Testing Viral HOME CLEANING HACKS Review I Found on TIK TOK

Testing Viral HOME CLEANING. In most situations, cleaning alone removes most virus particles on surfaces. Disinfection to reduce transmission of COVID-19 at home is likely not needed unless.


oh hey guess who’s not in the kitchen
what’s up guys I’m actually sitting on the floor
in my bedroom because today we are going
to be testing out some
cleaning hacks that i found on tik tok
these are ones that I’ve seen over and
over again that i think are so
interesting and my house desperately
needs to get clean so will you
clean with me maybe we can clean
together don’t tell me there’s not a
mirror in your home that needs
some form of cleaning it can’t just become mirrors on the floor

surfaces you name it needs cleaning
because guess what I’m a real human i
have things on my floor and we have a
bunch of things we have like some amazon
products some interesting hacks that
I’ve never heard of or done before
some cool like oh stovetop scents that
where you know what we’re gonna start
with that first, i don’t know if anyone
else is like this but like i love my

Downstairs to the kitchen

to smell really good because it
motivates me to get the rest of my house
clean are you like this is
just me think i don’t know i haven’t
tried this particular
recipe before but i thought we’d start
there so let’s go downstairs to the kitchen
okay so in the kitchen typically the
only stovetop scent that i do
is like orange peels and cinnamon and
that’s what i do around Christmas it
smells so good so
i’m excited to try this one
and into the water go three lemons that are
almost bad rosemary and a teaspoon of vanilla
so well that’s simmering we’ll check on
that in a bit um i’m gonna grab
something i need from here for one of the

shower hacks we’re gonna try the dishwasher
pod I don’t understand
I’ve got my pod now let’s go upstairs
and test this out alright everyone
Welcome to my bathroom
oh my goodness can you see the water
stains on this glass
we’re gonna fix that but first, i’m very
excited i want to share with you guys
another product because today’s article
is sponsored by native deodorants i
don’t know if you guys saw on my rach
loves website
a couple of weeks or a month or two ago i
had actually

Popular deodorant

purchased native deodorant to test out
for a non-sponsored article because
it is such a popular deodorant and a lot
of people talk about how much they love
it so i wanted to test it out and i had a
really really good experience with it
and i thought they were fantastic i use
them all the time and so i was like really excited when
they reached out to do a partnership on this website
and i’m gonna show you guys some of the
new scents talk about them a little bit
my experience and all that fun stuff because

you know it just it kind of made sense
to me like cleaning the house
cleaning yourself you smell good it has
smells good so first of all the one that
i use it every day
is the eucalyptus mint one this one
right here this is fantastic it smells
so kind of like spa-like it’s not
overwhelming in any way and i just
i gravitate to that one so much they’re
not sticky they dry down super quickly
they have fantastic scents they are
aluminum paraben
and sulfate-free which is fantastic they
are also vegan
and cruelty-free they also do toothpaste

New deodorant scents

body washes they also have a new
sunscreen as well
and it’s like a mineral-based one if
you’re into mineral ones like i am but
they have some new deodorant scents and
i wanted to share with you guys like my
thoughts let you know what i think
my favorites you know so here are the
three different new
scents we have sweet peach and nectar surf and CMOS
and key lime and sugar so this one is it’s like
sweet but in a really soft very peachy
the way that one is among the most
long-lasting scent
wise the key lime and sugar one is a lot
more on the subtle side

so if you want something that’s not
super overpowering unless you want like
completely unscented which they also
have um this one it smells like key lime pie
but it’s very subtle like i really like
that one and then surf and CMOS it smells like
fresh ocean air smells more like a really nice
cologne to me but a lot more subtle and
then i still really like my
eucalyptus and mint which is one of
their year-round scents that are
among my favorite ones and i will be
repurchasing that one

Toothpaste or body washes

so if you are interested in purchasing
you can make up your own bundle i have a
coupon code for you guys
these are also the countries that they
ship to typically a pack of three
deodorants if you order off their
website is about 36
or so so if you use rich gloves then you will get 33
off so (?) bucks total for three
different deodorants you can pick and
choose your own scents which is awesome
and you can also use that code if you
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know in the comments if you end up
ordering anything

and big thanks again to nato for
sponsoring today’s article and for you
guys for supporting my website and
continuing to watch
and allowing me an opportunity to work
with a brand that i love
all right now to tackle this really
beautifully water stained glass uh oh
hold on i’m gonna have to pause on it
you’re supposed to be able to
wash it with a dishwasher pod but in
picking mine up
and examining it carefully i don’t have
the right dishwasher pod
hang on yes in-laws for the win they
have the tablet that i need

