The Pixel Watch by Google – My Thoughts

The Google Pixel Watch is something we’ve been hearing about for years, and though sporadic leaks tell us “it’s coming soon!

for years now we’ve been hearing rumors
about google launching a pixel watch to
compete directly with the apple watch
we’ve seen renders and prices but year
after year we’re left disappointed
Google hasn’t launched it yet but this
year however we’re more certain than
ever that google will actually be
launching the elusive pixel watch and
there are three reasons why I’m going to

Pixel Watch by Google

talk about in this article we’ll also talk
about what the watch is probably going
to look like and what features we can
expect as well as some of the
shortcomings you might want to be aware
of we’ve seen a lot of leaks in a lot of
renders that i’ll show you throughout
this article to really get you a better
the idea of what the pixel watch is actually
going to look like because honestly out
of all of the watch articles, I’ve ever
made and I’ve write a lot of smartwatches
article one of the most common comments i
get is should I buy this or should i
wait for the pixel watch it seems to be
like uh

kind of like bigfoot in the in the
smartwatch world but let’s start off
with the three reasons that we’re more
confident now than we were before that
google’s actually going to launch a
pixel watch for real this year so the
first reason is to wear os 3 but hears me
out on this google is doing a couple
things first of all they’re focusing a
lot more on their smartwatches for a
while where os kind of went a little bit
forgotten didn’t get the attention it
needed until last year google started
revamping this they improved their own
apps they’ve been encouraging more

Pixel Watch by Google
Pixel Watch by Google

OS3 obviously shows that Google

third-party development they integrated
with Fitbit and Samsung and they’re kind
of really focusing a lot more on trying to
compete with the apple watch and make
more of a unified platform for android
users so that’s one of the big reasons
there were os3 obviously shows that
google has some interest there but on
top of that how does it actually mean
that they’re going to be launching a
watch well google hasn’t actually rolled
out wireless three yet Samsung sorts of
has a version of it most other watches

out there that would be running
warehouse 3 hasn’t gotten the update
yet and think about it if you were
Google and you had a brand new watch on
the way and you had a new interface
you’d probably want the two to be
launching together you’d probably want
to be the first one to roll out with the
new wear os so that’s just a thought if
we’re going to see where os 3 coming
very soon it’s not unlikely that that
would be a great time for google to

Google Launches the pixel series

launch the pixel watch to really
demonstrate what warehouse three is
meant to be that’s kind of why google
launches the pixel series in general for
their phones to show what android is
really all about now the second reason
we’re pretty confident the pixel watch
is right around the corner is because
Google also acquired Fitbit now they did
this was about a year and a half ago but but
still if you look at Fitbit they’ve been
launching a new versa watch every year
the versa 2 the versa 3 but no versa 4

last year and you could say maybe this
is because they were focusing their
efforts on making a pixel watch
alternatively, maybe they were just
holding out until warehouse 3 came so
they didn’t release something that had
antiquated software on there but i don’t
know it was just something to think of
now of course one of the reasons that
google bought fitbit in the first place
was probably because they wanted to

User-friendly for Android Devices

focus more on wearables and make
something that is more user-friendly for
android devices make something that’s
more comprehensive that can really
compete with the apple watch so that’s
really the second reason there now
before we get into what this watch is
going to look like and what it can do
the third reason that we’re really
pretty confident google’s coming out
this really within the next couple
months is because we’re seeing more
consistent and more accurate leaks now

than we were before and by that i don’t
just mean renders of what it might look
like but also some actual leaked images
from the marketing material that googles
is likely to use so these came from john
Prosser a pretty long time ago maybe
eight months ago nine months ago he came
out with the renders and about two or
three months ago he came out with some
actual photos from google and they look
pretty convincing but let’s actually get
into the design so the design of this

The design square watch

watch well you might wonder is going to
be square like an apple watch is going
to be round like every other watch the
good news is it’s probably going to be a
round watch the reason we say that is
because it’s running wear os it only
makes sense to be running warehouse 3
and just about every werewolf watch out
there or all of the most popular ones
from tic watch and fossil and

Skogen and a lot of other ones as well
are all running wear os using around
display so the good news is we’re
probably going to be seeing around
display that also matches the renders
and the leaks now as a side note if you
want to know more about the pixel watch
when it actually comes out from google
be sure to go down and click that
subscribe button i’ll be making many
article about it as soon as i get my
hands-on this watch as you can see in

Very large display

From the renders and the leaks, it looks like
we’re going to have a really slim body
as well as a very very large display and
it looks kind of like we’re going to
have a fairly slim bezel around the
outside which is fairly uncommon for a
lot of wear os watches like the watch
e3 as you can see here has a pretty
chunky bezel
all the way around but it’s
not unlike some of the Huawei watches
out there there are some watches that
have a very slim bezel they’re just a
little bit rarer which is one of the
reasons people have been so excited for

the pixel watch it’s also not unlikely
this would come in two different sizes
we could maybe expect about a 40
millimeter and a 44 millimeter maybe 42
and 46 depending on what the battery
looks like but that ties me into uh what
i would maybe be a little bit worried
about with this so wear os watches are
not known for amazing battery life it
has been improving over time with better
chips and and and better batteries but
they’re usually getting about a day to a
day and a half battery life similar to
what we’re seeing on the apple watch so

