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what’s up my gator gang it’s been a hot
minute since i’ve seen the light of day
been indoors pretty much 24 7. i’m not
gonna lie
so did another little mini shopping
spree on the zom
you guys remember i told you i was gonna
make this a series i snagged
four unique leggings from different
brands all under (price maybe change when you buy). all right
this is all about on a budget baby so
these are four different brands i’ve
never tried before

i love it girl this is my main hobby i
like trying different amazon brands and
especially when it’s under that (price maybe change when you buy)
you already know i’m on top of it gotta
try them all baby
i’m like pokemon man gotta catch em all
but in this way
you know you gotta try every single
amazon legging out so i already been
trying them on testing them out doing
the whole thing
in them so i could give you guys like a
first impression honest review
and i’m not gonna lie we got some hits
but we got some misses too
so if you’re somebody who likes to shop
on amazon especially in the legging


then this article is for you maybe i could
save you a buck or two
find you some steals and help you avoid
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fitness’s together we got this
all right guys

let’s just pick something random shall
we oh
what we got here what we got here okay
is the frig are you
for 14.99 from the brand
gay hay high waist yoga pants with pockets
tummy control let’s see about that
okay so these babies are 92 polyester and 8
spandex is so very stretchy you do have
wicking material

these are nice high waists I really like
the thick big band, you got an inseam of 26 inches
here and for me, it’s a little bit too
long but keep that in mind
okay 26 inches might be perfect for
someone out there
and this does have like a little baby
triangle gusset so a four-way stretch
it’s still there they’re not something i
would work

Pink workout outfit

really work out and these are more just
kind of like being out and about going
grocery shopping is super
mad comfortable they’re very very soft
and like I said very stretchily
so this is something you want to run
errands you want to go meet up real
quick for lunch with the girls
you wear something like this and you’re

good uh working out wise
even though these are pretty squat proof
and the pockets are nice it comes to a
nice decent length
again my measurements will be down below
and everything you see will be linked
down below I’m a small
and I’ve got a small on this but this is
one of those things where it could
literally like

fit pretty much anybody there’s like an
unlimited stretch in this thing
as far as like tummy control though i
don’t really feel
like any compression in these whatsoever
so they’re not something I would just
grab and like
go work out at the gym with the kind of
have a little bit of that wrinkly vibe
a little bit of that camel toe going on
you got nothing but seams when you

it’s a super-thin kind of legging it’s
really really really
really thin I might poke a hole through
um so the durability factor I don’t i
wouldn’t go crazy like I don’t think

Plus size workout leggings

it’s gonna hold up for
very long and they’re gonna kind of get
nasty in the wash but
there is like this little itty bitty
elastic band
okay like a half an inch up at the rim here
it’s got to help it stay up uh
I don’t have a real problem with it
coming down when I squat down but
they’re just not compressed enough to
kind of like have that

secure feeling I definitely wouldn’t do
hitting these i would feel my legs
jiggle too much in these
but i do have to say this turquoise
color has got it going huh
all right what do we got here just
referring to my laptop real quick so i
give you the right information we’re
looking at
Rothrock women’s out

pocket high waisted yoga pants tummy
control again with the tummy control
for 15.99 navy blue
first of all, this is beautiful blue like
yeah absolutely
this definitely has more compression
then the other ones yeah
now we’re getting a little more quality
for your money

the stretch is a real love we’re
looking at 75
polyester 25 spandex so just the same
material as the other ones you saw
except this one’s just nice and thick
man you got like thickness here it’s
squat proof
this is not seamless but I would love it

Women’s active leggings

if it was um you got the really nice pockets
double-sided nice seamed contour overall pretty
decent peaches in its high waist
band gotta love that you got a 24 inch
inseam here so this is like perfect on me okay
size small again
like 24 inches 25 at best yeah so this pretty good for me

the gusset is one of those super long
gussets at first I thought there was no
gusset and then I looked and I was like
oh and it’s going straight down the legs
so this is something that’s a little
more like

I could wear it to the gym and feel
pretty okay in it there was no real
camel toe in it because
the material is thick enough so if
you’re looking for
affordable more gym oriented type of
calisthenic you want to move around and
you’re in public
then definitely give this one a go for
the price is absolutely like quality

and as you can see they’re like they’re
super opaque leggings they’re not like
that thinness where I feel like I’m
gonna pop my finger through
this also feels like it would wick a
a lot better than the other ones
so keep that in mind this has a little
more functionality in

Workout tops plus size

it and I would think that this would just
be more performance-based
whereas the other ones are just kind of
more casual hang out watch some Netflix
and dig you feel this one fits really
well true to size
and for the money, I think this is
the most bangs for your buck you’re gonna see
here today

I absolutely like keeper status
okay are you guys ready for a super
cheap amazon
right now like these leggings
these are from the brand Rolex they’re
high-waisted leggings
one size or plus size those are the only
two sizes

one size or plus size in the color
92 polyester 8 spandex
no the other ones that you just saw were
the same type of material but felt
significantly different especially the
second the navy you just saw
that was a pretty nice quality
these are

i mean they were only 11.99
so not going into it thinking i’m really
gonna like
get something crazy good out of it but
at the same time whoa
there’s zero gusset
why would you do that no
man no this is so thin it hurts
i think like no believe it or not i

