‘Sister Wives’ Star Paedon Brown’s 5 Biggest Bombshells

Paedon Brown’s career in reality TV began when he was just 12 years old. He was first shown on TLC’s Sister Wives Season 1 in 2010 as the son of Kody and Christine, who are no longer together.

‘Sister Wives’ Star Paedon Brown’s

Since Paedon moved out and started his adult life, he hasn’t been on the show as much. However, social media keeps him in the public eye. The 24-year-old often posts about what’s going on with his famous family on Instagram and TikTok.


Scroll through the pictures below to learn about some of Paedon’s biggest life and family surprises.

The COVID shot wasn’t given to Kody Brown.

The father-of-insistence’s strict COVID safety rules, such as cleaning mail and living apart from close family members for months at a time, was a major breaking point for many of the wives and kids in Season 16. But in March, Paedon dropped the bombshell that Kody had decided not to get the COVID vaccine. This made fans angry on social media.

One Reddit user said, “Kody’s not getting vaccinated is in line with what he’s been doing all along: making (and changing) rules for the family to justify his choices.” He didn’t want to see his other wives, so he stayed at Robyn’s house to “protect the children.”

In Paedon’s first video, it’s not clear if Kody has been vaccinated.

What’s wrong with his relationship with Robyn?

Paedon said that his relationship with Robyn, his father’s fourth wife, has been “strange and weird” ever since she joined the family 12 years ago, bringing with her David, 22, Aurora, 20, and Breanna, 17.

“I was mean to her kids,” he said in an interview in February. I saw things that my dad did with them that he didn’t do with me. So, I ended up being rude to them, which made her upset because she didn’t like it when I was rude to her kids. “

Kody spends more time with the younger kids.

Paedon also said that as he got older, his relationship with his father got worse because Kody “mainly tried to focus on the younger kids.”

“When another one is born, I don’t want to say… favorite is the wrong word, but a favorite is the best example I can give,” he said. We all grew up with him, and we all learned from him. We all got time with him, but the youngest kid got a little bit more. “

Janelle hasn’t quit her marriage yet.

There were rumors that Kody’s second wife, Janelle, would be the next sister’s wife to leave polygamy after Christine. But on April 23, Paedon said on Instagram Live that the mother of six wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

In answer to a fan’s question, he said, “Janelle is still with her dad right now.” “And that’s okay because he’s my dad. I do love him. “

His NSFW purchase was embarrassing.

The Brown family is known for being very strict about sexual relationships. They often talk about how important it is to wait until marriage, but Paedon isn’t quite as strict. On Tuesday, August 30, the 24-year-old with a red face told the story of the day he was recognized at the store while buying NSFW items.

“Do you know how awkward it is to be in a store buying lubricant and condoms and the cashier says, ‘Hey, are you, Paedon Brown, from Sister Wives?'” he asked on TikTok. ” Then she says, “Oh, I love your mom, Christine, she’s my favorite,” and I say, “Thank you.” Then she looks down and sees what I’m buying and says, “Oh, I love your mom, Christine. She’s my favorite. ” Ohhh my gosh. It’s strange. It’s so humiliating! “


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