like your cartilage right there
and when you put them in you could
literally, wear these or at least I could
wear these all day without really even
knowing they’re in my ear so incredibly
comfortable and the way you control
these are also good for running and very
unique at the same time so they don’t
have a touch sensor on the outside
instead, you sort of tap like your jaw
like your cheekbone right there and that
will control the play pause whatever you
want and so that again is a really

The unique feature of Sony link buds

The unique feature that you don’t see on
basically any earbuds out there the link
puts also have a proximity sensor so
they’ll know when you’re in or out of
your ears for autoplay and auto-pause
features and they come in two different
colors and they also have a little wing
tip on the top that you can adjust you
can find whatever size is right for you
to fit perfectly and stay in your ears
and moving up to the link buds s these
are being marketed as the lightest and
smallest anc hi-fi earbuds which is
really a narrow thing i understand
that but it’s something that a lot of
earbuds want to be you want to have high

 The unique feature of Sony link buds
The unique feature of Sony link buds

five you want to have great anc and you
want to be really light and really small
and they definitely nailed all of those
these are incredibly small very
comfortable when you put them in your
ear in fact I would say these are
definitely way more comfortable than the
c500s and probably even more comfortable
than the

Sony WF-C500 Airports

wf-1000x mark fours being that these are
so much smaller they come in three
different colors there’s like a tan
color and then white and black as well
and they do have a proximity sensor on
the inside so they’ll know if they’re in
or out of your ears for autoplay and
auto-pause feature as well as a kind of
a new feature they added which allows you
to automatically play Spotify now these
have capacitive touch sensors on the
outside and instead of having a million
microphones all over you can see

The microphones are hidden behind the mesh on
the outside and we will get into
honestly a pretty surprising microphone
test in just a minute now moving up to
the premium the top of the line the
wf-1000x mark fours these without a
doubt look the most premium with that
kind of copper-gold finish all over them
I love the way these look they
definitely is the largest out of all of
these but with that, you’re getting
bigger sound bit bigger active noise
cancellation and they really deliver
a lot but I mean there is still something
that is a drawback of being a larger
pair of earbuds they also are the only

People might prefer silicone tips

Pair out of all of these that come with
foam tips that are like the native thing
you’re going to get on here which is
both good and bad like some people might
prefer silicone tips you can just swap
them out but the foam tips do give you
better attenuation better noise
isolation and you’re gonna get better
active noise cancellation as well just
blocking out a lot more sound around you
but with that I mean there is a problem
with the foam tips, i use for

honestly only a couple of months since
these came out last fall and my foam tip
already got completely obliterated i
don’t know how it happened maybe it was
a temperature thing when it was in my
the backpack I don’t know but I took them
out one day and the earbud tip was just
completely destroyed I was on a flight
and i couldn’t use my earbuds because i
didn’t have another tip with me now as i
mentioned this is the only model with
wireless charging additionally the
battery life on here is eight hours in
earbuds and 24 when you include the case
and the earbuds like I said i love them

Best Airports for Studio work

they’re comfortable but they’re just
a little bit too big so they’re definitely
not ideal for working out but for any
kind of studio work if you’re sitting in
an office or something you know they’re
not they’re not that bad and i didn’t
mention the waterproof rating for any of
these because they’re all ipx4 water
resistant which is great for sweat or a
light drizzle outside but you’re not
going to want to drop them in a puddle
the 1000 x mark 4s also come in two
colors there’s a silver and obviously
the black color right here and i really
love the color combinations and how they
have that little copper undertone there

just a fun accent to have on these and
although i already touched on comfort a
little bit i wanted to rank these in
order i would say the most comfortable
if you’re just sitting and wearing them
all day without a doubt is the link
buds your ears can really breathe
they’re extremely lightweight and they
fit perfectly in my ears then we have
the link buds s which are very light and
very compact while still feeling not too
hot in my ears so they’re definitely the
second-most comfortable number three
surprisingly is actually the c500s again
because they are smaller and although

Solid pair of earbuds

The 1000 x mark 4s are not necessarily
uncomfortable the sheer size of them
does make them feel a little bit heavier
on your ears and the foam, tips do make
your ears may be a little bit sweatier so
slightly less comfortable but still a
solid pair of earbuds and also a really fun
fact about the.

Sony LinkBuds S

Link buds s is that the plastic on here is actually entirely
made out of recycled plastic which i
love to see big sustainability pushes and
there’s no plastic used in the packaging
it’s all recycled paper and materials
like that so I really love the
sustainability initiative props to sony
for doing that now as far as aesthetics
go i’ll leave this up to vote to leave a
comment below and let me know which of
these you think to look the best and

before we get to the surprising test
results of the microphone and the active
noise cancellation I think you’ll
definitely want to see those let’s first
focus on the sound quality obviously
it’s so important if you’re listening to
music or podcasts starting off with the
c500s I’ve seen a lot of reviews out
there were people who said they sounded
good personally i could not recommend
these for a hundred dollars at with if
you just care about sound because they
have a constant hissing sound some of
your buds struggle with this i don’t
know why but these have a constant
hissing if you’re playing anything but

