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Terras temptations ticklish foot massage, This is a review of the Renpho Foot Massager with Upgraded Heat plus a Remote 2022 version from Amazon.

Renpho Foot Massager – Thai foot massage

The Renpho spelled I’ll show you guys the back here hopefully I’m pronouncing it properly but this is the renpho um foot massager with heat and I purchased this foot massager because I’ve been being active a lot more outside since coveting started I’ve been walking daily  
and with this increased amount of walking, i found my feet getting sore and i was kind of massaging  

Renpho Foot Massager - Thai foot massage
Renpho Foot Massager – Thai foot massage

My feet by hand and i was kind of getting tired of it I’m doing that day in and day out  
so i decided to buy this as a gift for myself but I want to say this makes an excellent gift  
for like a birthday anniversary Christmas anything like that it’s definitely a fantastic gift so um i  
do want to say that this foot massager definitely leaves your feet feeling kind of rejuvenated  
it has a couple of different modes here so to start off this is the power button you turn on  
once you do turn it on you have the option to run it for 15 or 30 minutes  

Amazing race Chinese foot massage – Different heat options

Then there are the different intensities which are at the bottom it’s like kind of kneading your feet  
there there’s low medium or high and then we have the air intensity and what this feels like is   
It kind of feels like your feet are being squeezed by someone’s hands that they’re being massaged  
and once again we have this in the low medium and high intensity now we have the heat options so it comes with three different heat options there’s one to heat your whole foot there’s one to heat  
the front of your feet and one for just kind of the back near your heel area I tend to do  
the mode that heats all of your feet and i also want to mention that you can turn on each of these  
um individually or you can use them all together or kind of pick and choose what you want to use 

so I’m going to turn it on so you guys can hear how it sounds and I’m going to run you through all  
the different modes there so the power button so when you do turn it on it automatically um  
starts with 15 minutes and it starts on low need intensity and low air intensity and it does go on  
the heat setting um which heats all of your foot so this is the low option for everything and you  
can hear that there is some type of noise there i say the majority of the noise does come from the  
air intensity so I’m going to go ahead and turn it up and you can hear that it’s spinning faster  
now on high, you can hear that it’s kind of spinning even faster now when you do turn

Foot massage Hornsby – Squeeze your feet

Up the air intensity, it does increase that pressure that is going to squeeze your foot
so there’s the medium option and as you do turn on the air intensity it kind of does  
squeeze your feet for a longer period of time and I’m going to put that a high now
so i basically use this while I’m like watching tv or reading a book i don’t really find the  
sound to be overwhelming or anything i kind of just like tune it out after a while but this  
is what it sounds like on the highest modes just so you guys um know what it sounds like 

in case you’re worried about it being too loud or anything in my opinion it’s fine you can  
definitely use it while you’re watching tv and it’s not distracting so how i like to set this is  
i like to put it on medium need intensity and high air intensity that’s just my personal preferences  
uh to start off i would recommend you start the need at like lower medium  
and also trying this at lower medium because the higher functions definitely are high indeed  
um so on high for air intensity it definitely does squeeze your foot a lot  

Pigfoot massager – Nice amount of pressure

i personally like that because i feel like it just it’s a nice amount of pressure to help massage my  
feet but when i did get this i started off on the low functions and i kind of moved up towards it  
when i did get used to the feeling and like i said there are three different heat functions to cycle
through and if you don’t want any heat let’s say it’s a hot day you could turn that heat off  
and let’s say you just want your feet to be needed you can go ahead and turn this off so all you’re  
having is a neat intensity and vice versa if you want just air intensity you can go ahead and turn  
off lastly

if you want if you just want your feet heated let’s say you come in it’s cold you  
want your feet to be warmed up you can just have that on so i really love the versatility of this  
foot massager, i like that you can turn everything on and off separately and i really like that it  
does provide enough massaging and it does come with a remote so here is the remote it comes  
with where you can handle every single thing you can handle the time duration of the kneading  
air intensity and heat all without bending over so that makes it even easy for you all right guys so 

