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what’s up you guys welcome back to the website
so coming at you today with an Amazon
legging haul the beautiful thing they’re
all five stars under (price maybe change when you buy) they’re
actually under (price maybe change when you buy) if I’m gonna be real
with you but I like the way five star
under (price maybe change when you buy) sounding so either way super
affordable leggings really freak in
stylish prints just wait till I show you
guys they’re really cool

I searched far and wide on Amazon to
find five-star leggings and it was the
a most difficult thing to do so found four
leggings that’s the best I could do
I don’t know what they are at today but
last week when I purchased these
leggings they were in fact five stars so
let’s do the thing you know
let’s review and try on all that good stuff
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boyfriend sweats they’re my boys all
right guys, I’m gonna start with the most
expensive one out of the bunch rolling
in at 2099 whoo ohh
leopard baby, I know this is why y’all
came to this article right your girls
been loving that like animal print the
exotic the Lulu that vibe lately so when
I saw this and was 5 star I was like
absolutely alright so this is from the

Fetty alright like confetti except just
Fetty at ety these are high waisted they
have seams in them they do give me a big
cameltoe so be mindful of them I want to
Starting with that cameltoe nation the band
on this is significantly gigantic like
look how big this band is your girl
really digs to that a lot overall
you got the whole leopard print all
the way through and it’s broken up by
the black seems okay so overall
aesthetically gorgeous these beautiful

Perfect length LEGGINGS

babes are squat proof yes
and they actually magically came up to
the perfect length on me who’s five foot
three so if you are tall just be aware
of that that these might be short on you
super true to size I will give it that
the only thing the only fit that I don’t
like about it a couple of things um it’s a
a little bit baggy next to my crotch just
just a tad you know just a little bit
another wrinkling up action nothing
Craig is just enough for me to be like

with a frig, not a huge deal I’m not a
huge fan okay again guys I’m picky
alright I knit pick because that’s my
job the seam on the band alright comes a
It little too low for me I like it coming a
little high to give your booty so some
material to work with
cuz when the scene comes too low it
contours it in such a way that it just
It kind of makes the booty look tiny so for
personally, I like a lot of material
show my booty maybe look big even though

Super stretchy LEGGINGS

it’s not and this just kind of cinch it
in alright and just make it look a
little tiny but other than that this
the legging is super stretchy and has the
longest gusset crotch oh my god going
halfway down your leg if not more so
this is very versatile it’s not high
compression’s more like a yoga base
but not second skin you still have that
material that feels a little bit thick
in a way, so not second skin but super
comfortable it’s still the wicking

the material’s great for pretty much any
kind of exercise just nothing like I
wouldn’t do necessarily hit or anything
high intensity is about a medium
support okay you have a hidden pocket up
by the band which I don’t really I never
put anything in those kinds of pockets
they wouldn’t know what
to put in it we put in it like your pops
uh-huh you told me and it has one pocket
on the side okay just one you’re working
other than that damn these are
great for (?) dollars hello for

Leopard animal print LEGGINGS

animal print like this these are a hot
commodity and they’re so in style right
now and your girl she’s gonna start
collecting leopard print doesn’t know why
I just wanna
okay guys next up oh the girls have been
really dig these like intricate ones like
cooled distinct patterns lately oh this
is from the brand health yoga
it looks like healthy yoga when you
first, read it it’s not it’s health yoga
high-waisted kind of like the same
material so it’s got the same fit

stretchy soft but not second skin a
A little bit slightly thicker you know
it’s got a little thickness but these
are all you know made to be active in
their wicking so they’re a little bit
breathable nothing cray I like this fit
a little bit better because you do have
the seams that come higher on the boot a
girl wear it matters so it works a
little well on the glutes this isn’t the
color gray ripple and it kind of gives
that like water like you’re looking into
a black pond okay and you’re just
looking at the reflection maybe not

Tall girl LEGGINGS

these were super duper long on me supa
dupa so if you are a tall girl these are
for you either made for you these had a
similar fit to the other ones in terms
of a little bit of that bunch toughness
a little bit of that wrinkle action
going on next to the crotch again not a
huge deal a little bit of a camel toe
not as bad as the cheetah though it also
squat proof the gussets are not as big as
the cheetah is actually pretty tiny it’s
still there but just like a little tiny

triangle not cray alright don’t go
into full split, mode take it easy
these roll in at 1995 so not even
touching 20 bucks heck yes they are very
true to size
yes you have not one but two side
pockets and you got the little hidden
one again on the waistband heck yeah I
love it man more pockets are better so again
this has seemed alright you got them all
over these seams but they’re gray so
they blend right in they’re not as
noticeable as the cheetah ones that just
like smacks you in the face these are
something I would wear


again yoga stretching you could totally
lift weights in this do not get me wrong
but it’s got more of that like feel that
yogi stretch
I mean it’s called Heath yoga for crying
out loud the fits great everything stays
put the band is nice and thick how I
like it overall really great great
leggings I can see why these would
be rated five-star and the design is
pretty dope so you know and again this

is just like medium support no high
compression here in fact none of these
The leggings that you’re about to see are
high compression so nice athleisure yoga
some squatting with weights you could do
almost anything in these all right guys
oh these are the cheapest of the bunch
okay in terms of price alright 1795
pretties gorgeous babies this is from
the brand

