The Legend of Dragoon fans want a remake

The Legend of Dragoon fans want a remake

Today, word got out that Horizon Zero Dawn might be made over for the PlayStation 5. The rumor comes out a few weeks after The Last of Us Remake came out, and it makes a lot of PlayStation fans upset.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fairly new game, after all, and the company could use those resources to bring back another one of its games instead. The Legend of Dragoon is one of a large number of PlayStation IPs that haven’t been updated in a long time. With the news from today, many fans once again said that they want the game to come back.

The Legend of Dragoon came out in 1999 for the first PlayStation. At the time, many people said that the game was like the Final Fantasy series.

That could be because the game kills an important party member, like how Aerith died in Final Fantasy VII. Even so, the game sold pretty well, and it’s clear that The Legend of Dragoon has a strong online fanbase.

Even so, PlayStation has never made a sequel, and the series hasn’t been continued. Fans will have to keep trying to make themselves heard for now.

Read on to find out what The Legend of Dragoon fans has to say about it!


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