Sony Linkbuds | Everything you need to know

Sony Linkbuds; Unique design makes it easy to hear outside sounds. Easily fit in smaller ears. That allows you to hear calls, music, and others.

Sony Linkbuds

So these are the new earbuds from sony
and they put a giant hole right where
most earbuds put their main speaker and
it’s pretty rare that we see a company
completely redesign wireless earbuds in
fact almost no company does it
successfully for example samsung made
the galaxy beans or the galaxy buds live
and they were mostly a huge flop but
what makes these any different and why
would sony put a giant hole right there

these to say the least are the first of
many kinds first of all they’re the
first sony earbuds that actually have a
decent name these are called the sony
link buds and secondly as far as i’m
aware these are the first earbuds that
have a shape that is that is anything
like this but it’s actually kind of a
nice beneficial shape for many reasons
the idea behind these essentially is to
have more of an open design now there
are other open earbuds out there but the
the idea of these are really three-fold

Open-back headphones

open-back headphones
open-back headphones

The first thing is to be a little bit
more like open-back headphones now
open-back headphones give you a more
natural sound a little bit less
compressed in your ear and have their
own benefits we’ll talk about later on
in the sound part of this article the
second thing is that the open design by
having a hole in the middle allows more
airflow in your ears which means that
youre never going to have that stuffy
feeling it’s never going to be like

sweaty or anything gross in your ears
like this is going to be generally
better if you’re sleeping with these or
wearing them for a long period of time
or working out with them it’s just a
little bit more hygienic and a little
bit more breathable for your ears and
the third thing is that these

Transparency mode

essentially allow you to combine the
sounds of your real world around you
with the sounds of your digital world
whether that’s music or gaming or phone
calls or anything else by being able to
hear both because there’s literally a
hole in these you are able to hear them
without needing any kind of transparency
mode or any kind of doing it
artificially so for example something
like the airpods pro have their
transparency mode and essentially what

it does is it listens the sound around
you with the with the microphones and it
plays it back in the earbuds so it
sounds like you can hear the things
around you but there are some drawbacks
with that that style gives you a lot of
white noise if you’re indoors it gives
you loud hissing if it’s windy outside
and it’s not always nearly as real as
you might want now these you literally
hear the sounds around you in the most
analog and real way possible but i

Pretty controversial

Pretty controversial
Pretty controversial

Mentioned that these were creating a lot
of debate and they’re pretty
controversial so let’s talk about why
that is but i want to first start off
with the physical design here because
that is going to be the root of pretty
much anything that anybody’s talking
about with these earbuds so starting off
with the case sony made a really compact
the case here although it’s a little bit
taller than the AirPods case in the
other two dimensions it is substantially
smaller so this is very pocketable and

i’m really happy with the size of this
case here there are a couple things that
are very unique about this case for one
it has a physical button to open these
some other earbuds do that generally
that’s not something i like but it seems
that sony was trying to avoid magnets
with this design whether that’s for
supply chain reasons or price reasons or
i don’t know why they might have done
that but you can also see the earbuds
themselves kind of click into place so
they snap in a little bit magnetically

Charging feature

But you actually do have to place them
in and press them down until you get
that click that’s a mistake i made
before and they weren’t charging for an
entire day because i didn’t push them in
all the way otherwise the case does not
have qi wireless charging or really any
wireless charging it has a usb type-c
charger on the back as well as a pairing
button and on the front we have of
course that button that opens the

earbuds case the earbuds themselves are
of course very very different from any
earbud we’ve seen pretty much ever as
i’ve talked about already in this article
but we have some really cool aspects
here so
first of all we have a little silicone
ring that goes around it and there are
four different sizes of this this
essentially has a little loop on the top
that is meant to grab into uh one part
of your ear to hold them in place which
is really nice without that these

Battery backup

Definitely would not be staying in your
ear it took me a while to figure out
what size was really best for my ears
because every size feels like it fits
but at the same time if you move around
sometimes they work their way out so i
found that either medium or large seem
to fit my ears the best but of course
you might have a different size on each
ear that’s really not uncommon then the
earbud itself has a little microphone on
the outside it kind of has like a a big
sphere where everything’s housed the

battery and everything that it’s doing
and then we have this little donut
attached to that now the donut is
actually the part that goes in your ear
so if you put it in your ear you slide
down and you kind of twist back
it takes a little bit of finesse a
little bit time to get used to how to
put it in but once it’s in these are
incredibly light and actually