Foot and body massage

I’m gonna go ahead and turn it on with my remote and put my feet in it so you guys can kind of  
see what it looks like when it’s operating you know when your feet are actually in it
so you guys can hear that there definitely is a sound with it but  
this is on the highest setting for the air intensity and the air  
intensity is definitely kind of the loudest part of this foot massager
and you can see if I go ahead and turn off the air intensity

Foot and body massage
Foot and body massage

it’s pretty silent but like I said i don’t really mind the sound of it  
I think the benefits you’re getting from that exceed any type of  
The little sound it’s offering me when you put on your tv is going to drown this out anyway
i would recommend using this with socks as well just to kind of help it keeps clean you  
can definitely use this with multiple people and one great feature about this is that  
these are the inside parts here they do unzip for easy washing
comes right out there is some velcro in there that kind of keeps it in

Foot massage Thai

All right so it just comes right out there is velcro on the bottom just to make sure that it  
does stay in but there’s one of these on each side and you can take this off and throw it in the laundry whenever you’re ready to clean it so you can definitely have like the whole family  
using this everybody taking turns I’ve run it um at least like five times in a row which  
is basically over an hour and it still works fine um there’s no need to take breaks for overheating  
or anything all right guys so i do want to mention that this fits up to a size 12 us foot

i have size 10 feet women’s and it fits my feet fine and I’ve had other people use it who have  
size 11 12 feet and it works just as great it has a really deep capacity so your feet definitely go  
all the way in there so I’m just going to kind of run it and show you guys a close-up um if you if  
anyone wants to see what that looks like so I’m going to do that right now for you guys so when  
the heat is on um it’s kind of illuminated as you guys can see by these lights and there’s different  
heat functions that light up and yeah and when the heat is off there’s no light there and no heat
as you guys can see the motor is kind of going there’s it feels like there’s kind of little  

Foot massage ticklish – Really just massages it

like balls on the bottom like massaging your feet and then as you turn up the air intensity  
all around here closes in on your foot and it really just massages it
and you can see it’s definitely closing in
all right guys I’ve gone through you know how each of these buttons works how it sounds and operates  

how it works and I do want to say that this provides an excellent massage um it’s amazing you  
know investing in this and then you can just get a foot massage anytime you want you can do it safely from your home, you don’t have to go pay someone else to do it and you don’t have to do it yourself 

Light and l foot massage

so i would go ahead and give this a thumbs up i definitely do like it i use this every day  
since I’ve gotten it I’ve had this for about three months now and i absolutely love it  
i also want to mention to you guys i did try three different um foot massagers that i got off amazon  
and this one was by far the best it was like miles above them this one in terms of the cost  
the quality and just the feel of it was great i found some of the cheaper ones i got just like it kind  
of hurt my feet and it didn’t really massage them properly and then the other one like the heat  

Light and l foot massage
Light and l foot massage

The function didn’t work so this renpho foot massager is honestly the best one I’ve found after  
trying a couple of them i also want to mention that this massager really helped with the pain  
from my plantar fasciitis if you guys have this you know how excruciating and annoying it could be  
so i love that this massager helped me with that all right so if you guys are interested in buying  
this renpho foot massager with heat I’ve gone ahead and left a link in the down below for you to use  

Measured it was 8.5 feet or 101 inches

I also wanted to mention that it does come with a nice long power cord when i measured it  
was 8.5 feet or 101 inches so that extra length is great so you don’t have to sit right beside your  
the outlet which i definitely find convenient so considering the price the quality the durability  
the compact ability and kind of how it sounds and works everything like that i would go-ahead  
and give this a 9.8 out of 10. hey guys I’m doing a giveaway for these masks if you’re interested  
Click the article on the top right or after you finish watching this article head to the down below
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I do want to say they had a couple of different options but i chose the option with heat i think it’s really important for me to have that heat function, especially on a cold day I’m the type of person whose feet and hands are always cold when it’s cold outside so having this was amazing for being able to warm up my feet and massage my feet so if you’re someone who you stand at work all day you go walking or running a lot your feet are sore i definitely recommend this to you so that’s all i have for you guys today I hope you did find this helpful thanks for watching guys make sure to like comments and share articles with your friend’s bye.

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