SD Gundam Battle Alliance Mecha Hunter

A celebration of Gundam that welcomes new fans with the same energy. Even if you don’t like Gundam, which I’m sure there are some people who don’t, SD Gundam Battle Alliance is probably still going to be a good buy for you. This action role-playing game is really well made and almost too addicting to play.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance

The game’s great combat system, which starts out easy but gets harder and harder until you don’t realize how much you’re doing at once, is worth the price of admission all by itself. You end up with a bunch of easy-to-do moves and maneuvers that, when put together in the right way, give you an almost infinite number of ways to deal with any problem.

In this game, the depth of the combat is actually worth it, which isn’t the case in a lot of similar games. This is because the game is built around you using all of these combat mechanics in the right way. The game’s mission-based structure, which reminds me a lot of the Monster Hunter series, almost always leads to a big boss fight.

Gundam Battle Alliance

These fights are tricky and well-made, and they require the player to remember and use all the tools the game gives them. From close-quarters attacks to long-range attacks, combos to locking enemies in place, dodging to dashing, SD Gundam Battle Alliance gives you a lot to help you win.

And that’s before we get to the “Monster Hunter” influence I mentioned earlier, which is that as you fight and finish missions, you can make new Gundam suits or improve the ones you already have. This makes you better equipped to fight more powerful enemies, which lets you make even more powerful suits, and so on. The game’s loop is very interesting, and it can also be a heck of a challenge.

Gundam games 2022

Everything I’ve said so far shows that this game will be fun even for people who don’t like Gundam. But if you’re a normal Gundam fan, you’re in for a real treat with this game. In addition to the extremely well-designed core gameplay loop, you also get a game that’s basically a love letter to the property and all the things fans love about it. The story is almost unimportant since you’re just a nobody stuck in a virtual recreation of Gundam history trying to fix the broken data so you can get back to the real world.

This way, the game isn’t limited to any one “era” of Gundam. Instead, it can include Gundam suits from all of the franchise’s long, storied history and bring back some of its best moments from all of the many works it has put out over the years. This means that the story is mostly confusing and barely works to set up the premise and get you into the main loop. However, the game is full of references and homages to the whole Gundam universe, which, if you are a fan, you know covers a lot of ground.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance

The game’s style might be the one thing that turns off some fans of the IP, at least at first. During gameplay, SD Gundam Battle Alliance has a chibi look, which means that your Gundams look like small, stylized versions that are bigger than life. This can be disappointing for people who wanted to see the different Gundam realities collide because what you see can feel disconnected from the rest of the IP.

But, as we’ve already said, the game’s tributes and references are great, and while the gameplay itself uses a chibi art style, character portraits for dialogue and cutscenes are drawn in the right proportions, so you can still see some of the traditional Gundam art styles in this game.

Some people are turned off by the chibi style, which I think is unfair. However, SD Gundam Battle Alliance has great audio. Both the music and the voice acting are great, but there are some problems with each. The voice acting is only in Japanese, so if you don’t like dubs, you might not like this game.

The music is great and doesn’t have any flaws on its own, but it’s because of the music (and the almost draconian rights that come with the Japanese music industry) that this game is so great for making video clips. You can’t record a single frame of it, which is a shame because, as was already said, this game has some exciting fights that would be great to record and share.

Simple Action Game

On the gameplay side, there are no similar stumbles, which is good. I can see this being a big turnoff for many people, especially those who are just looking for a simple action game. The more you play, the more the game can become a grind. This makes sense, of course. It’s a role-playing game, but what’s more important is that it seems to take a lot of ideas from Monster Hunter. Grinding is almost a part of the game’s design, which means it may not be for you if you don’t like that kind of thing in your games or if that’s not what you were looking for in a Gundam game.

Even with these problems, though, SD Gundam Battle Alliance is a great game that almost everyone will enjoy, regardless of how much they like the source material. SD Gundam Battle Alliance might be just what you’re looking for if you want a tribute to everything Gundam or a well-made and interesting action RPG.


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