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if we’re really being honest with
ourselves right now I should title this
article where it’s the new office supplies
and booster daughter going to school as
an excuse she’s in grade one and doesn’t
need anything I want to buy all the pens
every color pen in the world I want a
new stapler I already have a stapler I
don’t need a stapler did I buy one yes I

Staple-less Stapler

because it’s a hoot oh hi guys welcome
back or if you’re new here hi I’m Rachel
I enjoy testing things out on the
internet also cookies and coffee and
organizing but today we are going to be
testing out a whole bunch of top rated
back-to-school supplies I tried to pick
a whole range of products ranging from
like primary elementary school all the
way up to university and beyond or maybe
you’re not going back to school and you
I just really like all the supplies and
we’re just gonna see if anything is

actually worth the rain that it gets
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let’s get some positivity at the door
weekend and without further ado let’s
dive into the first day of filming okay
so diving into this box day one you can
see a couple of these have been

Clothing Labels

pre-owned and it’s something that I wish
I had for Julianna kindergarten and that
is there no-iron labels that are washer
and dryer safe they don’t need any iron
hence the name and it’s for clothing
specifically so her shoes her backpack
her clothes anything like that so
oftentimes I would send her to school
with like a sweater and I just used duct
tape on her sweater which is also fine
but it’s not super long-lasting so I’m
gonna test these out on a bunch of

different fabrics and see how well they
hold up you say your washer and dryer
safe prove it oh my god doesn’t so
excited about this I don’t know if you
know this about me but I love organizing
I love labeling I have a label maker the
label maker does not stick to the
backpacks that are dried please allow the
label to set 24 hours prior to washing
okay so this is important I’m glad that
I did this so far in advance so let’s go
and grab some of the items that I want
to test the stuff on

indifferent sizes

so, first of all, need Julio’s backpack I
don’t know where her backpack went all
right backpack check Chris can you toss
down a sweater please do a Julia sweater
got it to thank you and then shoes are
basically, the only other thing that I
can think of that has fabric on it that
I want to try labeling so I’ll try them
indifferent sizes in case a larger
the label is it comes off easier or
something I’m going to do a couple of
different sizes now to stick them okay
so we got a nice flat surface here peel
it off it is heavy but really really
light almost like fabric but very sticky
and I’m just going to press in like the

way that it’s labeled – Julia full of
quality and integrity that’s my girl and
now I’m just going to do her shoes and
we’re gonna let everything dry for 24
hours and we will be back alright so I
have had this kind of laying out and not
being touched for the total period of
time and now I feel comfortable washing
it and just seeing how this wears you
can see it’s not sponging or anything
now and it seems pretty like on there so
I’m gonna run this through the washing
a machine as it needs to be cleaned anyway
and we’ll see how it does it’s
been a little over a week we’ve gone

multiple washes

through multiple washes and you can kind
of see it started to fade a little bit
it started to wear I’ll get like maybe
two months wear out of this label and
then I’ll have to change it again so
that’s just something to keep in mind
and then I also want to show you guys
what happened in her shoes all right so
the shoots they have entirely smudged on
the inside and yes it’s summertime and
yes you know she’s running around and
everything I get it

but the masking tape that I used worked
so much better and did not smudge like
this at all
so definitely does not work on the
inside of running shoes seems to hold up
so far with her backpack but she hasn’t
gotten to school yet we just use it for
like when we’re doing like a big family
trips and stuff so honestly I like
masking tape is better it’s not terrible
these are much prettier I mean not these
in particular, it’s a much cleaner look
if that’s

interracial well

to you it’s just something that you’re
gonna have to rotate through and change
every two months or so on like sweaters
and things all right now we’re back for
day two is also made from the intro it’s an
interracial well we are going to be
testing out some more like traditional
desk kind of supplies I’ve seen hacks
and people attempting to use these types
of products before and it all looks
super fake it just looks photoshopped
you know so as an example I have some
pens here and some markers here it
doesn’t look anything out of the

Erasable Pens Erasable Markers

ordinary but these ones are a little bit
different because they’re supposed to be
erasable and again I have seen these
types of products like not just from
this brand but different brands as well
all over the internet and most of the time
they don’t seem to work let’s zoom in
shall we oh my goodness you can just see
all the mess in my room there we go can
you see this Wow