Judging this against some very premium models

The actual if you can get past that and
listen to the music itself it sounds
a little bit claustrophobic and a little
bit of poor instrument separation again
we’re judging this against some very
premium models here but with all things
considered there’s a decent enough sound
stage it’s a little bit bass-heavy
a little bit muddy in my opinion but a
relatively lively sound powerful lows
and if you’re listening to pop or like
some mainstream music like that’s
a little bit more lively these will sound
really fun like I said and so for the
price, not necessarily a terrible balance

but there are plenty of other kinds of
better sounding earbuds that are at a
similar price point moving up to the
regular link buds you really can’t
compare these to any other earbuds on
the market because they’re such a
different architecture being an open ear
the design they’re a little bit more like
open-back headphones but they kind of
unfortunately lack the bass because the
drivers have to be so incredibly tiny in
there you’re not going to get the best
bass response out of these and again
these are only supporting SPC and aac

Judging this against some very premium models
Judging this against some very premium models

Sony’s proprietary codec

the reason i mentioned that for the
lower two models are because the more
premium two models the link buds s
and the 1000 x mark 4s both have ldac
which is sony’s proprietary codec which
gives you a substantially higher bit
the rate you’re getting way more information
and therefore higher resolution in your
audio but getting back to the regular
link buds here like i said it’s
really great clarity really good highs
but they definitely lack a little bit of
bass because it’s an open design it it
feels like it sounds a little bit more
real like everything sounds pretty good

if you’re listening to acoustic music or
anything like higher vocals but anything
below about 200 hertz is really
significantly de-emphasized if you work
in a quiet space and you want earbuds
that you can hear everything around you
while still hearing some music that that
sounds pretty clear they’re going to be
great but as soon as you go outside and
you’re any in any kind of louder
environment it gets really hard to hear
your music although there is a feature

Sony earbuds feature

I’ll talk about that kind of address
that moving up to the link buds s these
do support ldac as I said these are fun
and lively definitely substantially
better sound than the lower two models
it’s a slightly smaller driver than the
xm4s but still a really impressive sub
bass performance it’s a bit warm and
almost a tad dark in my opinion so i
wish there were a little bit better highs
or you could adjust that I mean i
adjusted at the eq but it didn’t quite
get where i wanted to consider these
are 200

but all things considered, they sound
really good i think the hi-fi
capabilities of these are really nice i
wish there was a slightly better sound
stage and it didn’t sound like it was
all playing in the middle of my head but
but like i said still a pretty decent
audio profile i think most people would
say that these do sound really good but
moving up to the 1000xm4s without a
doubt these are going to be the best out
of this entire set, it’s really no

Natural and clear sound

surprise they have a larger driver
they’re more expensive more premium
sony’s going to focus on the sound here
these again have ldac support so great
for hifi they’re warmer more powerful
more full sounding there’s great detail
great clarity and a wider sound stage
then everything else here there’s also a
more natural and clear sound when you’re
listening to really any genre of music
it doesn’t have to just be pop or
country or rock and additionally with

the foam tips you’re getting better
attenuation you’re better getting better
isolation with your music and so
definitely a substantial improvement
over the other ones but I would say an
untrained ear might not notice too much
of a difference between the links and
the 1000x mark fours like it’s
definitely there it’s definitely
different but if you don’t test earbuds
a lot side by side you might not know
like some people might not notice a big
difference right that’s what I’m saying

The same equalizer you can adjust

if you’re not and if you’re not an
audiophile if you’re not a connoisseur
of high-end music then that might not be
a big driver in your decision now
something that these all have is they do
all have app support which is really
nice and in the app, you can enable the use
which is sony’s thing you also have eq
that you can adjust for all of these and
it is the same equalizer you can adjust
For all four sliders, you can choose the
connection if you want to have a
priority for sound quality or stability
like i said you’re only getting ldac on

the two more premium models the other
ones are just sbc and aac but regardless
you have that choice in the app now with
that being said let’s actually get into
a microphone test as i mentioned
this might be a little bit surprising to
you so getting into a microphone test
these are the WFC 500s from the outside and
there is a lot of traffic going on

The flagship 1000 x mark floors

behind me also it’s a little bit windy
out here so leave a comment and let me
know what you think of these microphones
now these are the link floods again you
can see there’s a lot of traffic behind
me a lot of wind out here so let me know
if you can hear what I’m saying here we
have the flagship 1000 x mark floors
comment below and let me know what you
think of these microphones in comparison
to the others, it’s not that breezy right
now but still plenty of ambient sounds
around here so now here’s the microphone

test with the length buds as you can see
right here honestly the microphone from
my experience is substantially better
than the xn4s which i thought was really
surprising and now moving on to the
active noise cancellation this one is
always one of the most exciting things
for a pair of earbuds from sony and out
of all of these only two of them
actually have active noise cancellation
the link buds obviously do not because
they’re an open back design there’s a
hole in the middle so anc wouldn’t

