Smartwatches for google pixel 4a Watch Finally Announced

Smartwatches for google pixel 4a Watch Finally Announced

Smartwatches for google pixel 4a, Sadly not everything was announced like full specifications, but I will have an article on that as soon as it is.

Pixel Watch Finally Announced

What up everybody welcome to the

website today on tech reviews

the google pixel watch has finally been

announced after years and years of

speculation finally has been announced

today at google’s io so what is it when

is it coming out and what should we

expect let’s go ahead and get right into

it so the google pixel watch is going to

be more of a smartwatch I don’t believe

Pixel Watch Finally Announced

it’s going to have the best battery life

in general, i mean I currently am using

the venue 2 from Garmin and it’s got

great battery life if you can get up to

seven days which I highly doubt it will

be my new daily driver most likely it

does have Fitbit integration to use

fit bits app and its algorithms to get

your workouts in to get your sleep

tracking in to get your active zone

minutes and all of that and I’m pretty

sure readiness score is going to be

What watch goes with everything

built-in as well I’m wondering if that’s

going to be coming with Fitbit premium

or if the pixel watch it with I’m

assuming going to be relatively

expensive is going to be coming with it

for free so it is a relatively sleek

the design you really can’t tell how big the

the bezel is going to be on the pixel watch

they said more information is to come

In the coming months, this isn’t coming out

until the fall so we will have to wait for

a good amount of time around the time the

Samsung galaxy watch five is going to be

coming out but my experiences with the

wear os on the galaxy watch four were

pretty good especially with all the

Google integrations like maps and

stuff like that is built-in and that’s one

of the things they said at google io

What watch goes with everything

you’ll be able to use your map on your

watch and they did say without your

phone so I’m assuming there will be an

lts version as well and of course you

will have to pay monthly for the lte

version if you want to keep your phone

at home and be able to use it without it

they didn’t announce what type of

sensors are going to be involved even

though on the leaks they do look very

similar to what the Fitbit charge 5 uses

at the bottom, so you should be seeing

something relatively comparable

hopefully, it will be just as good but

maybe even better with the pixel watch

How to watch pixels

it didn’t tell you how long the battery

life is gonna be we are expecting

probably one to two days just like the

apple and Samsung but if we could

hope maybe it’s more like Garmin or

maybe in between three to four days

we’ll make it my daily driver you really

can’t see how big the bezel is on the

display as all the things they did show

were relatively small they did say the

bands will be interchangeable they’d be

more of a proprietary band a lot like

We have the watch

what apple uses I’m not the biggest fan

of that, i like to use like a 22

millimeter band that looks more like a

watch but it is what it is so that’s

pretty much all the information we do

have right now but it is announced it

will be coming out in the fall with the

pixel watch seven probably talking about

September October November time i will

give you guys an update so make sure you

subscribe to the website so you be one of the

first ones to know when my newest article

comes out and my updates and all that

but as always guys stay happy stay

healthy and above all stay positive I’ll

see you guys at the next one bye.


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