TOP 3 Best Spy Camera 2022

The best spy cameras let you record surveillance footage without drawing any attention. They are often disguised as everyday objects to remain as inconspicuous as possible, but which camera will best suit your situation?

what is going to be the best spy camera?
for you in 2022
in this article, we’ll break down the top
three spy cameras are on the market this
year based on performance and situations
they’ll be used in so whether you’re
looking for a spy camera in your home or
something compact you could take with
you are on the go stay tuned we’ll have
the perfect option for you
all the links to find the best prices on
all the products mentioned in this video
will be in the down below the
products are in no exact order so be
sure to stay tuned till the end so you
don’t miss anything.

SIRGAWAIN Spy MINI Camera — Best Overall Spy Cam

first up the SIRGAWAIN spy mini
our pick for the best overall spy
camera the SIRGAWAIN spy mini camera
is capable of capturing both video and
photos and offers several very useful
features that make it one of the best
overall spy cameras on the market at
0.87 inches square this spy camera is
easy to set up and hide and it captures
full HD video or 12-megapixel stills
with a 140 degree field of view for
night time or low light use you’ll still
get great results thanks to the six
infrared LEDs that illuminate the area

Extremely small body

invisibly the design of the SIRGAWAIN spy mini camera is a bit
unconventional while it is possible to
mix it up with some other objects to
hide it in plain sight it’s not as
discreet as the divine eagle USB charger
spy cam or circulane spycam pen that
we’ll see later in the article on its own
it looks very much like a camera and may
be detected if it’s not well hidden due
to its extremely small body the battery
installed in this mini spy camera is
limited to about 60 minutes of
continuous use thankfully it only
records when motion is detected so that
60 minutes will actually last much
longer alternatively you could leave the
charging cable attached and record

SIRGAWAIN Spy MINI Camera — Best Overall Spy Cam
SIRGAWAIN Spy MINI Camera — Best Overall Spy Cam

it’s worth noting that the spy mini does
not record audio photos and videos are stored on a
MicroSD card that you supply so there’s
no wi-fi required you can operate in
loop recording mode to protect your home
or office or take it with you when you
travel to safeguard your hotel room
while you’re away the camera also
supports MicroSD cards from 2 to 32
gigabytes incapacity
if you’re looking for a small spy camera
that operates independently without the
need for wi-fi the SIRGAWAIN spy mini
camera is a good choice everything is
self-contained and it even has
the benefit of night vision is the only
the drawback is that it looks too much like
a camera.

Divine Eagle USB Charger Spy Camera – Best Spycam for Home

Divine Eagle USB charger spy
camera is
our pick for best spy camera for
home if your surveillance needs call for
something that can sit in plain sight
and watch over your home without being
detected the defined eagle USB charger
spy camera is what you want disguised as
an ordinary USB charger this spy camera
simply plugs into any wall outlet or
power bank and records high resolution
video without raising any suspicion that
it’s actually a recording device it
looks like a regular USB wall charger
and even has a working USB port on the

Divine Eagle USB Charger Spy Camera - Best Spycam for Home
Divine Eagle USB Charger Spy Camera – Best Spycam for Home
The function of the camera

everything that’s related to
the function of the camera is hidden from
view on the plug side behind the sticker
the panel that sits above the plug’s power
prongs if you look behind it you’ll find
the micro-sd card slot has a reset button
and a switch that puts the camera into
either continuous recording mode or
motion detection mode the divine eagle
records in 1080p have a 90-degree field
of view and captures good detail but
unlike the circle SIRGAWAIN spy mini camera
it doesn’t have night vision so you’ll
have to place it in an area with
adequate lighting it also doesn’t have
battery power like the circular and has
to be plugged into a power outlet to
operate but for a disguised USB charger
that’s no problem,

as the camera records it writes the
video file to the sd card that you
supply and you can use any high speed
class 10 cards up to 256 gigabytes
the camera uses loop recording to
automatically record and overwrite the
oldest files when the card reaches its
capacity and has built-in surge
to prevent your sd card from
possible corruption
like the spy mini this camera does not
record audio
if you’re looking for a discreet way to
monitor your home or business the divine
USB charger spy camera is an
excellent choice with its clever design
there’s a very low chance it will ever
be detected.

SIRGAWAIN Spy Cam Pen – Most Discreet Spy Camera

last but not least the SIRGAWAIN
hidden spy camera pen our pick for most
discreet spy camera
the SIRGAWAIN hidden spy camera pen
features a black aluminum finish and an
overall rugged build with the camera
cleverly positioned on the clip of the
pen offering great concealment the clip
is stainless steel so the shine from
the lens doesn’t really stand out however in
an odd design choice there’s a bright
green indicator light on the back of
the pen that illuminates whenever the camera
is on and can’t be deactivated it’s an
out of place choice for a device that’s
designed to be discreet

SIRGAWAIN Spy Cam Pen - Most Discreet Spy Camera
SIRGAWAIN Spy Cam Pen – Most Discreet Spy Camera

that aside the design offers a simple
one-click control that lets you capture
video or snap photos intuitively the pen
is small enough to fit into a shirt
pocket clip onto a notebook or sit in a
pencil cup on your desk
the video was recorded in 1080p and the photo
resolution is 2560×1440
and both modes deliver excellently
brightness and color with a 90 degree
field of view and up to 70 minutes of
continuous video recording when you’re
done plug it in to a mac or pc with the
included USB cable to transfer all of
your recordings there’s no ability to
record audio so the pen isn’t

Five ink cartridges

particularly useful for recording
lectures or meetings but it do have a
built-in ballpoint pen for taking notes
jotting down schedules and other
important information like the divine
eagle USB charger spy camera this camera
really sells its own illusion
the pen comes with five ink cartridges
in the box to keep the pen function of
the camera going if you’re looking for a
spy camera with greater potential to
blend in the circle SIRGAWAIN hidden spy
camera pen is a great choice it’s super
easy to use and with its discreet design
you’ll be able to capture what you need
in nearly any scenario.

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