CUOMO YOGA (Space-Dyed Grey)

it is a yoga brand I don’t want to
pronounce it that’s the best I could do
these are super similar to the other two
I’m starting to see a trend here
with five stars it seems that people
really like this yoga vibe
athleisure/gym wear okay I dig it
these have seams in it as well not
noticeable as at all from far away they
blend right in this is in the color
spaced dyed gray-white so you got that
like break up of color it’s a super
light from far away just a nice light
the gray color I really like it so I got
that staticky look I like to say these

were super long on my short little body
so nothing new there okay we’re over it
this also has a hidden pocket for the two
side pockets really nice utility there
this also gave me a little bit of camel
toe but it wasn’t really that bad all
right it could have been way worse you
have a small gusset just like the tiny
the little pyramid you know just like that
nothing crazy nice thick then and the
contouring of the seams on the boot a
are pretty nice the curvature of this

Sweeping look LEGGINGS

the seam on the back is really neat it has
that rounded look goes all the
way down the booty so it kind of gives
that sweeping look I really like it
I’m digging that contour and it is squat
proof all right even being as light as
this legging is really light in color
for the most part, it is squat proof
again soft material definitely wicking
you can feel it but it’s not that second
skin all right it’s not the second skin

yoga like the Lululemon it’s not bad
All alright but nevertheless really high
The quality of the stretch is insane yeah I
would totally rock this just out and
about going to the gym squat in it’s a
neutral color so it’ll go with this
The sports bra I’m wearing right now it’s a
versatile piece all right I could see
myself rocking this long time I actually
like these a little better than the
other ones I just showed you because
it’s not loose at the crotch it’s got
it’s like smooth okay


tied up where it needs to be it’s not
wrinkly all right so this almost feels
like it fits me better like a glove than
the other two so um yes, please
totally true to size it’s amazing
I love these leggings like heck yeah I
would get them in every color
that they have if they have more I
forgot so these are definitely medium
support like the others not high

compression that could be good or bad
depending on what you need but for me
that’s all I need man medium support and
I’m good
you ain’t falling off of me chin ain’t
squeezing me in tight and restricting my
blood flow oh we’re good all right guys
the last legging we’re gonna be talking
about today it’s from the brand fit nay
forgive me all right I’m trying here
this isn’t the color Burgundy
mixing it up a bit want to know

Side pockets LEGGINGS

something cool about these leggings
the best part here is that they come with
two for 1995 Wow that’s (?) bucks a
legging yeah that’s what I’m talking
about all right so most bang for your
buck all right we got high waisted nice
the thick band is not quite as thick as the
another one that’s okay to side pockets it
is seamed none of these are seamless
you’re gonna do these came to a really
nice length on me five foot three again
you know so Shorty’s out there get your
hands-on these okay

squat proof soft stretchy just like the
other ones okay you got that slight
thickness to it slightly but not
something you’re gonna drop like sweat
all up in it it’s got wicking all right
it does have that wicking material to it
I like the room that they give you on
your bootie very very nice okay you’re
not cutting it off cutting in half with
seams all right so yeah little baby does
it actually looks like it’s 90s cousin
I’ve ever seen so baby triangle gusset
you’re still there though that’s all
that matters

Freakin leg LEGGINGS

the best feature of these leggings is
the mesh hands down this are so different
never ever owned a legging like this
right over the kneecap
oh okay and drops
down the freakin leg, it is beautiful
it’s a great breakup and I actually kind
of like it over the knee, it’s gonna
It sounds crazy but that part over the knee
feels a little compressed because of
the mesh I don’t like that support kind of
feels good it’s not restricting me from
moving or bending but it’s just enough
for I feel so good on my joints I don’t

know I’m just saying these are all my
opinions two thumbs up okay the fact
that it fits me so well it is true to
size and squat proof it’s just got
everything I would really want in a
legging and the color is gorgeous a
a little bit offseasons but I don’t judge
they did give me a slight camel toe just
because this seam but it’s so like kind
of not even worth noting about cuz it’s
a lot less life than the other ones so

Amazon leggings

overall this legging man um Wow
please come in summertime colors and
again I’m gonna say this just like every
single legging you’ve seen here this is
great for all different types of
movements different types of training
methods but it’s only like a medium type
of support okay it is not second skin
like yoga but it still got that yoga
vibes being super soft it’s not high
compression so if you’re trying to do

hits and run marathons or whatever like
don’t so guys those were the five-star
Amazon leggings under (price maybe change when you buy) those
were what I could find cuz it was yeah
it was that difficult to find five stars
overall imma saying this right now there’s
a big trend I’m glad I did this because
there’s a big trend in what I guess most
Amazon users find five stars to be
high-waisted soft material pockets which
I don’t blame you like I want pockets
dutiful most of the design and colors
and the overall durability so I gotta

high-waisted seamless LEGGINGS

say these were pretty impressive for the
most parts do I prefer these over my
high-waisted seamless well I think you
already know the answer to that but
nevertheless, there are different types of
leggings for different things these that
would absolutely use it for regular
training lifting weights my yoga it’s
versatile for the
reason and I really appreciate that okay
that’s why we need leggings like this

okay not all need to be highly
compressive we’re highly expensive for
that matters so overall yeah these are
great leggings other than minor little
things whatever great quality leggings
absolutely alright guys that was I
hope you enjoyed this article and found it
helpful again Ill have everything
linked down below if you want to take a
closer look and guys if you enjoyed this
article do your girl a solid give it a
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know cuz together we got this thank you
all so much for reading and I will see
you in my next article.

Height: 5′ 3″
Bust: 31″
Waist: 25″
Hips: 37″


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