Top 10 Summer FASHION TRENDS for women’s Worth Trying in 2021

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– Well, hello everyone.
Today I’m sharing 10 wearable summer fashion trends
for 2021. I’m so excited about today’s article
because it’s in collaboration with Nordstrom,
which always makes me really happy.
I really, really like Nordstrom love shopping there,
their clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry
literally, everything is just quality.
But then also I just love the styles, like their selections.
So everything in today’s article
I’ll have linked down below

Top 10 Summer FASHION

I really, really think you’re gonna love this stuff.
Like it’s trendy,
but like it’s gonna last like it’s not weird.
It’s wearable. It’s awesome.
So let’s get started.
As always I love starting off with what I’m wearing.
So this skims bralette,
honestly, I don’t know
if it’s supposed to be like a bralette
like you wear underneath the shirt
or maybe as a crop top kind of like how I’m wearing it.
I don’t think it matters.
I think it’s up to you, but guys, this is so comfortable.
It’s so sleek.

I highly recommend it.
Like I am just blown away by the comfort level
and just kind of how sleek it looks.
Now this obviously isn’t for everyone
you could wear a cardigan with this.
Maybe you don’t wanna like reveal this much,
with your stomach or whatever, which is totally fine
but it’s still really sleek and slimming.
And if you wanna wear it underneath other tops
or sweatshirts or whatever,
I’m telling you guys it is so comfortable,
it also comes in black.

summer outfit for girls

But I obviously got to the beige.
Oh and I wasn’t actually planning on talking
about this necklace next, but I am wearing it.
So I thought I would mention it.
It is definitely kind of like a trendier style necklace
that I’m seeing.
It’s like a disk chain.
And when I bought it, it was full price it’s by Madewell
but I just noticed that it’s 50% off.

So hopefully when this article goes live
it’s still available, it’s only (price maybe change when you buy).
It reflects the light so beautifully.
I feel like it’s such a pretty summer necklace.
Next, we have to talk about these Agolde denim shorts.
If you take nothing else out of this article,
take this advice.

cute summer outfits

These are the best denim shorts on the market hands down.
I’ve actually had this exact same pair,
the same style for three summers now
they’re just a darker wash and I wear them nonstop.
They’re the best cut.
They flatter your waist.
They’re the perfect length.
They’re not too short, they’re not too long.
The quality is amazing.

And Nordstrom just released this wash
which is a little bit lighter than what I have
I actually like this better.
And I’m telling you they’re worth the investment.
They’re a little bit pricey
compared to other denim shorts,
but I wear them just non-stop,
you’ll constantly be wearing them.
I swear you will love them.

women summer outfit

Next up we have this dress, which my goodness
it’s so much more stunning in person.
I just love this.
So this kind of goes along with a recent thing
I mentioned in an article like” Bridgerton” style dresses
are super popular.
And I was saying how I didn’t like it
because a lot of the dresses that I’m seeing,
that are pulling these elements of the “Bridgerton” dresses,
are just way too costumey looking.
I do like elements of that style.
And that’s where this is a perfect example
of what I love.
There’s a little bit of a puffy sleeve element to it.
The floral design is perfect.
This comes in sage green, which is what I have.
And like a beige. Honestly love both.

I don’t know what’s better. I ended up going with this sage green
just because I feel like this particular color
is a little bit more in style right now,
but you know me I love beige too.
So highly recommend this again, super flattering.
So going along with that same style
this again incorporates some of that “Bridgerton” style
that we are seeing the super on-trend.
But again, this is a more wearable version of that.
So the sleeves are puffy.
It’s like considerable puff
but it’s not too overpowering either.
I love how it kind of like drapes underneath here
at the waist, it’s just, I don’t know.
It’s just a very pretty and wearable top.

beach outfit

You can dress it up and of course, you can dress it down.
I also wanted to share another address option
which is also on trend for a couple of different reasons.
The first is the lettuce edge detail
which is something that was really popular in the 90s.
And I know some people are so sick of the 90s
they want the trends to stay in that era,
which is fine.
But I do think that this particular little detail
on the dress is really pretty and feminine.
It also has this little tie detail in the front
which is another trend that I’m seeing
in very like sexy body con dresses
that I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing
but this still brings into the dress in a nice way.
And this dress is again, very flattering.
It’s not too short,

but you don’t feel like you’re revealing too much.
You can wear whatever bra you want with it.
And it still looks great.
Next up, we have this crocheted top,
which believe it or not,
I got it almost a year ago at Nordstrom
and I was talking about it being a very on-trend piece
because of the crocheted detail.
And here we are a year later, this is still very on-trend.
It’s still available at Nordstrom in many colors.
People love this top.
I still constantly reach for it.
I actually think, yeah, there’s an armpit stain there.