Approximately one-day battery

i would say with this unfortunately i’m
expecting to see approximately a one day
battery especially with such a large
display such a thin body and it’s
running wear os which means the
A combination of that doesn’t really stack
up for anything near a two or three or
seven-day battery life i think we’re
going to be a little bit disappointed on
the battery life here on the right side
of this you can see most of the renders
and really obviously the operating
system in general looks like

Approximately one-day battery
Approximately one-day battery

it would be wanting a rotating crown there so this
is probably going to be a button it’s
probably going to be a rotating crown to
help you navigate the interface if you
press and hold this you’re almost
definitely going to be able to open
google assistant but the question comes
with what kind of health sensors are we
actually going to have now google did
acquire fitbit which means they’re going
to have access to a lot of fitbit’s
health tracking analytics and data and

Blood Oxygen Tracking

sensors and their technology that
they’ve been spending a lot of time
working on
but if they’re actually going to put an
ecg on here that’s one of the big
questions because that would make it
very competitive with the likes of the
apple watch as well as the galaxy
watches and so i think that is somewhat
likely but for a first-generation i
wouldn’t hold it against google if they
didn’t add an ECG on here however on the
inside of the watch, i would definitely
expect to see at least four diodes for
heart rate sensor as well as

blood oxygen tracking so you can track
sleep and movement and all types of
different things i think you’re going to
have gps on here and it really should be
a full-blown smartwatch similar to what
we’re seeing from maybe the fossil gen 6
for example, i think that’s probably
going to be our best indicator of what
this watch is actually going to look
like what you’re seeing in the leaks and
the renders that is unlike the fossil
gen 6 however is that there appears to
only be one button which is the rotating
crown there’s a chance that we might
have a smaller button above that as you

Touchscreen or Google’s Voice Assistant

might have seen in some of the older
renders but in general, it’s very likely
we’re only going to have one button on
this device means that you’re
probably going to be using either the
touchscreen or google’s voice assistant
for most of what you’re doing and being
that this is made by Google and google’s
big thing recently has been their voice
assistant we can expect to see a bit of
an overhaul and a much deeper
integration of the voice assistant with

this device so without a doubt i can say
that I’m very confident this is
going to have a microphone and a speaker
on there, google’s voice assistant is so
important to them i couldn’t imagine
this not having that but as far as
what’s actually powering this device
there are a couple of options first of all
and this is very likely it could be
running an Exynos chip which is what
samsung’s watch 4 was used as well as
the watch 4 classic which makes sense

Operating System runs very smoothly

because that was already running
warehouse three so if google is going to
be using the same chip maybe they’ll
give it to Samsung have them do their
testing and making sure that the operating
the system runs very smoothly on this chip
before launching their first device but
if we look at google’s latest phones
they’re actually also running on an
Exynos chip in fact google took an
Exynos chip from Samsung and added a few
of their own elements in there for voice
assistant and image processing and

things like that and they made it their
own tensor chip so i would say it’s not
unlikely that on this device we
might actually see something branded as
a tensor chip despite being probably run
on Exynos in the background of course
the other possibilities would be maybe a
snapdragon 4100 which is running
essentially all others wear os watches
right now from tic watch and fossil and
mostly other ones out there or possibly
even the new snapdragon 5100 chip which
is still kind of rumored and it’s very
unlikely that it would be that chip

Google Pixel 3A launched

however, if it was that would be very
exciting possibly a massive battery life
improvement there but there’s probably
also going to be a lot of Fitbit
the integration you can expect some great
health tracking on here specifically
tied in with maybe the fitbit app or
otherwise a lot of Fitbit style widgets
on here that people have already known
and liked for a really long time but as
far as when this device is actually
going to launch of course there’s no
saying exactly when it will launch but
rumors and leaks have really been

saying that it’s likely to launch in
early may be meaning just in about two
months from now and this kind of is
congruent with a lot of previous
launches from google in the past for
For example, the google pixel 3a launched in
early May of 2019 and so it’s not
unlikely to see a similar timing for a
launch of a pixel watch this would also
give them a solid three to four months
of hype before apple and samsung
launched their next-generation watches
personally, i think that makes a lot of
sense especially for a company like

Google Pixel 3A launched
Google Pixel 3A launched

The Pixel buds

google coming out with a new watch but i
don’t want to cause too much excitement
around the pixel, watch leave a comment
and let me know what you think of it
however, i want to remind you that google
has a kind of 50 50 track record with
hardware sometimes launches things
like the pixel 3a that is an absolute
hit and everybody loves them sometimes
they launch the pixel buds which are
kind of a mixed review then they come
back with the pixel buds which are a

lot better sometimes they come out with
google glass right you never know what
you’re going to get from pixel hardware
it really is very hit or miss sometimes
they do a fantastic job and sometimes
they disappoint and i’m going to guess
that with this watch although Im very
excited to see what it looks like i
think the battery life is very likely to
be one of the big misses here that’s my
prediction but leave your comments below
and let me know what you think of the new and
up and coming pixel watch so if you
enjoyed this article as always consider

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