How to send friend requests from the Nintendo Switch Online app

Now that you can put a friend code into the Switch Online app on your phone and send a friend request, it’s easier than ever to add someone as a friend on your Switch account. In March, an update made it easy for people to copy and share their codes from the app. Now, you can add more friends to your list even when you don’t have your Switch with you.

Send friend requests Nintendo app

The updated version of the mobile app for iPhone/iPad or Android (version 2.2 or higher) also lets you share your friend code as a URL for someone else to click on so they can send a request or as a QR code so they can just use their camera to get there.

One thing to keep in mind about the update is that the app now needs at least iOS 14 to work, but there’s a long list of devices that can use it.

The Nintendo Switch Online app
How to use the Nintendo Switch Online app

Since the Switch came out, the awkward codes have been a problem for multiplayer games. They were also a step back from the Nintendo Network ID system that was used for the Wii U. Nintendo has tried to make things easier by letting you link a Facebook or Twitter account to get suggestions based on who your friends are on those services, but not everyone likes to link all of their accounts together.


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