TOP 3 Best Gimbal for Smartphones 2022

A smartphone gimbal is a handheld stabilizer that compensates for unwanted movements like shaky hands when shooting handheld footage and eliminates the need for a cumbersome tripod or expensive dolly system. But with all the choices out there, choosing the gimbal that will work best for you can be a pain.

Do you want to know what is going to be
the best smartphone gimbal for you
in this article, we’re going to break down
the top three smartphone gimbals on the
market this year based on performance
and situations they’ll be used in so
whether you’re looking for the
smartphone gimbal that will give you the
most for your money or simply the best
overall smartphone gimbal available stay
tuned we’ll have the perfect option for
you all the links to find the best
prices on all the products mentioned in
this article will be in the down
below the products are in no exact order
so be sure to stay tuned till the end so
you don’t miss anything

DJI OM 5 — Best Overall Gimbal

first up the DJI om5 is our pick for the best
overall gimbal
if you’ve ever tried recording handheld
video with your smartphone you know that
the results can often be shaky and
unpolished but attach a gimbal like the
DJI om5 and it becomes easy to pan and
zoom track subjects and create visual
stories that you’ll be proud to share
the DJI om features a slick design and a
built-in extension rod giving a complete
selfie stick functionality is a magnetic
clamp attaches to your smartphone then
latches onto the om5 when you’re ready
to shoot it can accommodate larger

DJI OM 5 — Best Overall Gimbal
DJI OM 5 — Best Overall Gimbal

phones even ones with the case and it
provides enough battery life to keep you
shooting for six hours charging via USB
you can use the om5 with your phone’s
native camera app but once you download
the DJI mymo app you’ll get a new shot
guides feature that walks you through
capturing stylized clips there’s also an
improved active track 4.0 and some new
panorama photo enhancements along with
gesture control dynamic zoom for a dolly
zoom effect time-lapse motion lapse
hyper lapse spin shot gimbal movement and
story mode templates

Find a joystick for manual

when stowed the om5 can fit into a large
pocket backpack or handbag the base has
a quarter-inch tripod thread and on the
back you’ll find a joystick for manual
control a record button and a rotate
a button that lets you switch between the
front and rear cameras or flip from
landscape to portrait orientation with a
double press

Find a joystick for manual
Find a joystick for manual

to activate the selfie stick feature you
simply yank the gimbal head away from
the joystick portion and extend it
securely up to 8.5 inches if a gimbal
with all the features that made the DJI
om4 great along with the addition of a
built-in selfie stick and a host of new
enhancements sound interesting the DJI
om-5 is an excellent choice for you
With its refined design, this gimbal is
lighter and takes up less room when

Zhiyun Smooth 4 — Best Gimbal for the Money

next up is the Zhiyun smooth 4 our pick for
the best gimbal for the money
the solidly built Zxiyun smooth 4 gimbal
performs brilliantly and features a
tactile focus zoom wheel long battery
life and two-way charging that impresses
across the board this smartphone gimbal
looks and performs like
semi-professional gear and its lower
price point is definitely made to
compete with gimbals like the DJI om-5
the rock-solid 3-axis gimbal can pan 300
degrees and tilt and roll up to 240

Zhiyun Smooth 4 — Best Gimbal for the Money
Zhiyun Smooth 4 — Best Gimbal for the Money

degrees it can accommodate most
mainstream smartphones up to 210 grams
so unlike the DJI om-5, it can’t work
with apple or Samsung’s largest phones
it also doesn’t have a joystick-like the
om5 for making manual moves but
otherwise controls for pan following
taking a still photo or locking the
to use it as a tripod are all
very good on the left side of the
control panel a tactile wheel can be
used to either focus or to zoom in and
out these functions are swappable with a

Shoot in up to 4k 60fps

button press the companion app offers
a ton of semi-pro features like time lapse
hyper lapse long exposures panoramic
photos and an excellent motion
time-lapse mode with hdr filters scene
modes a ton of manual tweaks and an
ability to shoot in up to 4k 60fps the
app is filled to the brim with features
thankfully its interface is simple and
easy to navigate using the shortcut
buttons on the control panel one thing
that the smooth 4 has an abundance of is

battery power with up to 10 hours of
shooting time clearly surpassing the six
hours of the dji om5 if you’re looking
for an effective stabilization solution
at an affordable price point, you can’t
go wrong with the zhiyun smooth 4.
you’ll get plenty of on-body controls
including a tactile and easy to use
wheel for focusing and zooming and an
an excellent app that will help you create
time lapses panoramic photos and motion

ULANZI U Rig Pro – Best Budget Smartphone gimbal

last but not least the ULANZIi u-rig pro
our pick for a best budget smartphone gimbal
if you’re looking for an easy and
extremely cheap way to shoot better
video with your smartphone the ULANZI
u-rig pro is simple but versatile
a solution as the name implies it’s more
of a rig rather than a gimbal so it’s
a lot different than the zhiyun smooth 4
and DJI om5 when it comes to design it’s
an abs plastic frame that you attach
your smartphone to and is held with two
hands to give you greater control over
a movement to get smoother shots it does
a lot more than that though in addition to

ULANZI U Rig Pro - Best Budget Smartphone gimbal
ULANZI U Rig Pro – Best Budget Smartphone gimbal

the spring-loaded phone holder that can
accommodate phones from 2 to 3.5 inches
in width, it has additional mounting
options you get three cold shoes and two
quarter-inch 20 threaded mounts so you
can mount the rig to a video tripod add
led lights an external mic and more if
you want to eliminate shaking in your
handheld shots the u-rig pro does a lot
better than just mounting your phone to
a tripod the rig gives you the ability
to switch between portrait and landscape
mode just by turning the rig or getting more

Best Gimbal for Smartphones

interesting shots by holding the rig in
different ways you’re only limited by
your own imagination and if you’ve
attached additional lighting and an
external mic you’ll get consistent
results because everything is moving as
a unit freeing you up to get the shots
you want if you want an extremely
an affordable way to shoot better handheld
video the ulanzi u-rig pro is a great
choice it may not have the features like
time lapse dynamic zoom or a selfie
stick feature like the dji om5 or zhiyun
smooth 4
but it does offer some basic
useful features and the ability to take
on accessories to make your videos
better at a price that’s hard to beat.

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