Top 10 Summer FASHION clothes women’s

So I need to probably wash it, but it just goes to show
that even though you buy something,
that might be a little bit trendy,
there can also be elements of like classic style
and then you can wear it
for years and years and years to come.
Okay so I know we just briefly mentioned the 90s trend
and yeah, these are full-blown 90s.
So you might hate these.
You might love them.
I really like these they’re by Steve Madden.
They’re obviously these like platforms,
they’re not a crazy platform.

Like again, very wearable.
They’re not weird-looking.
I did get them in black and they also come in beige.
I feel like if you get them in beige,
again it’ll be would be linked down below, true to size.
But the black really pulls in that 90s trend
which is very popular right now.
But if that’s still kind of like, eh
you’re not sure you wanna go that far, get them in beige.
I feel like they are kind of like a fresh new look
to this style.
But you can’t go wrong with black either.
So since this is a summer trends article
I of course wanted to put some swimsuits in the article.
So I have two options.

clothes of summer

One to me is pretty darn wearable for a bikini.
The other one, is not really that wearable
it’s more like a string skimpy bikini.
I just really liked it.
I don’t know so anyway, I’m including this
but I’m starting off with the one
that to me is a lot more wearable.
It is like a high-waisted bikini
that just the material’s amazing.
It’s super vibrant with this neon color.
To me, it just looks so good
on so many different skin tones.
I feel like this might be sold out
but I know it’s available in different colors
and different cuts as well.

Maybe this will be back in stock when this goes live.
I’m not sure, but this is the brand Billabong.
And it’s just so well done.
You can kind of wear the bottoms kind of normal
and not so high rise or you can kind of like pull it up,
that’s kind of the style we’re seeing
where the bikini or the bottoms
kind of like come in a nice V shape.
That’s super on-trend.
I do think it’s kind of flattering as well
but it’s all up to you.

summer fashion

This is just very, very comfortable.
And like I keep saying, wearable.
Now if you wanna be super skimpy,
which honestly isn’t normally what I go for.
I just really liked this string bikini, okay.
I think it’s the color.
It just looks so nice.
It’s like in a slight floral pattern
with it being yellow.
I just feel like with like tan skin
this is gonna look so nice.
Same with the neon pink.
Like I think just these colors look so good
on sun-kissed skin.

But anyway, this is again by the brand of Billabong.
It has, I would say both of these
have kind of like medium, butt coverage.
Like it’s not a thing
but it’s not like complete full coverage either.
It’s just down the middle.
I still feel comfortable in it.
Again, you can kind of like pull up the string sides
on the bottoms and kind of it looks more lifting.
But again, I totally know that there are some people
that might not be comfortable in this
heck sometimes I’m not even sure I’m comfortable in it
but I still really like it.

summer clothes cheap

Next, I wanted to share this top
which I love so much more than I was expecting.
Now, granted, I loved it on the model
which is why I ordered it.
It does come in several other colors
like black, gray, this pink color,
I think another shade,
but as you can see
it does have some emphasis on the shoulders
but it’s not crazy.
Like that’s definitely a trend we’re seeing.
And sometimes it’s a little bit overdone.
This has done very well
kind of like a medium amount, but because of that,
it really shows off your waist is smaller.
So just the way that this is cut the angles of the shirt
the length of it, it’s just very, very well done.
I love it with jeans, but I love dressing it up too.
There’s just a lot you can do with this.
This is a really pretty shirt.

So that is everything that I wanted to share.
I just love it all so much.
I hope you did too.
If you did give it a thumbs up
and maybe consider kinking and sharing if you happen to be new
but I will have it all linked down below.


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