Proximity sensor on the inside

Proximity sensor on the inside
Proximity sensor on the inside

really comfortable so i mean the first
time you wear them as soon as you get
them in the right place like you can
tell that that’s where they’re supposed
to be they feel really nice i can hear
everything around me and the sound is
also really nice now unlike the galaxy
buds live
which is something i was concerned with

here these are not especially finicky
with how they’re placed like it’s kind
of hard to place them very incorrectly
whereas the galaxy buds live it was
really easy to rotate them slightly and
really destroy the sound
these do a much better job of that
additionally they do have a proximity
sensor on the inside so when you take
them out they’ll automatically pause put
them in they can automatically start

Sony link buds

playing so this is an indoor microphone
test with the sony link buds as you can
see right there so leave a comment and
let me know how this sounds to you all
right now we’re outside with the link
buds it’s a little bit noisier out here
obviously some traffic behind me a
little bit of breeze going on leave a
comment let me know if you can hear what
i’m saying so let’s talk a little bit
more about the rest of this design these

earbuds are ipx4 water resistant they
come in two colors black or white uh the
fit the security of them i find that
like i said very very light pair of
earbuds and they fit relatively securely
now if you’re really sweaty i mean some
ears everybody’s ears are different they
might work their way out of your ears
but at least for me especially because
they’re so light and so small i found
that i don’t have any problem with them
coming out of my ears at all in fact i

Better than a lot of silicone ear tips

Better than a lot of silicone ear tips
Better than a lot of silicone ear tips

actually kind of like these better than
a lot of silicone ear tips um in that
they kind of sit instead of putting
pressure in your ear canal it puts it
more up on your actual ear cartilage
there and so i feel that after wearing
them for a long time i get less ear
fatigue that’s just me personally the
sony link buds as i mentioned before are
the first for many things and another
thing that they’re kind of the first for
is the way they’re being controlled so

rather than being controlled by tapping
the earbud itself as you might expect
sony wanted to do things differently and
so instead you tap like the front of
your ear or the back of your jaw there
and so if you double tap it or if you
triple tap it those are the two controls
you have for each earbud if you go into
the app as you can see here you’re able
to actually customize what each of those
controls do so it can be the volume it
could be controlling the music it could
be doing something like the features

Spotify playlist

I’m going to talk about later on in this
article, for example, opening a Spotify
the playlist could be a quick a quick action
you have there now in case we didn’t
have enough unique features on here yet
uh there are a couple other features
that we’d like to see so for one they do
have mono mode you can listen to just
one earbud at a time i’m not sure
exactly why you would need to do that
with these unless it’s for battery life

reasons we also have spotify tap as i
said allowing you to launch a playlist
and kind of a different feature here
more related to the fit of them is that
i think that these might be one of the
best pairs of earbuds for sleeping i
know a lot of people like to listen to
music uh or white noise or whatever it
might be while you’re sleeping and so
these i find they fit like really
comfortably in my ear they allow you to
breathe which is really important when
you’re wearing them for sev many hours
at night uh and on top of that because

Slim shape

they’re so slim you can kind of lay on
your side and i mean i tried it for a
little bit and they they really are
pretty comfortable i think that as far
as earbuds go these are among the best
out there for sleeping additionally you
can expect other typical sony features
like speak to chat 360 audio and things
like that they’re getting five and a
half hours of battery in the earbuds
themselves which is a little bit below

the standard and 23 hours when you
include the case when you look at the
size of this that’s not especially
surprising but but still it’s a pretty
reasonable battery life to work with as
far as the sound quality goes this is
where it gets really interesting these
have aac as their main codec you’ll be
using and similar to most open back
headphones these are going to sound a
little bit more
like natural and a little bit less like

