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Top 20 Products Reviews. check our best 20 products reviews list we provide the best quality products reviews. Daily Use Products make your life easier. My Best Amazon Buys and Amazon Favourites! This article is not sponsored I just love amazon however disclosure: The links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Top 20 Products Reviews

hi guys welcome back to my website in
today’s article I’m going to be sharing
with you some more Amazon best buys and
the things that I buy on Amazon I’ve
actually made two articles like this in
the past that we’re really really
popular and well-received so if you
haven’t seen those and you want to know
more products that I really love I’ll
link down below those articles

I have another 20 products to show you
today being a busy mom of three I tend
to turn to Amazon for absolutely
everything I love that its the next day
because I’ve got Prime it’s just so
convenient and I also love that you can
see ratings on all the products I just
find it so user friendly so I have
another tiny product that I have been
loving and before we get started it
needs to be said that quite a few people
in the comments on the last article that I
did know this said that I actually say


the word Amazon wrong I say I’m as in
and a lot of people say Amazon so how to do
you guys say it let me know in the
comments because I think I’ve been
saying it wrong this whole time and I’ll
also link all of these products in down below and for
convenience I now have my own Amazon
a shop which is so cool because I’ve
categorized all of my recommendations
into travel interiors gifts kids toys so
if you like my recommendations
definitely go and check out my Amazon
shop and although this article is not
sponsored in any way by Amazon I am
gonna label it with ads just because I’m

directing you to my Amazon shop and I’m
using affiliate links so with all that
said let’s get into the recommendations
the first thing I wanted to show you is
it purchases I’ve been really pleased
with I ordered eight stainless steel
straws for three pounds (price maybe change when you buy) and they come
like this, you get four straight

Daily Use Products

stainless steel straws and four that
I’ve slightly curved I must admit I tend
to prefer these ones but basically I
have a smoothie or protein shake in the
morning and I really like to have it
with a straw so to avoid using single
use straws I ordered these stainless
steel ones they were really reasonable
and so easy to clean because they even
come with a little brush to clean them

I really like and you can get them also in rose gold
or gold as well and the next product is
one I get so many questions about either
by people seeing this in my articles or
when we have company round they’ll ask
me what this is and sometimes even touch
it but it’s basically an antibacterial
baby bottle drying rack I think mine is
from Tomy but there are so many
different ones on Amazon it was
pounds (price maybe change when you buy) and I just love it even though

Best things to buy on amazon under Cheap

I don’t have a baby anymore that has
bottles it is also great for drawing
other things like all of the boys
plastic cups and stuff it just holds
them really well or even though
stainless steel like straws that I was
showing you it will let them stand and
dry as well and then if you ever think
it’s getting a bit dirty or it’s been
out for a while, you can just stick it
into the dishwasher and I find it really
really easy and I use it all the time
every day so I thought I would share it
with you but is originally for baby
bottles the next product came highly

recommended to me by a friend and is the
tide to go instant stain remover pen so
it comes like this and I just have it in
my handbag it has a little pen at the top so
it is very precise but it’s perfect for
instantly removing stains from food or
drink red wine coffee but it’s just
great I took it on holiday with us but
now I just keep it in my handbag
obviously, if you had a really messy
weaning baby it’s not gonna work for a
huge amount of stains but now that my
kids are older if they were to get like
marker on them or ketchup or something
like that, I can just instantly remove it
with this and I really like it and the
cost of it is pounds (price maybe change when you buy)

Best Amazon gifts

next up is our new cutting boards which
we got from Joseph and Joseph on Amazon
they were (price maybe change when you buy) pounds and I basically
invested in some new ones because in one
of my cooking articles, a viewer commented
oh my gosh Emily you really need to get
new cutting boards and it did make me
realize that the old ones we had had for
about ten years so they were really
really worn really old so we got these
new Joseph and Joseph ones I really love
the colors are like pinks and baby

blues and grays so they really go with
our house and I prefer them because the
old ones that we had used to expand when
they were in the dishwasher meaning when
they came out of the dishwasher I
couldn’t put them away straight away I
would have to wait for them to cool down
to then put them away but these ones
don’t have that problem they’re just
great you can separate them so they’ve
got different are little icons on them
so you can have one for vegetable one
for meat one for fish if you want to I
just pretty much use them like if

