The M&M Character Saga Is Not Over Yet

There is now a new person in the story. Even though the happy M&M characters have been around for almost 70 years, 2022 was the year they changed a lot and got a lot of attention.

Back in January, Mars Wrigley decided to make some small changes to the way it’s two clearly female M&M characters looked. Green now wears sneakers instead of high-heeled boots, and Brown’s high heels aren’t as high. This made some people on the internet very angry.

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host at the time, said on his show at the time, “M&M’s won’t be happy until every single cartoon character is disgusting and has no gender.”

The conservative uproar over what was actually very small changes was made fun of a lot on the internet, and after a few months, the discussion died down, which was good for Mars Wrigley’s public relations.

Self-Expressive Purple

The company that makes M&Ms brought attention back to its characters on Wednesday when it said it was adding a seventh colour to its six-candy line-up.

Purple is the first new colour introduced in the last ten years, joining Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Brown. All the characters are named after the colour they are. She looks like a peanut M&M, wears lace-up combat boots, and has a smile and slightly raised eyebrows that give her a curious look.

Mars Wrigley said in a statement, “Our newest member is meant to represent acceptance and inclusion, and she is known for her honest self-expression.” “Purple’s charm and oddness come from the fact that he is very self-aware, honest, and sure of himself.”

M&Ms have been around since 1941, but the coloured characters that Mars Wrigley now owns have only been around since 1954. At first, only Red and Yellow were turned into people, but over time, the other colours were added. Brown was the last colour to join the “M&M Crew” in 2012.

Purple is another character who looks like a girl to balance out Green and Brown. She makes her “debut” with a YouTube video of her singing “I’m Just Gonna Be Me.” Amber Ruffin, a comedian and talk show host, is the voice in the 104-second video.

People who buy a bag of M&Ms hoping to find purple candies will be disappointed because the new character has only been released for ads and online campaigns.

A Short History of People Asking for Purple

At least for now, there will still be only six colours in a bag of M&Ms. However, you can’t say for sure that purple won’t show up in a limited-edition candy mix or set in a few months.

The company says it has been trying to come up with a new colour for years. In 2002, more than 10 million people voted on which new colour of M&Ms should be added. Purple won by a huge margin, but the rollout was put off for more than 20 years for various reasons.

But people have been asking online for about as long as there isn’t a purple M&M, and Mars Wrigley decided it was finally time to make one.

Jane Hwang, the global vice president of M&M’s, told CNN that purple has been in the works for a long time, even years. “This was done to make sure that everyone on the crew and in the cast of spokes candies reflected the world we live in.


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