Artificially pumped

artificially pumped into your ear it’s
kind of hard to articulate exactly what
i mean by that but the downside is if
you look at the inside of these earbuds
you have a lot of tiny holes there which
means that you’re not going to get a
specially large base because you don’t
have a big driver right there it’s hard
to reproduce lower frequency so anything
below about 200 hertz is kind of
substantially de-emphasized
there is however great clarity with

A lot of the higher frequencies and the
mids as well you’re getting great detail
really good instrument separation so i
was very surprised by that and the less
bass heavy music if you’re listening in
a quieter place honestly sounds really
pleasant so indoor listening is
pretty good with these but in any louder
environment they’re really not ideal so
if you’re outside and maybe you’re on a
bus maybe you’re on a train or if you’re
just in a crowded place you’re gonna end
up having to turn your music up a lot uh

Automatic volume adjustment

they do have kind of uh an automatic
volume adjustment which is not something
i really am a big fan of uh but you know
it’s something that if you go into a
louder place it’ll turn the volume up
for you feels a little bit obnoxious but
it’s something that they do and we will
get into a sound bleed test in a minute
but essentially kind of to summarize the
sound quality on these although bass is
not especially strong the rest of the
frequencies are really quite nice in

My opinion in a quiet environment they
sound pretty good but if you love rap or
EDM or if you’re frequently in places
that have a lot of ambient sound these
definitely are not the ideal pair for
you now with that being said let’s get
into a sound bleed test because obviously, they have a hole right there
so you’re going to want to know uh how
much people around you are hearing of
your music so to test out the sound
bleed the microphone that i always use is
like maybe 12 inches away from me

Good for louder environments

I am going to play about 50 volumes just play
some music through these earbuds that’s
the volume i’d use when i’m just kind of
working like at my desk then i’ll dial
it up to 75 that’s if you’re maybe doing
like a workout or something and we’ll go
a little bit more than that as well to
see if you can actually hear any sound
and now 75 percent
and now we’ll go up to about

90 percent this like really hurts my
ears so i’m not gonna go any louder
so these earbuds i’ve been using them
for about a week now
let’s talk about what they’re good for
and what they’re not good for first of
all i would say they’re good for biking
or running in a busy place i know i said
it’s not good for louder environments
but sometimes you need to hear your
environment and if you’re biking this is
some time when you have a lot of wind

Good for casual listening

Good for casual listening
Good for casual listening

you know you’re obviously moving pretty
quickly and if you’re using transparency
mode from a lot of other earbuds you get
a weird like white noise or hissing or
it gets weird where this having a
natural sound around you without getting
any kind of weird interference with the
wind like i think this is going to give
you a really good ability to hear your
surroundings and also listen to music
additionally these are great for an
office environment where you want to
hear your surroundings or you know

For example if somebody’s going to come up
to your desk and talk to you uh you’re
not completely oblivious to them i mean
if you want to be oblivious to them then
these are not good for you but i mean
for me like if i’m working on my desk
and someone’s going to come over and ask
me a question i want to be able to hear
them and quickly turn around answer the
question and then get back to work maybe
without ever even taking them out of my
ears and then lastly they’re good for
casual listening in quiet places again

Open back comfortable design

the open back comfortable design they’re
very light they’re very comfortable
but they’re not ideal for noisy places
and they’re not ideal for people that
love bass these have weak bass but i
would say an untrained ear especially in
a quiet environment might not really
notice that they’re lacking bass like
they do sound really nice overall
kind of as a side design thought i had
it would be really nice if sony made
something to plug these so you had more
passive noise blocking when you wanted

it for example if you’re commuting
you’re on a bus like i would love to
have a small thing that could plug the
hole there so you could still listen to
music but block a little bit more around
you but overall these are a really
unique pair of earbuds i think they’re
going to be pretty successful among a
very specific crowd they’re definitely
not for everybody but as i continue to
use these i’m sure i’ll find even more

uses for them that I didn’t even think
of yet if you guys want to see those be
sure to follow me on Twitter I’ll be
sharing any kind of experiences i have
with these in the coming weeks if you
enjoyed this article consider liking and
subscribing I’m Abdul Rehman thanks for
reading and i’ll see you next time .

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