I feel like such a YouTuber right now
we’re like an Instagrammer I need to have
like my hand’s post or something anyway
so I guess let’s start with the Pens
these are by Pilate they’re called the
FriXion clicker pens there’s actually a
full range which I also got in the
marker variety these are also friction
you’re gonna start with some pink and
I’m just gonna do some
scribbles just I just want to see what’s
like ooh ooh ooh these are smooth these
are not like ballpoint pens my friends
and then I’m just gonna choose a couple
more colors just because I kind of want

pressure to erase

to see if some of the different tones
are erased differently Wow I would go
back to school for these pens look at
that I’m an artist so now I’m just going
to take the purple one because I’m
holding it and I’m going to attempt to
erase oh that works really well like I’m
applying no more or less pressure than I
oh hold on it’s gonna say that I’m not
applying a ton of pressure to erase
which is nice like no more than I would
like a pencil but on the pink in

particular if you guys can see it but up
close there is you can still kind of see
the scribbles like it’s erased most of
the pigment but the pigment is still
kind of there if you expect it to be
white you’re gonna be disappointed let’s
just erase the L there so you can kind
of see through it there’s like a
little loop from the L it’s not super
noticeable but it is still kind of there
yeah it seems to be consistent across
all the different colors that’s what
you’re left with like to turn it around

markers very pigmented

say with some markers very pigmented
the pretty color I wanted to do that thing
that the YouTubers and the instagramers
do but I’ve liked the big line and then
they like right through it this is
really quite soothing I can understand
now why do my children like coloring so
much let’s finish up all these colors
speed time we’re knees this to a race
here we go look at that that is full-on
cutting through and like not leaving any
sort of residue or anything behind I’m
not pressing that hard it’s gotten

completely white that’s so cool okay I
have to say I really like the markers of
everything that I’ve tried so far
markers are super fun it didn’t seem to
you know blister the paper blister the
paper tear through the paper you know
and no that was awesome really like
those okay now that’s like reset here
a little bit and now we’re gonna test out
a notebook again something I don’t
really need it but this one’s new this is a
different kind of notebook this is
called the rocket book Everlast it is a
endlessly reusable intelligent notebook

Reusable Notebook

it has a special pen but you can
actually, use anything within the
friction line and you can write on all
the pages in the notebook erase it and
just keep reusing the notebook over and
over again apparently you can also
upload handwritten notes to like a cloud
service and it just erases with water I
think that’s amazing
so this is what mine looks like I chose
the blue one I chose was the executive
notebook size so they do have like a
full letter size as well it’s just this
is the size that I would see myself

using more and inside has little
instructions to set it up so you can
send it to your phone I don’t know but
look at that in a second
and then inside here you can see there
are a ton of pages enough that I feel
like I’m going to get some use out of it
I can get a ton of notes into this and
not feel like I’m scrimping and saving
to make sure that I’m not using all the
pages at once so basically they have
this seven symbol shortcut kind of
the system you basically just tick off where

friction pens

you want the shortcut to go scan in
the page and then it gets automatically
loaded to that particular notebook
within your cloud system well this is
making the organizer and be very
excited so I’m gonna try it with a pen
that it came with but I’m also gonna try
it with the other friction pens and
markers let’s again adjust this so you
guys can actually see what I’m drawing
really whoa it does feel a little bit
like paper but it also kind of feels
like the mix of a dry erase board and a

piece of paper you can see it’s very wet
when it first draws like draws onto the
paper so it does take a little bit of
time to dry down to try it with some of
the other colors let’s try it with the
a marker now all right so I’ve made some
notes here it’s very exciting stuff and
now I’m gonna take the little microfiber
the towel that it came with I’m gonna go
dampen it and then we’re just gonna
erase this I assume it’s gonna work but
let’s just test to make sure yep that
works pretty good there any marks

type-a personalities

through it yeah yeah you can see marks
through it for the pen specifically you
can see the indentation of where I
started writing with it which is kind of
annoying it would bother me over time
type-a personalities I don’t think I
could handle that if I took this to
class made a whole bunch of notes
scanned it put it into my Dropbox into
each class or by like oh hold on I’m
getting very excited it was like a
folder for each class and then a folder
within a folder with a date of which
like the class day it was like that and then
you can just erase it right away

and it wouldn’t be a big deal but I feel
like these pages would get worn like
super quick time and you would start to
see a lot of like that indentation
and over on the pages so if that bothers
you don’t get this though there’s a
little note don’t microwave this
why would I microwave a notebook oh I see
they have a rocket book called the wave
which is a microwave to erase notebook
in case using a wet cloth that’s too

rocket notebook

alright so update on the rocket notebook
so my daughter found the notebook and
she didn’t know and so she just started
coloring it with just regular marker
this by the way is earth and these are
different quadrants where animals live
in case you’re wondering and I’ve just
been trying to erase it with just a
paper towel on some water it’s fading
but it’s certainly not coming off just
as a heads-up this God like it wasn’t
supposed to be used with any marker but
I thought I would show you guys anybody
okay so I have downloaded the rocket
book app on my phone and

