TOP 3: Best Budget Gaming Chair 2022

TOP 3: Best Budget Gaming Chair 2022

A good gaming chair prioritizes comfort. These chairs use materials that keep you cool and adjust to change the height, rock, and tilt to give you the perfect position for playing your favorite games. But with all the designs and features offered, coming to the right decision can be difficult.

what is the best budget gaming chair for you

in this article, we’ll break down the top

three budget gaming chairs on the market

this year based on performance and

situations they’ll be used in so if you

want to find the best budget gaming

chair with a balance of affordability

comfort and build quality stay tuned

we’ll have the perfect option for you

all the links to find the best prices on

all the products mentioned in this article

will be in the down below the

products mentioned in this article are in

no exact order so be sure to stay tuned

till the end so you don’t miss anything

1. OFM Essentials Racing Chair

first up the OFM essentials racing chair

our pick for the best gaming chair for most people

whether you’re gaming on a budget or

just want to keep things simple the ofm

the essential racing chair is the gaming

chair for you

the overall look of the essentials

the racing chair is a hybrid of a gaming

chair and fancy office chair

it has all of the hallmarks you’re

looking for a gaming chair but it

avoids more contentious details like the

bucket seat so you have more freedom of


OFM Essentials Racing Chair

The seat cushion is built using 5.5 inches

this more conservative design means that

the essentials racing chair could pull

double duty and be used as a regular

office chair too

the seat cushion is built using 5.5

inches of high-density foam with

additional padding on the front and

sides for excellent support there’s more

contoured padding on the seat back that

works to cradle your body in comfort and

the flip-up armrests are bolstered with

two inches of foam the entire chair is

upholstered in soft thread leather with

contrasting colored fabric for

an aggressive style that stays cool and

delivers high-performance comfort for

long intense gaming sessions

and while many gaming chairs provide

separate headrests and lumbar support

these elements are integrated into the

design for a cleaner more streamlined

look while still providing that extra

comfort exactly where it’s needed

the chair sits on a highly durable

a plastic base that’s equipped with

casters for easy movement on smooth


Suitable for gamers

adjustments include a center tilt

mechanism tilt lock slash tilt tension

control and 360-degree swivel for the seat

height adjustment there’s a heavy-duty

gas lift that can raise or lower the

seat from 17 to 20.75 inches so it’s

suitable for gamers up to six feet two

inches tall and 275 pounds

if you’re looking for an affordable

a gaming chair that scores high marks on

comfort the ofm essentials racing chair

is a very good choice it has the

ergonomics you need to stay comfortable

and productive and has several

adjustments to fine-tune it to boost

your gaming performance

2. GTRACING Gaming Chair

next up is the gt racing gaming chair

a gaming chair should support your body

like a pit crew supports a race car

giving you enough comfort and ergonomic

adaptability to keep you fueled and in

the zone all night long and even though

the gt racing gaming chair is a budget

model it still provides the comfort and

features to satisfy most gamers all at

an exceptional price point

unlike the ofm essential racing chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair

this chair follows the gaming chair

the design template to a tee the seat is

modeled after a race car’s bucket seat

and everything is trimmed in brightly

colored PU leather and comes with

separate lumbar and headrest pillows

while it lacks a bit of padding in the

backrest the much thicker bucket seat is

built-up with several inches of molded

foam that gives you plenty of support

the adjustable padded armrests deliver a

good level of comfort for your elbows

and forearms but some may find them

a bit on the small side

The basic adjustments like height

when it comes to ergonomics the gt

The racing gaming chair definitely shines it

offers the basic adjustments like height

recline tilt lock and tilt tension

mechanisms but takes it a step further

with two-directional armrests that

offer adjustment to height and pivot to

support you in a number of ways

slide them out and away to get closer to

your monitor or game with a controller

position them for perfect support while

typing or take a break and recline up to

170 degrees

whatever position you’re in class 4

The hydraulic system is capable of

supporting up to 330 pounds

if you’re looking for a budget gaming

chair with above-average ergonomics and

the aggressive styling you expect the gt

the racing gaming chair is a solid choice

whether you’re sitting up straight

involved in a firefight or reclining and

taking a break to watch Netflix the gt

the racing gaming chair will provide good

comfort and a budget price

3. OnTarget GC100 Gaming Chair

last but not least the OnTarget GC100 Gaming Chair

the gaming chair is our pick for the best overall

budget gaming chair

the target gc100 gaming chair is the

most expensive of our three picks but

offers increased comfort and style no

matter how much time you spend in it

with affordable gaming chairs like the

gc100 available you don’t have to keep

using a rigid uncomfortable

non-adjustable chair

OnTarget GC100 Gaming Chair

ditch that kitchen chair for the comfort

offered by the gc100 and get needed

support in key areas like your head and

neck lower back and arms with its

integrated footrest you can take a

break and recline and you’ll be

perfectly supported from top to bottom

this chair starts with a sturdy steel

skeleton the backrest is padded with

sponge and the high rebound seat cushion

adds additional high-density foam to

provide extra comfort and resistance to

wear and tear

The chair assembly

the entire chair is upholstered in

semi-PU leather and is available in

three color combinations

the chair assembly is supported by a

five-pronged nylon base that’s outfitted

with polyurethane casters for 360-degree

swivel and smooth transport across the floor

like the gt racing gaming chair the

gc100 has a heavy-duty class 4 gas lift

that can support up to 330 pounds and

lets you adjust the overall seat height

and backrest angle from 90 to 180


the 2d armrests are also height

adjustable and can be angled sideways

for fine adjustment or moved out of the

way if you need the extra space

and while its overall design is

undeniably targeted at gaming it isn’t

limited to it the gc100 can be used for

any task that would benefit from the

comfort and support it provides if

you’re looking for the best overall

budget gaming chair the on target gc100

is a perfect choice this chair gives

you a lot in the way of features quality

and overall comfort and is perfect for

gaming or as a general office chair and

its builtin footrest will let you

totally relax when you need to

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