Top 20 Products on Amazon

there’s a clean one I’m gonna use it
whichever one it is the I really like
them and I would totally recommend them
next up I wanted to show you the makeup
remover cloths that I use I used to use
these pre-cleanse wipes would take
off all of my makeup but to avoid using
single-use wipes I got to myself these
ones they’re from simply gone you get
two in a pack for (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
and they are so big and so
soft they’re like a microfiber cloth and
I really like scrubbing my face with
them I know some people just like to use

soap and water but I actually like to
wipe it away and it’s such a big size
and because I double cleanse I will
cleanse my face using this site and it’s
huge and then I can do the other side as
well if I do a second cleanse so I
really really like them so I wanted to
share that with you and then I also got
these are reusable bamboo

Top 20 Amazon Products

cotton pads so I was at an event and
someone was taking off their eye makeup
using one of these reusable makeup pads
and I thought what a good idea
like how have I not been using those
when I take off my eye makeup you can
get packs of ten or twenty they’re
really soft and easy to use and then you
can just chuck them into your washing

you can’t put them in the mesh baggie
that they come with to wash them or I
just chuck them into my whitewash and
yeah I really like using them and I feel
a bit better than I’m not using like the
single-use cotton ball anymore
and next up I wanted to share with you
this tiny little instant printer which I
recently showed in a day-in-the-life
love where I was printing out something
from my son’s homework and so many of
you guys asked me about it and I really
liked how easy it is to use you can take
any photo from your mobile phone link it
on an app to this printer and print it

Best amazon items

out you have to buy the Instax Mini film
and I buy packs often but it’s great
because my boys are getting more and
more homework of like bringing the Teddy
home and take pictures of it all weekend
and then put it in the book and bring it
back or they have to almost show when
they’re baking something or cooking
something or even if you just wanted to
print out a photo that you love and hang
it up I just really like using it it was
(price maybe change when you buy) pounds which I hadn’t realized

because I got it as a gift but I really
do like having it and the next product I
wanted to share with you is this huge
beach bag which I bought on Amazon for
just (price maybe change when you buy) pounds it meshes and it has so
many pockets in it and I love using it
we went on a two-week holiday in October
and it was just great that we have
to carry so much stuff to the pool
towels wet clothes

Top 20 products

nappies coloring you know like so many
things and there are enough pockets to
do that I also love that because it’s so
thin you can pack it in your suitcase
and it doesn’t take up much space and
because it meshes if it gets wet it
dries really quickly we also took this
to Center, Parcs to go to the swimming
pool there’s like a pocket for
goggles there’s a pocket for your phone
there’s a pocket for literally
everything so I wanted to share with you
because it’s lightweight I mean it’s not
like the most stylish thing in the world
but it’s as good as any and it’s

just perfect if you eye like me and you
have to carry a million things I could
literally fit like two of my kids in
this I reckon and while we’re on the
topic of handbags I really wanted to
share with you my handbag insert which
is made of felt and it has so many
different pockets it protects the inside
of your handbag and there’s also space
for your laptop for pens for food so
many different pockets so if you have a
giant bucket bag like I do which is
ideal as a mom but by having a little
insert it just creates some order but if
you do order something like this you do
have to make sure that you really

Top 20 items different colors

measure the bag and get the right one if
there are also so many different colors
you can get so I got the red one because
the inside of my bag is red and it fits
perfectly inside and the cost of this
the insert was (price maybe change when you buy) pounds but I felt that
that was worth spending because it is
like my only luxury bag and next up I
wanted to show you this little holder
that I got for my son’s Google mini he
has this in his room and he loves using
it they’ll ask you questions about
homework or they’ll say hey Google play
this song and they’ll have a dance party

like they use it all the time but his
the plug didn’t reach to his bed stand so I
was trying to find a way to like make it
look tidy or because it was just sat on
the floor and online that they had this
the little holder which means it plugs in
but then it holds it really nicely just
on the wall, they also had little holders
for it for bed stands and I think you
can get things like this for other
devices as well like if you have an
Alexa, so it might just give you an idea

Daily Use Products

it was (price maybe change when you buy) pounds I really love that
it is now off of the floor like when I
hover and stuff and it just looks really
smart so I wanted to show you that one
even if it’s a little bit random and
next up I wanted to show you what my
fluffy gray slippers that I bought on
Amazon they were (price maybe change when you buy) pounds and I get
so many questions about them when they
feature on my Instagram stories they’re
really comfy and they have quite
hard soles so if I do step outside it’s
not the end of the world

they were really reasonable and I
haven’t actually got into buying clothes
on Amazon but I was pleasantly surprised
about these slippers, I sort of wanted to
show you these the next product is a
multiple USB plugs that I bought on
Amazon for about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds and I love
using it and traveling with it because
it means you can charge or use four
different USB s at the time so when we
went away we could charge up all of the
devices that we had by just using one
plug and one adapter so I really liked
using that next up I want to show you
some wine glasses that I panicked bolt
on Amazon before we had a Christmas
party this year