I have set up a couple of pages as
sort of testers so I have this page set
up for the I think it’s an air I’m a
probably rocket but I put it as an arrow
it’s fine as well as I just want to see
what happened because this is Julia’s
drawing so I also set up the diamond
which is the next one to go to my email
this one’s gonna go to my Dropbox so
this right here is the app you can see
history I have not scanned anything okay
I’m ready oh okay

Dropbox so probably

done oh my goodness is still going okay
does that not work no it did work all
right and then send them to the cloud
okay send okay now let’s do another one
yeah I just got my first scan oh I just
heard the little notification from
Dropbox so probably is in there but
let’s double-check and then this one for
Julia’s picture scanning processing is okay
next there it is right there it seems to
show up pretty clearly actually and it’s
also moving it to the Dimond one so
let’s do that got the detail to send it and
we’ll see if it shows up and my uh
that’s the most annoying part is that it
just keeps

so I guess if your hold like I’m holding
my camera as well as my phone which is
kind of annoying so I would assume if
you’re holding your phone you’re able to
like flip the pages and just scan really
quickly so I guess that makes sense but
for my purpose right now it’s kind of
annoying and you guys can see that
the diamond detachment did make it to my
email it is it arrived almost
immediately after so that’s really great
and made a different folder called
rocket book test oh there it is I worked
out really well as well so I think if

super flexible super interesting

the indentations that the pen kind of
makes in these pages doesn’t bother you
I think it’s a great reusable option oh
wait I have to get this as long as
you’re diligent with uploading these to
Dropbox or email or whatever you have
sort of indicated on the sides and then
are continually sort of erasing and
reusing as you go I think that this is
super flexible super interesting it’s
something that I’m going to continue to
use yeah let me know what you think okay
this next item didn’t think I’d be got
excited about a stapler but here we are
this is a staple list stapler and I

don’t know if you guys have ever had
this issue but you buy a stapler you use
all the staples in it and then you just
keep forgetting to buy staples so you
have just a useless stapler just sitting
in your drawer so what this does is it
creates tabs that interlock with each
other to create the sort of put together
motion but it doesn’t have the staples
with it now the downside to this is it
only puts together five pieces at a time
so if you’re trying to staple it together
like a giant thing of notes it’s not
gonna do that for you but for bills

constantly shuffling

assignments just like little things that
you need to staple them together all the time
like that makes more sense for me then
maybe this works well all right so we
have some papers my son my son’s drawing
he actually did a really good job on it
Luke loves the good bus so I’ve been
given permission that I can staple these
pieces of paper together and we’ll see
this works I have five here quick I’m
not gonna have another situation like
the banana thing that was not as
difficult as I thought did it work
oh it did nice nothing together now

whatever to do six do you think let’s
try this is where Rachel breaks things
maybe five is a guideline you know like
maybe maybe it can do more it just
doesn’t want you to push it it’s exactly
what I’m doing
yep does six to say you can do six this
is it’s not a lot of paper
it only Italy fits a few sheets in
between here but it really doesn’t take
that much effort to do which is great if
you start moving it around if it’s a
piece of paper that you’re breathing it
going to be constantly shuffling through


a lot I can see them getting a little
dismembered if you will it’s like let me
just try and like if I’m trying to go
through this really quickly I’m just
yeah it’s just it’s going to peel apart
so maybe not as great as I thought
basically, you want this little tab to
stay in place so if you peel it up from
the back and pull it this way you are
dismembering it from it’s like little
staple okay though that one I just wrote
but you basically just dismember it from
this little tab structure that’s keeping

it together for me where I’m just trying
to keep things together like bills
pieces of paper for Julia to take to
school life in general I’m just kidding
I think it’s kind of cool but for
storage purposes basically only if you
are planning to go through and use these
pieces of paper over and over again
rifle through them don’t even bother
this next is probably the most
the expensive thing that I bought this thing
was pricey so better work and it’s a
wireless digital highlighter so
basically, you just scan it through a
textbook over specific notes that you
want to remember or maybe like

Digital Highlighter

oftentimes for me, I defy all these texts
books and I’ve used like four pages from
its likes why did I spend $ (?) on that so
instead, you can take the books out of
the library just scans the pages that you
need then you don’t spend all the money
on textbooks that you only need a couple
of pages of the way I want to try using
this is scanning in cookbooks cuz that’s
what we do that way I don’t want to
rifle through like a thousand different
cookbooks to find the specific recipe
that I want to try or that Chris wants
to make we just have them all on file on
the computer and we can just type in
keywords and find it

it’s just how we do things let’s go over
to my couch everyone let’s do this
doo-doo-doo Wow look how messy my
kitchen is okay that’s embarrassing I am
excited though because it’s gonna be
changing soon oh I can’t wait for you
guys to see it do you guys want to see
like a renovation thing like before and
after in the kitchen let me know alright
back to this guy let’s open them up and
see what it looks like I forgot that it
got there really pretty teal color gold
jewels and there seems to be a lot of
instructions including having to