The signature scent of William Sonoma

so i can test this out tomorrow so hold
on all right, it’s been like an hour
we’re gonna check on the scent now i
want my hair to get it
this is supposed to be like actually the
the signature scent of William Sonoma
which i didn’t know
but um it smells really nice i will say
it is hard to smell it
throughout the rest of the house because
um Chris is also roasting a chicken
which kind of takes up all of the smells
in the house, i have to get pretty close
to actually

smell it over the chicken but it smells nice the
lemon isn’t too overpowering the
rosemary kind of rounds it out a little
i don’t really smell the vanilla as much though
there wasn’t a ton
in there but it doesn’t smell like
cleaning product which is a bonus
so in the meantime, we’re going to do
a little bit of laundry stripping and if
you don’t know laundry stripping
is a process where you put all of these

Clothes or whatever

concoctions of cleaning chemicals and
things into a tub with hot water and you let
your sheets or
clothes or whatever it is soaked for a
number of hours and you see all this
grime sometimes it’s color but for the most
part it seems to be grime that comes
out of the various things that you’re
watching it’s disgusting
and I’ve had some pretty good success
with it but this time we’re going to be
testing it out
for baseball hats and i do want to say
just right off the bat because i watched
so many of these tick tok articles
now that i have permission from the
owners of the hats

to do this because i have again read all
the comments and so many people get
so mad when you wash hats
there are so many comments just being like
why are you watching a hat I’m definitely
touching my house did you have
permission so i just want to state this
off the bat it is
my brother-in-law, he was the one who
actually found the hack and he’s like oh
have you done this before i’m like
no but if you have any whole like old
hats i could like test it out on

Primary reason

that’d be great he’s like yeah girl got
so many so these are older hats we are
going to test it out because i think
the primary reason that a lot of people seem
to be concerned
is because there’s a fear of the brim
warping so either you wear it flat or
you wear it curved and there’s some
concern that there will be some warping
afterward, if you let it soak in water
there are a couple of hats that Chris
donated to the cause
and a couple that Brendan did as well so
we’re gonna test it out we’re gonna see
before and after and we’re gonna see if

is a reasonable way to clean hats
because i know
otherwise, you’re like doing it by hand
and that’s like a whole thing i don’t wanna do
i don’t wanna do that Brendan doesn’t
wanna do that Chris doesn’t wanna do that
so we’re gonna try this method instead
so this right here is the tub we are
going to be using
i just love this tile so much so i just
want to show you
what it looks like because obviously
The color of the tile kind of reflects
on the bottom of the tub, it is not
actually green
at the bottom of my tub it is clean it’s just

Borax boosting powder

the bar is reflecting and the tiles are
reflecting so anyway i just want to show
you the before
now we’re going to add some warm water
this right here by the way clean water
everyone just wrote more
clean water so while this thing is
filling because it’s very loud i want to
talk about what I’m going to add
so I’m going to add in a half kind of
a scoop of the borax boosting powder as well as a
laundry soda this is different than
baking soda is what it looks like and then I’m adding
in some Thai detergent

and that’s it all right i can’t imagine
we need more water than this for hats
so in goes the laundry soda
the borax powder
and then some tide all right so now the hats
i want to show it very clear before and
after that I’m looking at
the brim on each of these here
so we can get a fairly good hopefully assessment
these two are Chris’s and these three
are Brendan’s you can see he are a little bit more
flatter versus Chris’s so that’ll be a
good test but that is what they look like

Beautiful water

right now they’re so disgusting
let’s flip them over that’s even worse
this is where i really feel like you’re gonna see
this concoction does
it’s its job i mean I’m not gonna throw out
hats kind of wasteful I’m gonna try and
clean them so you can see
all the staining and everything on all these
hats slower boys that’s disgusting
so let’s get these into their bath your
beautiful water in they go

get in there we’ll check back on this in uh maybe
an hour and we’ll just see what the water
is looking like see if it’s
been doing its job kind of excited i
think this is gonna be good
be clean hats be clean
okay guys it’s been about an hour so
we’re gonna check on the hats and stuff
oh no guys it’s so gross oh look
at this water, i don’t think it’s demonstrating
how brown it is oh hold on I’m gonna get like a pull to
stir this hat soup that is nasty yup all right got me a
broom handle