Passive noise blocking

Really do much I’m looking at you galaxy
buds live and i tested these the same
the way i test all earbuds where I played a
sound on a speaker i turned the volume
up and i tried to see at what level i
could hear it the sound was just the
sound of a jet and without a surprise
best was the sony 1000x mark
fours blocking up to level 25 a higher
the number is better than in second place
was the sony link buts again no
the surprise being the sec the only other
one that has anc and these actually
blocked up to level 23 which was
surprisingly close to the 1000x mark

iv’s given the price difference here i
was amazed at how good these were at
actually blocking out the sound than in
third place again no surprise here the
c500s because they actually make a seal
on your ears, they don’t have active
noise cancellation but they do have some
passive noise blocking just from
plugging your ears and they blocked up
to about volume 13 and then of course
the link buds just the regular ones have
a hole in the middle and the whole point
of it is to hear everything around you
so you could hear it all the way down to
level one the link buds s and the xm4s
both have a transparency mode although it
does sound like a little bit of tunneling

Transparency mode

if you’re outside and there’s wind
you’re definitely going to get some kind
of feedback or some wind noise on that
and so without a doubt the best if
you’re trying to hear your surroundings
is going to be the link buds that are
obviously what they were designed for
the c500s don’t have any kind of
pass-through mode or transparency mode
but it is what it is for a hundred
dollars whatever and now getting into
the features it’s no surprise that the
c500s lack a lot of the features that
the other ones have and so some of these

Features include speaking to chat which is
available under three more expensive
models, essentially you just start
talking it’ll lower your volume turn on
transparency mode you can hear whatever
somebody else is saying as well as what
you’re saying they also have
transparency mode on the two more
expensive models like i said we have
adaptive volume control on the link buds
which i mentioned earlier if you go
outside and there’s any kind of loud
the noise around you it’s going to be almost
impossible to hear your music so
adaptive volume control is kind of meant
to address that but there’s only so much
you can do when you have a hole in the
middle of your earbud we have adaptive
sound control on the xm4s and on the

Change sound settings

link buds which essentially means if you
move around your house or whatever
you’re doing wherever you’re moving
whatever you’re doing these can adjust
and turn anc on or off you can turn
transparency mode on and off it can
change a lot of the sound settings based
on what you’re doing and where you’re
going you also have autoplay and auto
pause on all of them except for the
c500s which lack a proximity sensor and
so therefore they can’t do that and then
you have a tap for the Spotify feature which
i said the link buds s have that feature
where you can just put in the earbuds
and they’ll automatically start playing
Spotify or you can just tap it double
tap it to open Spotify or kind of a
little soundscape thing that can play

white noise if you want the link buds
the regular link buds have a similar
feature as well to open Spotify and
while it’s something that i don’t
personally use it all the time i don’t know
maybe i should use it it seems like a
fun thing as far as what all of these
the support they do all have a mono mode which
is great but none of them are able to
connect to multiple devices at the same
time uh and switch between them like
what you might see on some java earbuds
or air pods unfortunately these don’t do
so in conclusion which of these
earbuds should you buy well starting off
with the sony c500s, I mean at the time
when they came out it was a decent pair
of earbuds, they have decent enough sound

Recommend the c500s to a lot of people

but i probably wouldn’t recommend the
c500s for me mostly because of the hissing
sound bothers me so much for that price
I’d recommend considering maybe the java
elite 3 or possibly the pixel buds a
because 100 is a really competitive
the price there are so many good earbuds out
there i just don’t know if i can
recommend the c500s to a lot of people
moving up to the link buds the link but
the regular link buttons are really
unlike any other pair of earbuds out
there and i would say that you’re either
going to absolutely love these or

absolutely hate them if you’re working
in a louder environment, you’re not going
to be able to use them you’re not going
to like them but if you’re in a quiet
space and you really want to listen to
music but hear your surroundings as well
then they’re going to be a fantastic
pair i personally love that i can wear
them for hours and hours at a time
without getting any ear fatigue without
my ear getting hot and i can still hear

The strongest recommendation

if somebody comes into my office or
somebody comes
and tries to talk to me i can hear
everything around me so i love having
that but as i said you’re not going to
get the best bass and in any louder
the environment you really can’t hear
anything and then the link buds s in my
the opinion is the strongest recommendation
i have out of this group the sound is
great the ANC is powerful they’re
lighter they’re very very comfortable
and the microphones are far superior in
my opinion to the 1000 x mark 4s and so
considering that they’re a lot cheaper
about 80 cheaper than the x mark fours

I think most people will be much happier
with these earbuds, they would notice
more of a positive impact on their life
when they’re using these and so i think
that’s a clear winner out of this group
but moving up to the mark X force if
money is no object to you and if you
really care about sound quality the best
active noise cancellation and you know
maybe you don’t really care that
much about the size maybe you’re not
running with these maybe you just want
something that sounds good when

My favorite earbuds

you’re in an office or commuting on a
plane on a bus the x mark fours without
doubt is an absolute king they’re
among my favorite earbuds on the entire
the market right now with great audio
quality really unbeatable active noise
cancellation the foam tips give you even
better noise isolation and in general
they’re just a really clear winner here.

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