Someone Is Photoshopping Mr. Bean Onto the Faces of A-list Celebrities

Someone trying to answer a simple question is behind the Instagram account Kingdom of Bean. “What would the world look like if everyone was Mr. Bean?” The Instagrammers are giving us an idea with their collection of pictures that put the faces of actor Rowan Atkinson on other famous people. The artist shows that Mr. Bean’s face can look like anyone, from James Corden (“James Corbean”) to Mark Zuckerberg (“Mark Zuckerberg”) to Ariana Grande (“Ariana Beanie”).

As Mr. Bean, Atkinson is known for how much he can say with just his eyes and eyebrows as Mr. Bean. Some of the actor’s most famous faces are shown in the portraits in the Kingdom of Bean. His eyebrows are up and he’s giving a sly smile. His eyebrows are also up, and he’s giving a smirk. His nose is wrinkled as if he’s confused or surprised. The result is a whole new take on the famous people we know. But for good or bad? You’ll have to decide.


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