More storms are likely Wednesday afternoon

Scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms can be expected Wednesday and Thursday before hotter and drier weather returns for the weekend.

Storms are likely Wednesday

What we’re seeing some
Spotty showers this morning up
Over northern colorado, mostly
Cloudy right now. Good time to
Get out and about and enjoy.
The mild temperatures won’t be
Quite as hot though. later on this afternoon,
We’re expecting daytime highs
For the metro area. Hit the
Mid and upper 80’s. A good
Chance for seeing late day
Thunderstorms arrive after
About 01:00 pm and areas of
Heavy rain and very gusty
Winds will be possible over

The front range and eastern
Plains for today. So you can
See our radar and satellite a
Pretty active picture north of
The metro area with scattered
Rain showers this morning and
Some light moisture moving
Into the far west as of
Right now, take us through our
Futurecast and through the
Rest of the morning.
Temperatures will gradually
Climb to the ’80s, but not
Until 03:00pm. Here’s what it
Looks like right now, though,
Outside across the state, very
Mild physics 65 currently
Downtown and through colorado
Springs walking the dog out
About this morning.

It’s going To be partly to mostly cloudy
Skies. A little more sunshine
Through the mid-morning hours.
11 o’clock. 77. 85 for a high
By 3 and only the low 80’s
Castle rock and parker’s son
Nearly 5 to 10 degrees cooler
Then what we saw yesterday.
Now do expect storm activity
To develop into the high
Country later on this
Afternoon as well.

General Thunderstorms

Temperatures around 10,000
Feet only in the ’60s. You can
See 62 in Leadville with low
To mid-’80s from sterling down
To live in 90. Still, though,
Over the southeastern corner
Of the state, general
Thunderstorms for many of our
Mountain towns and then across
The i-25 corridor north and
East, slight chance for
Stronger storms and even a
Severe storm or 2 could be
Possible. So here’s what looks
Like on future cast hour by
Hour. Sunshine through midday.
Those showers up north will
Taper off, but then we’ll
Start to see more moisture
Move into the mountains to 30

This afternoon here across the
Metro area for the evening
Commute area shaded there in
Yellow could see some that
Heavy rain down near highlands
Ranch or it will be fast.
Lives will clear out quite
Quickly later on tonight and
Then more sunshine returns for
Tomorrow. Expect a pretty
Similar weather pattern on
Thursday. Slightly cooler air
Scattered thunderstorms into
The afternoon and then a big
Ridge of pressure.

High Pressure will build over the
State to get into the end of
The week and through the
Weekend, hot and dry. So our 7
Day forecast taking you
Through 85 today. 87 tomorrow.
Expect another round of late
Day storms Friday, drier, but
Still could see an isolated
Thunderstorm into the.


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