Loose-fitting workout capris

think they’re totally like sheer either
like I was bending over in daylight bae
said he you know couldn’t see anything
crazy going on
so I couldn’t totally believe that but
I’m not going to say they’re squat proof
because like i can see
the real light bulb right here um

you can see the tag like this gets me so
irritated when they
sew in the tag on the crack why would
you do that
especially with like a light pair and
it’s like i don’t want that
tickling places it shouldn’t be tickling

i can’t do anything about it man like
put it somewhere else please for the
love of god i’d rather it on my ankle or
so this goes what I’ll say but i
wouldn’t wear these
to a gym, these are kind of like I’m
throwing them on go check them out real

but I am gonna say something I do like
right now first of the color, I love
this color
it’s almost that musty honey dijon that
I like it so much in the summertime
absolutely such a cheerful beautiful
bright color
and for the love of God, it really makes
the peach looks so

Activewear leggings with pockets

good and i think it’s because it’s not
compressive so it just
makes the peach peachy it makes your
peach your peach
um it doesn’t it just don’t press the
peach does that make sense
so um my goodness like if you don’t need
it to be compressive and you just kind
of want to like
you know go out in public and show out a

this is like that legging that you know
this is that legging girl
but I got a man I don’t gotta show out
as much as it’s a 25-inch inseam
so pretty nice on me not gonna lie 25
inches that’s my sweet spot right there
so yeah man if you don’t really
need it for actually like working out
and doing stretches because there’s no
gusset like
why not twelve dollars for bright yellow
pair of leggings that make y’all moon
time just
shine like the sun okay
but for everything else no way all right
you guys

Workout leggings set

last but not least yeah we got a pretty
decent pair here
for 19.99 in the color lilac
pink we’re looking at the brand
fist sock cat fist a cat
high waist yoga pants with pockets and
tummy control
yes you can feel more tummy control than
like the ones you just saw for example
this definitely has that little more
grab a little more security
i will say me personally i i could have
sized down
they do feel slightly big on me
especially when i was like bending you
can see a lot of that wrinkle forming a
little bit

coming off down the side here little
little gaper little things like that so
this could have totally been sized down
and i think it would have fit overall
better more securely and
a little bit more flatteringly that’s a
this has a one of that little mini
bands a little bigger than the other one
you first saw in the beginning
but it has that elastic band to keep to
keep it up
this particular legging actually reminds
me so

High waisted active leggings

much of bubble lime which is another
yoga brand and if you haven’t seen that
review I’ll have it linked down below
um for its overall like good quality you
got the side pockets you have a
actually a mesh lining inside the
pockets like it’s a nice quality
you do have like the slight camel toe
but like i had that issue with
most keywords most seamed
leggings um other than that you do have
a really nice like

contour with the seams it is a nice high
waist and for 20 19.99 on the nose yeah I would say it’s
worth its definitely squat proof
it is 77 polyesters and 23 spandex so
very similar got that licking feature
very nice stretch

it is very soft very very soft oh it’s so
soft this baby’s a little bit long
okay running at a 27-inch inseam so
this definitely flowed on me a bit I had
to really kind of like tuck it up a bit
Do you know what I’m saying just kind of
pull everything up a little bit um so if
you’re a little bit taller than me I’m 5’3

then this might work well for you you
might like this length
but for me slightly too big
totally would wear it like at the gym
doing calisthenic work
even going out and about this is a
little more versatile

Sustainable legging

of a piece so you can kind of do a
a little bit of a variety of things
so definitely a hit in my opinion and
you do have like that triangle gusset so
nothing crazy long
but it’s still there you still need that
four-way stretch especially
with yoga leggings, you want that ability
if you’re deciding to do a split you
want that option

i know I did you never know the feeling in
the moment yeah
those were the four individual different
brand leggings from amazon
all under (price maybe change when you buy). but real quick before we
sendoff I just want to kind of rank

them in my personal opinion
from where’s the best just my opinion i
probably rank the yellow ones as like
the least
go-to as much as I love and appreciate
that it made the peach look great
don’t think I would really use it that
often I’m gonna be honest with you it
doesn’t really it’s really not that

and no gusset next I would probably say
the turquoise is a little bit of a step
up from the yellow in terms of quality
but still has a lot of the same
characteristics so still a little bit

Best cheap workout leggings

on that like cheap e feeling side so
I’d probably rank this out of the four
the third-ranked number two
is totally this lilac okay definitely a
step-up from the other two
now we’re getting into that more like
quality feel now i can start really
bringing you

to the gym in my yoga classes
and the winner is the navy blue
the quality is supreme everything fits
really nice
even no weird wrinkles no none of that
like awkward
fit this pretty much fit for the most
the part just like a gem it really did hug
in the right places

super flattering and compared to the
quality of the others I do believe
that this was probably the best yeah
again this was 15.99
so doesn’t even touch (?) bucks
i would think the most bang for your
buck is in this navy blue right here
all right guys so that was the amazon
under (price maybe change when you buy)
hope you guys enjoyed this article if you
have any questions about anything you
know hit a girl up
comment down below why not chit chat it
up a little bit

Girl active leggings

let me know if you want to see more
articles like this i did tell you guys
this would be like a monthly series or
you know
whenever series so let me know if you
like this kind of article
love trying new leggings, especially from

the variety is just insane and i feel
like you can never actually try them all
so it’s like a challenge like a fun game
for me so i enjoy it
and again I’ll have everything linked
down below in case you want to take a
closer look

so again guys definitely dont forget to
hit that subscribes button lots of articles
just like this to come
also, follow your girl on big baby
yes thank you all so so much for
READING and I’ll see you in my next.

♡MY MEASUREMENTS: SMALL in (almost) everything!

*Height: 5′ 3″
*Bust: 31″
*Waist: 25″
*Hips: 37″
*Inseam: 25″


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