Split gate Update 1.33 Shoots Out for Patch 8.0.1 This October 4


The following changes were made to the Quickplay playlists: 
Fiesta Team Deathmatch, Fiesta King of the Hill, and Fiesta Domination are all back on the Team Fiesta playlist. 
I added Takedown to the Search and Survive playlist and took it off the Takedown playlist maps.

Foregone, Abyss, and Simulation India no longer have collision exploits. 
Simulation India Cosmetics now has scoreboards that are in the right order.

More MVP Sprays were added. 
I added new banners to the player cards. 
Fixed issues with the appearance of various weapons and character skins.
Fixed a problem that made Pro Tier badges look pink. 

Duplicate items should drop at random so that they don’t show up as often. 
Fixed a problem that stopped custom maps from being played. 
Fixed a bug that kept the stats overlay from opening normally in spectator mode. 
Fixed a bug that made it necessary to restart the game in order to use level 1 Battle Pass rewards. 
We fixed a problem with Twitch Drops that made it impossible to get rewards. 
The patch notes are done. The split gate is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 


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