The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Is the Next Last Call Special Edition

The sixth “Last Call” edition of the Challenger is based on a street racer from the 1970s. 
Dodge is still making special versions of the Charger and Challenger even though these famous muscle cars will no longer be made after 2024. Five special editions have come out so far. Dodge is about to release its sixth edition, which is the coolest and darkest one yet. The Challenger Black Ghost is here.

The 2023 Challenger Black Ghost is a tribute to the 1970s Challenger Black Ghost. It was driven by a man named Godfrey Qualls, who became a legend on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue by driving a black Challenger, beating everyone who came after him and then disappearing into the night, leaving other drivers wondering what the hell happened. Dodge calls the Black Ghost “a modern interpretation of the historic vehicle.

The Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

” It starts with black paint on the outside. There are bright chrome letters that say “Dodge” on the front fascia, “Challenger” and “SRT” on the front grille, black “Mopar” hood pins, and “big arrow”-looking white graphics on the rear fenders. All of that rides on big 20-inch wheels made of satin carbon. The best part is on the roof, though. In another nod to the original 1970 Black Ghost Challenger, Dodge put black “gator skin” vinyl on the roof. Not the whole roof though, just the very top, like the original. And it looks good.

Dodge didn’t show any pictures of the Black Ghost’s interior, but the company says it has sport seats made of Alcantara and Laguna leather with red SRT logos, a steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara, red carbon fiber bezels, a suede headliner, and a Black Ghost badge for the dashboard.

There will only be 300 Challenger Black Ghosts made. Like the other Last Call editions, they will only be sold through a limited number of dealers. Later this fall, dealers will be able to tell you how much the Black Ghost will cost and where to buy it.


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