Shay Given’s ex-wife is in court over an Aston Martin and the £300,000 engagement ring he demanded after she dumped him.

The ex-wife of football legend Shay Given is in a court battle with him over whether she should return an Aston Martin and a £300,000 engagement ring.

Jane Given, who is 47 years old, says she should be able to keep the £200,000 supercar and the expensive ring because they were “gifts” from her ex-boyfriend, businessman Andrew Ralph, even though she dumped him and ended their engagement.

The former model started dating Mr. Ralph, 54, in February 2018. This was after she broke up with Shay, a goalkeeper for the Premier League and the Republic of Ireland, with whom she has two children, in 2013. 
During their relationship, the couple planned to get married, so he bought her an Aston Martin DBX like the one he had, “so that they could have matching cars” in “matching colors.”

During a trip to Barbados in December 2019, Mr. Ralph also gave her an engagement ring that he said was worth almost £300,000.

Ms. Given broke up with her boyfriend in December 2020. Her ex-boyfriend is suing her to get the ring and the car back. 
He says that the car was “a wedding present,” and since they never got married, it should be given back to him.

His lawyers also said that it was “explicitly or implicitly agreed” that the man would give back the ring if the marriage didn’t happen.

But Ms. Given is fighting the case, saying that both the ring and the supercar were “gifts” that her ex has no right to take back now.

The ex-WhatsApp couple’s messages are going to be the most important evidence in the court case about who owns the £500,000 items.

During a preliminary hearing in London’s High Court, Mr. Justice Freedman said that he had been shown “various WhatsApp messages” between the ex-couple, which “are said to be telling of the parties’ intentions.”

He said that Ms. Given “relies on” the WhatsApp messages “as proof” that the car and ring were given to her as a “complete gift” and that her ex cannot get them back.

For example, on Monday, October 19, 2020, with pictures of the car, Mr. Ralph wrote, “It’s your car! Xx,” “Just enjoy your vacation and I’ll have it on the drive when you get back,” and “Amazing wedding gift and amazing timing, so pleased x,” the judge said.


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