Shania Twain Is Unrecognizable in Instagram Photos

Shania Twain doesn’t look like herself in the “Trip Down Memory Lane” Instagram pictures Shania Twain is showing her fans what life was like for her in the 1980s.

Twain, who is 57 years old, posted a bunch of old photos on Instagram on Thursday. She talked about the fashion of the 1980s, especially the big hair.

“A trip down memory lane, specifically the 1980s!” The “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” singer wrote in the post’s caption. “Look at that hair!”

Shania Twain Is Unrecognizable in Instagram Photos

In the first shot, Twain had hair that was bigger than life and stood in front of a sign that said “The Twain Dream.” In the next picture, her hair was teased and swept to one side, and she wore a strapless white mini dress and black elbow gloves. This was a classic 1980s look.

Twain hung out with some old friends and wore her hair in a puffy style on the next slide.

The last picture was a close-up of the rising star’s beauty. 
So, the Canadian fans went to the comments to gush about how beautiful the old photos were.

“I love how it looks! Someone on Instagram wrote: “You were so pretty then, and you still are now.”

I love how it looks! Someone on Instagram wrote

“Big hair = big goals! “Love it! ” Another person added, and someone else said, “Always beautiful.” But some of the singer’s fans were more interested in what it seemed like Twain was saying in some of the photos than in how her hair looked.

Several fans noticed a sign that looked like it was edited into one of the photos. It says, “Gotta be now or never,” which many people think could be a hint at a new song.

Other fans pointed out that in the last photo, the numbers “9” and “23” were added to her earrings, which made people think that the rumored new song might come out on Sept. 23.

“I don’t just see hair!!” “Now or never” and “23.09” AHHHH,” one person wrote.

“23 and 9. “Shania, do you have something to say? ” Someone else added

A lot of other country stars

If what the fans say is true, September will be a big month for Twain, who just this week accepted the ACM Poet’s Award.

A lot of other country stars, like Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lamber, and Morgan Wallen, were also honored at the show on Tuesday, September 13.


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