Shroud addresses Nadia’s Warzone cheating accusations with a simple rebuttal: “Who cares?”

Now that super-famous content creators like Ninja and Ludwig have weighed in on the recent drama surrounding rising Warzone streamer Nadia, Shroud has joined the conversation to ask why anyone cares about the cheating claims.

In just a few months, Nadia went from being a small Warzone player to being the most famous female Call of Duty player today. Many people have accused Nadia of cheating because of how quickly she rose to fame. Thousands of people follow her every move on social media.

During the Call of Duty Next LAN event, social media lit up with more accusations, which Nadia answered one by one. From getting swatted to having Call of Duty pro Censor propose to her, this cheating drama has been filled with one thing after another.

Even though many Warzone stars have been accused in the past, none of them have become as popular as Nadia. Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, Moistcr1tikal, and Ludwig are just some of the people who have said something about the controversy. Now, the shroud can be added to that list.

As one of the best shooters of all time, the CSGO star who became a streaming sensation and an occasional Valorant pro know a thing or two about tapping heads. Shroud has had some memorable Call of Duty moments of his own over the years. But when Nadia’s gameplay came up in a stream on October 4, he wasn’t very interested in giving it much thought.

A viewer asked the human aimbot, “Do you know anything about that Nadia girl who plays Call of Duty?” “Dude, I don’t care about Call of Duty,” he said bluntly, loading into another Valorous match in the background. 
From Shroud’s point of view, it doesn’t matter that Nadia is accused of cheating because she plays Warzone with a controller. If she were instead using a mouse and keyboard, she might be more likely to try to find some answers. But since a controller player is being shot at, he doesn’t care.

“You’ll never figure it out if she’s in charge, which I think she is,” he said. Using controller aim assist is almost the same as cheating, so who gives a f***? “Who gives a damn?”

Shroud doesn’t want to add to the accusations, and he doesn’t want to try to prove them wrong, either. Instead, he’s happy to let it all go by because the controller aim assists in Warzone already lets him do that.


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