Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, is happy with the work that was done at the club during the recent international break to get as ready as possible for the busy stretch of games that are coming up.

In the next 43 days, the Reds will play 13 times in the Premier League and Europa League. Their first game is this afternoon when they go to the Etihad Stadium to play City in the Manchester derby.

During the break, 16 of Ten Hag’s players played at the senior level for their countries. However, behind the scenes at Carrington, those who stayed at the club and the back office staff continued to plan and prepare.

Erik is sure that United made the most of the break, which was made longer because our last two league games had to be moved. They are now ready to take on a busy schedule before the World Cup starts in November.

In his pre-match interview before the derby, he told us that. He also talked about his recent award, Pep Guardiola, Marcus Rashford’s play, and other things. The full interview can be read and watched down below.

You are the kind of guy who would do something like that. Everyone on the backroom staff works hard to achieve this goal…

In football, it’s never just one person; there are always a lot of them. I talked about the players and the backroom staff, but the club is made up of many people who are all working toward the same goals. If we all work together, we can get a lot done. That’s what we want to say, and that’s how we work right now in this club, which makes me happy. “

“I’m thrilled for him. That shows that Marcus is on the right track again. He is in the middle of his 20s and has already done a lot in his young career. Last year was definitely a setback, but as you can see, he’s back on that level. I’m really happy about that, and I’m sure he can score a lot more goals and help our team.

But it’s also a team performance because they work together to get the balls to Marcus, so it’s good to see and will give both the manager and the players a boost to know that we’re going in the right direction. Now we just need to keep going.

Yes, there are always two things going on during the international break. It was long because we missed two Premier League games, but you can work on strategies in a way you can’t during the season because you have to focus on the next game.

On the other hand, there is time to relax, but you also work on strategies for the next games. For us, it all happens at once from October to November, and there are a lot of challenges, so we have to get ready very well, which I think we did. So, we’re prepared.

Most of the time, I think so. But there were also some setbacks. Portugal was knocked out of first place after losing to Spain two or three minutes before the final whistle. But I think that, overall, both our teams and our players did well in the Nations League.

We’re happy with it, but it also shows how well Manchester United is doing right now because the players are in good shape. That’s good to know, and we have to keep that faith with us when we go to the Etihad on Sunday.


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