Aggressively hot

kind of move these around what was in your hat
boys oh no trying to see if I can flip these
this is proving to be difficult for all
right well maybe we’ll shuffle them around then
get that nice brown water these are
far worse than my sheets ever were
on this hat right here it’s already starting to
take off some of that grime that is
fantastic wow i mean we still have to check and see
and make sure that once they’re dry and
everything they actually
sit well still and they haven’t been
warped or anything like that
i didn’t make the water like
aggressively hot it was warm

but not aggressive so that’s worth
noting as well but I’m gonna let these
soak just a little bit longer and then we are going to
rinse them and three hours later this is the disgusting
brown water it’s not like you can’t even
tell because of the green like
that’s brown water so now I’m going to rinse these off
let them dry we’re going to see what
they look like I’m very excited
I think this is gonna be a great look at that water

Outside personally

look how brown that is oh that’s so
gross and so satisfying
all right guys we have the hats drying
outside personally i would have kept
them inside but Chris was like Nah it’s fine so
i wanted to show you the afters and what they look like
on the top and underneath and then I’m going to go into
detail on my thoughts on it
so i have a couple of thoughts on i just
realized the makeup is very dramatic
if you missed this article um it was upon
Thursday i feel like overall there were
some clear winners

from this bunch so number one i feel
like this hat right here did really well
still saturated with color nice and
clean this one too
was a big success you can still see very
nice and it’s got like it’s more navy
blue you can still seem like a little bit
on the inside here but this is mostly um
low is saying mostly sunscreen
and even Chris’s hat like right here on
the brim As you can see it’s made a huge
the difference i didn’t scrub this at all i
also didn’t notice

Feel perfectly fine

a ton of warping I know that was a big
concern for a lot of people
uh Chris has tried on his hats and he
said that they feel perfectly fine
they’re both a little bit different in
terms of the back of the hat too
which I felt it important to showcase
the only hat that got really busted up and again
this is a very old hat that has been
through the wringer and wasn’t one he was
wearing anyway
was this hat right here hopefully you
guys can see in the light there
it seems to have i don’t know if it was like

because it was in the sun and its sun
damage or something but it’s kind of
gone this like weird brown shade and like we rinsed it
and everything
but you can tell from the inside that
this was a black hat so if you have any
suggestions or ideas on
what happened here please let me know
because I am genuinely curious I think
it’s because we let them sit outside and
i feel like that wasn’t the call they
should have sat inside i digress
overall i think that it is a good hack
i would recommend it especially over
like a washing machine

amazon gadget

i think that would destroy your hats my
only real concern
is what on earth happened here and so
check the comments i’m hoping you guys
have some idea because i don’t know what
happened next up is an amazon gadget
and it’s this cleaning contraption
actually kind of looks like a face like
a chipmunk i don’t know why i chipmunk
but go with me on it and these are
supposed to be really good for
cleaning your window sills or the
sort of crevices in the door because it
has these little
makeshift pieces here that are gonna
help to lift any dirt dust grime
all that stuff and i’m gonna show you my
door frame

it’s pretty disgusting so right in here
is our door to go outside and you can see it is
pretty nasty and i feel like the two
slots will fit really nicely in there
so this is a close-up of the piece it is
very lightweight it is hollow
on the inside here and it has these two
kind of rough-textured almost
sponge-like pieces here
and uh so i’m going to try it first with
water just to kind of you know
get some of this gunk out before i use
any cleaning product we’ll see if this can
attack any of that let’s see

crumbs and stuff

i got really excited to back here because i
was like oh that’s picking stuff
up that’s so disgusting but it seems to be leaving
there’s like crumbs and stuff i mean I have kids so like
there’s all this like sand and gunk that’s like
hiding underneath it doesn’t seem to be getting
I need to rinse this this is so gross I mean
I’m not gonna lie to you it’s doing a
pretty good job my kit also came with this
this like scoop thing that was stuck into
this so maybe I’ll try the brush and see if that will like

take some of this stuff out yeah
that’s like immediately ruining the
brushes good for me
i gotta say that is doing a fantastic
job i mean this is gonna take some work
but a lot less work than if i had tried to do this
like by hand that is looking
so much better i definitely love the addition of this
honestly guys I’m so sorry you have to
see this the addition of this
with this is making such a big

