Joel Madden will host Season 14 of ‘Ink Master’ on Paramount+. Meet the Judges

Season 14 of ‘Ink Master’ will start on September 7, and Joel Madden will be the host.

Season 14 of Ink Master will only be available on Paramount+, the streaming service said Friday, August 5. Season 8 winner Ryan Ashley, celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, and industry veteran Ami James will join the lead singer of Good Charlotte, an entrepreneur, and a culture lover, as judges.

Season 14 of ‘Ink Master’

In the new season of Ink Master, famous tattoo artists that fans love are back to compete in the ultimate tattoo contest. The artists will compete against each other and face some of the biggest, most exciting, and epic challenges ever seen in this competition, all for the biggest grand prize yet: $250,000 and the title of “Ink Master.” Dave Navarro, who used to host the show, is back as the “Master of Chaos,” giving the competition crazy twists and game-changing bombs.

The contestants will have to show that they have the high-level skills that make an Ink Master stand out: composition, precision, color theory, finesse, stamina, and endurance. With the stakes being higher than ever, one mistake could send them home, and in the end, only one artist will win the title.

Ashley was the first woman to win the Ink Master competition. Hurtado is one of the best color-realism artists in the world, and James is a well-known Japanese tattoo expert and entrepreneur who has been in the business for almost 30 years.

Ink Master

The 14th season of Ink Master will have 10 episodes. Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock, and Andrea Richter are in charge of putting together the competition show. Benjamin Hurvitz, Jessica Zalkind, and Tim Palazzola are also executive producers for MTV Entertainment Studios, and Donny Hugo Herran is the executive in charge of production. Ink Master is made by Truly Original and MTV Entertainment Studios.

On Paramount+, you can now watch all 13 seasons of Ink Master, as well as the spinoff competition, shows Ink Master: Redemption and Ink Master: Angels.

The first episode of the 14th season of Ink Master will air on September 7 on Paramount+.


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