Slingshot bikini review

Check out our slingshot bikini review selection for the very best in unique or custom. The slingshot bikini uses the best quality nylon.

Slingshot bikini

hello everyone and welcome back to your
favorite website hey everyone we’re in a
the different settings I don’t know if you
can tell or not but we are in the
fantastic Moroccan room that I’ve never
shot in before and I thought the best
way to explore this room is to throw on
some bikinis and give you guys another
exciting bikini haul are you excited
because i’m always excited don’t forget

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Fantastic swimwears

Fantastic swimwears
Fantastic swimwears

behind the scenes from these youtube
videos I’m going to try to do a behind
the scenes today might be a little
difficult because there are a lot of stands
on the ground but I’m going to try just
for you boo-boos and also I have an only
fans i’m on eight hours a day messaging
you all back it’s the best place to
connect with me all right let’s get to
trying on some of these fantastic
swimwears and they are from the company
called br swimwear let’s get to it

let’s go all right this is bikini number one for
VR swimwear is a purple kind of pink
like northern lights bikini, I think is
what I’ve called it in the past it is a
triangle top with a teeny scrunch butt
or whale tail bottom
swimwear, I am obsessed with this
swimsuit as you guys can probably tell
I’ve worn this one many in multiple
times I just wanted to bring it out
because it’s one of my favorites and i
wear it like literally to all my shoots
which is why the colors are a little

VR swimsuit

faded so you all have to tell VR
somewhere to send me some more bikinis
but I’m obsessed with it I think it
looks really great on my figure and it
also looks really good with my skin tone
I think it just really like pops and i
would highly recommend any girl who’s
interested in getting a bikini for a photo
shoots or just a bikini to wear and kind
of like be a little saucy with her booty
hanging out you should definitely look
into getting a VR swimsuit because they
are fantastic for that all right

I am going to go and Ill try on the next one don’t
forget to tell me in the premiere off to
the side what you rate this one from 1
to 10 and let’s try on the next VR
swimsuit and the next one
this is a zebra slingshot bikini I don’t
know if it’s considered a bikini if it’s
called a slingshot but this is a zebra
a print swimsuit that you yourself can own
from VR swimwear, it is a triangle cut

Thin material but smaller swimsuits

Thin material but smaller swimsuits
Thin material but smaller swimsuits

top that is adjustable you can tie it at
the top and the sides are perfect
if you’re not exactly a small or a
medium and it comes with this like
suspender pair of bottoms that um barely
cover me but it’s really cute if you
want to go viral on Instagram this is
definitely, the slingshot to wear
honestly I feel really good in this type
of swimsuit because like i feel like too
much fabric kind of makes you look

chunkier than you actually are so i
always kind of gravitate towards more
like not thin material but smaller
swimsuits because it just accentuates my
uh figure my hourglass shape but i think
this would be a really fun one for
anyone to try just to kind of like see
what they look like and i feel like this
one always makes me feel really good
about myself so definitely check it out

Neon slingshot

if you’re interested i would rate it a
10 out of 10. all right I’m gonna switch
into the next swimsuit hopefully, you rated it
similar to what i just rated it but
let’s keep checking out this Moroccan
room and the next slingshot we have here is a
neon slingshot is generally what
slingshot shaped bikinis look like it’s
a kind of like a y-shaped swimsuit that
gets really really teeny tiny in the
back shows off a lot of the booty but um

i am what i like to call the queen of
slingshots because i absolutely love the
way they make me feel and i love like
how they look on my figure i think if
there’s a girl or even a guy out there
that like has a slender build that might
be a little curvy in some spots i
definitely recommend trying out some
slingshots because you’ll probably love
the way they look on you obviously i
don’t recommend wearing them to like

Amazing swimsuits

Amazing swimsuits
Amazing swimsuits

water parks because they will fall off
so fast but if you are an Instagram
baddie i think this might be an
excellent choice for you definitely
check out bar swimwears line they have
amazing swimsuits I’m obsessed with them
i would rate this one a perfect 10 out
of 10. i like the bright vibrant colors
and especially with my new hair
new hair who this i think it looks
really good let me try that because

I did that so fast new hair who it
is I’m not very smooth but anyways with
my new hair i think it looks really
great super cute and i don’t know i read
it is a 10 out of 10. let me know if you
rated it a 10 out of 10.
all right time for the next look let’s
go okay this one I’m gonna try to not
move i’m already like kind of popping
out so one second I’m gonna try to not
move to wear this one because it took
forever to get on and it doesn’t really
want to stay on but this is a VR

Striped mini

swimwear slingshot that i couldn’t even
find on their website so i don’t know if
this is like an early release or if
they’re still trying to figure it out
but it was a little difficult to like
put on my body and figure out how it
works but i still think it’s very cute
it is an um i guess striped mini
mini like micro slingshot where
not a lot is um covered which you know
it’s a little bit too much for me

personally, because i like having a
little bit more fabric but it’s still
pretty good like i think it’s cute I’d
probably rate this maybe like a seven
out of ten because i like the
the fabric that they do have on it i
just wish there was more of it um this
one like there’s a fine line for me of
wearing too much fabric and not enough
and i think this kind of dives a little
bit into like not enough fabric
personally but if this is something you

Rainbow slingshot
Rainbow slingshot
Rainbow slingshot

like definitely check it out they have
tons of slingshot bikinis on there so
let me know what you think to rate it from
one to ten and I think we only have we
only have one bikini left so let me show
off that one because I think it’s going
to be your favorite as much as it is
mine and last but not least is this
rainbow slingshot is super fun it
kind of reminds me a lot of the zebra
one that I just tried on for you guys
it’s the same sort of slingshot like
triangle cut top that ties on the top
and the sides and then like a slingshot

the bottom that goes all the way up and over
into a teeny tiny little fog piece in
the back this is more my style i
definitely am really interested in
slingshots that are like this because i
think they look really good on my figure
i’m obsessed with the colors on this one
i love the rainbows on it and i love
that it’s lined with like this black
fabric too i think it makes it look
really cute super fun i would definitely
rate this one a perfect 10 out of 10.

Slingshot bikini review

it looks really great on my figure i highly
recommend like i said earlier anybody
with a slender or even a curvy
build to check this one out because
you’ll feel really great in it just
because it really brings out like your
booty and your chest like it just it
don’t know it’s like perfect it’s
magical but let me know what you think
in the comments below let me know which
one is your favorite i always do read

the comments I don’t always reply but
like I do read them so tell me which one
is it your favorite also don’t forget to
check out bar swimwear on Instagram give
them some love tell them to send me some
more slingshots I would absolutely love
and adore you guys for it. I will see you all in the
next upload have a great day bye

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