Worked tremendously

um and so I’m really glad that this came
with it whilst we’re here let’s just see
what happens
if i use this dry because it’s a little
bit more scratchy
when it’s dry versus wet
honestly both wet and dry seem to be working
really well I really like this device
this has worked tremendously this isn’t
something that I’m going to be doing all
the time but this is a tool
that for this purpose works really well
highly recommend 10 out of 10. all right
now i want to test out another this is
another amazon find

and it was something that a professional
the cleaner had been talking about this
particular product and saying this makes
the difference when you’re trying to
clean your windows because i don’t know about you
but I will try and clean the window and
I’ll make it look all nice but then it’s always
streaky and apparently it’s not so much the cleaners
that you’re using but it’s the type of
a cloth that you’re using
this is carving a chicken

Make the difference

so up until this point, I had been using
just like a normal
cloth is just basically one that i use for most
cleaning things and then I’d use like a
Windex or something like that but
apparently, it’s these clothes that will
make the difference
this is the one that I ended up getting
this is the exact brand and everything
that the women on TikTok recommended
these are microfiber
ultrafine cleaning cloths you can use them

for dishware or your um like
laptop and stuff glasses like there’s a
the whole bunch of stuff but these are like really
fine almost like silky cloths
and apparently, these work wonders even just with water
in removing any sort of streaks or grime
or anything so we’re gonna test that today
on this mirror, you can probably see already
baby hands and drools are just all
over my mirror but we’re gonna fix it so
I’m gonna start with a damp one they did
recommend you know using these dry to sort of

Amazing and then typically

dry off and remove any sort of streaks
I’m also going to
you know clean my mirror too figured we
could do it both ways feel like I’m
doing that TikTok from like
last year you know wipe wipe
wipe i’m looking amazing wipe getting
all the corners all cleaned up
amazing and then typically
it’ll just end up looking streaky on me but not today
now I’m gonna go in with this one right
here this is apparently going to
remove any streakiness oh my gosh it’s
beautiful trying to like look in like
super close see if i can see any like
sneaky streakiness honestly it looks
really good

there isn’t any dust sticking to it is
entirely streak-free oh it looks gorgeous
if you’re having trouble washing windows or any sort of
mirrors like I do all the time these
The clothes are great all right everyone the next day
low to the rescue, we got one of the oh
it’s very blurry hold on
there we go get one of the dishwashers tablets that
we can use it for this i don’t
know if you can see
but it is fully water stained up in here
so this is what it looks like here I’m
wearing gloves because chemicals
and we’re gonna put a little bit of warm
water on it and then just apply it
to the glass

Dishwasher tablet

all right let’s see if this works oh
I think i needed way more water on this
hang on okay put more water on it oh
still, i don’t understand it works so
well for the other person
hang on maybe i need to put water on
this first it’s turning into a way bigger issue
okay took a cloth and put some water on here
now let’s see now is it gonna work
or just make everything look really
foggy i don’t really understand this
i guess i don’t understand okay now I’m going to
rinse it and then dry it this to me just
feels like a giant waste
of a dishwasher tablet like it’s not, I don’t know

not that mind blowing unless this makes
my i don’t know the glass
completely impervious to any sort of
water stains or something
i don’t get it I’m just gonna dry with a
regular cloth, not the fancy ones
or maybe I’ll do half and half so i
don’t want that to sway the results you know
so i’ll do half like that and then I’m
gonna go get those other cloths
oh uh no can you see that
it’s like left soap s’more soap scum
on my uh glass well that was awful
now I’m gonna have to clean this all
over again do not waste your time with
this hack

About cleaning

it was terrible guys I feel like tik
tock has taught me so much about what it
is to be an adult a
functioning adult in society learning
things about cleaning that i never knew
versus life hacks in general let me know
in the comments, if you’ve come across any that you
thought was really interesting that you
incorporate into your life i would love to know
big thanks to native for sponsoring
today’s article you can check out the deal
and everything

down below the code is rach loves and
check out these articles on the side in
case you have missed any
i hope you guys enjoyed thank you so
much for watching subscribing and all
that fun stuff and i will see you guys
all in the next article love you all.


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