Cheap Products in UK Amazon

they were (price maybe change when you buy) pounds for four so they
weren’t cheap I chose some really nice
ones and we’ve got quite a few comments
on the day about them, they’re handmade
and I was really impressed so I thought
I would share that with you and also
these tumblers that we got on Amazon I
got for (price maybe change when you buy) pounds and whenever I showed
them on my Instagram stories again
people asked me where they’re from so
yeah I really like them they’re really
bumpy they I think they look quite cool
and you may have seen on Amazon that
some products you can buy as a word of
purchase for one price or you can do
subscribe and save and save a little bit

of money but receive that product every
month and the only product I do that
with really is the boys and vitamins i
order their multivitamins and because i
give them one every day I know exactly
how long it will take for me to run out
so I get the highly orange ones which I
have actually worked with this brand
but this isn’t an ad I just really love
they and my kids love them they taste
like sweets but obviously, they’re
getting all of their multivitamins and
omega-3 so these will just turn up at my
a door like as I’m running out of them
which is so great

Boys favorite toy

bye also I’ve started doing my feminine
products on subscribe and save again
because I know it’s gonna be like a
the monthly thing it’s just so easy that
that just arrives at my door now next up
is the boys a favorite toy in the world
if I was going to choose one toy that has
been the best

investment but all three of my kids have
played with and loved and it’s been so
durable these have lasted for years it
is their play mags which are basically
magnetic tiles but you can build stuff
with so you can get a pack of like 50
play mags for (price maybe change when you buy) pounds but recently for
Christmas Jackson got two little play
mag cars so I think it was like (price maybe change when you buy) pounds

for these to play mag cars but now he
could build cars as well using his play
mags or so I wanted to show you that as
well because they really do love them
and use them all the time
another toy they’ve really been loving
is this electronic dartboard our friend
has this and the boys played it at their
house and they loved it so much that I
then purchased it it was (price maybe change when you buy) pounds

Different games

but it turns on and there are all kinds
of different games that you can play and
it keeps track of the score on
the electric thing it makes noises like if I
turn it on you’ll hear it and it comes
with darts as well so just hung it out
and the boys have been playing it a lot
we even took it on a recent weekend away
with us so they’re really liking it

obviously, your children will have to be
a little bit older to play with this but
if they like darts definitely check that
out and when I was planning for this
article I went on to my Amazon account and
I looked through all of my past orders
and this comes up quite a lot it’s the

boys child’s farm hair and body wash I
really like that you can buy this big
tub of it lasts me for ages I use one
pump for the boy’s hair and I think it’s
(?) at this size and they also do
a really good one for swimming for when we
go away but I love it because it’s
really sensitive my boys have eczema
it doesn’t affect their ex my at all so

Child’s farm

I thought I would share with you the
child’s farm as well I’m sure I could
buy this in boots or something like that
but it’s actually getting to the shops
which I stumble on so I thought I would
share that

and another product which I do share in
my first-ever Amazon best buyers article
but it’s so going strong and we use it
all the time that I thought I would
Share it again and it is the boys
Stabilo pens which is basically a pack
of pens which comes with a string and
then you can thread on these pens to it

so that you never lose the cats to your
pens it’s a game-changer because we all
know pens can just be left and dry out
but I love having this in my handbag
because if we get to a restaurant I can
just quickly like pull it out and be
like hey go boys they can take the ones
after they want they can put them back
hence why they’re all like muddled up as
you can see but they all still have a
lid and I just really like them they’re
good quality they aren’t (price maybe change when you buy) pounds
for a pack like this but I’ve literally
had the same one in my handbag for a

Top 20 Products Reviews BEST AMAZON BUYS

really long time so I wanted to show you
that and the last product I wanted to
share with you is great if you’re
a parent or a pet lover it is a pet cover
for your car seats, kids can be so messy
and it’s really hard not to give them
snacks when you’re stuck in traffic and
things like that so there is inevitably
going to be some mess in your car but we
bought these pet policies which we lay
over our seats
and then Matt cut little holes for the
Isofix and little holes for the seat belts as

well but it really helps to keep the
mess at bay and you can either get one
the covers boat seats for about (price maybe change when you buy)
pounds or you can get a single-seat car
seat say if you wanted it on the front
car seat if you’re a child kicks your
the chair you can protect it with a car seat
cover which is about (price maybe change when you buy) pounds so yeah

we really like having those close it for
this article I really hope you enjoyed it
let me know in the comments which of
these products were your favorite and if
you have any of your own recommendations
again all the links below and thanks so
much for reading, Ill see you in my
next to one bye guys.


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