favorite cookbook

potentially have to charge it for three
hours before using and also installing
it on my computer so I’m gonna go do
that okay so we turn some overnight and
I have a cookbook right in front of me
with a recipe that Chris uses quite
often this is from the book the food lab
which is our absolute favorite cookbook
highly recommend and then I’m just gonna
try and just scan it just line by line
and just see what happens and basically
the biggest thing I learned is that

between the two prongs is where the line
needs to go and you need to move pretty
quickly I have a blank Word document up
here you can see there is a V scan marker
down at the bottom, it’s disconnected
because I haven’t even turned it on so
I’m going to turn it on which I think I
have to like hold it down for a couple
seconds oh there we go ready to go is it
out and it’s own since it’s ready
it mostly got everything it seems to
have messed up the word all and roll so
now let’s do it again and you guys can

ten pages

watch the screen and see what it looks
like that one it actually worked
really well because it got all of the
words it gets really fast if you have
textbooks that are kind of like this
where it’s just you know straight up
lines that you want to replicate but if
you have a lot of lists and everything
and you just go through and like just
plow through ten pages you might forget
because it’s not gonna format it for you
where the lists are I wish there was
like a little button on the side where

you could just indent you know like the
next line did not indent to press like an
enter button basically overall it’s
super quick you don’t have to be really
precise with it which I really like and
I think that it would be a really good
tool for anyone who is going into
the university wants to make quick notes and
just keep all of your notes on lockdown
in your computer okay all right well
there we go so you talked a little bit
about labels for clothes which is new to
me but for labels for things in the
kitchen whether it is Julia’s little

Julia for kindergarten

lunchboxes or water bottles or something
like that those are things that I bought
for Julia for kindergarten and I loved
them and the ones that I bought for
Julia last year are Brian Mabel’s Labels
and they’re on Amazon and these are what
the labels look like I just kind of cut
off the little, there’s like skulls and
stuff why do I want the skull of my
fabulous water bottle oh they’re
basically, self-sealing waterproof labels
that you can put on basically anything
that is sort of like a plastic kind of
the surface so that it has something to

Waterproof Self-Laminating Labels

adhere to and it really wasn’t until the
end of the year that they actually
started to peel and they go through the
dishwasher constantly they’ve just held
up really really well I’ve been super
impressed with them so I wanted to try
out a different one just try something a
little bit different try than me you
know cuz I have also been starting to
label Luke’s water bottles
and I just with this which I mean I feel
like you can do better there you love
this by the way first 10-second child so
I bought another type of label that is
also super highly rated these are the
little labels for baby bottles or your

kids’ sunscreen for the snack containers
water bottles anything and just like the
Mabel label ones they are ones that you
would actually write your name on the
inside of it seal it and then it’s good
to go these are dishwasher safe
microwave-safe freezer-proof waterproof
a tear is this and UV resistant weather
resistant like basically they’re just
not going to come off and these ones I
just kind of like the pictures better
again the Mabel’s Labels ones they work
really well but I don’t love the
pictures and designs that they have like
attached to them I wish they were a

look adorable

a little bit more simple so these are the
ones that we have her here look adorable
they are so I’m gonna have Luke pick an
an animal that he wants and then I’m gonna
write his name on it and we’re gonna
label this throw it through the
dishwasher and just see if it holds up
in one wash I can only assume it’ll be
as good in terms of the longevity as
this one has been it says as it lasts
like weeks plus you peel up you can see
that the sticky piece has a little film
here so you just peel that away when

you’re ready and you just write the
child’s name here peel this off and then
stick it down to like seal it this has
been through the dishwasher now twice it
seems to be holding on to its shape
really well I thought it would be
interesting because I’m one that
sometimes I’ll be soaking a bunch of
dishes and I’ll just kind of toss the
water bottles in with it and just kind
of clean them by hand so as another test
because obviously, I can’t test this for
a full year I thought it’d be
interesting to kind of let this soak in
some warm soapy water and just see how
the label holds up do you think it’ll

very limited test

all right so I had it in there for
a better part of about an hour just kind
of soaking and it didn’t lift it didn’t
peel so that is a good sign at least so
you know as of right now I mean
obviously, this is a very limited test
but I did what I could and so far it
seems to be holding up well with water
and you said where
so I like it it’s cute leave a comment
down below if you have purchased any of
these things before or what you’re
purchasing for back-to-school or maybe
you’re not going back to school and
you’re buying stuff anyway

either way, you let me know if youve
missed any articles you can check them out
on the side, I’ve done a lot of like
testing with products and stuff a lot of
kitchen gadgets some of them work well
some of them don’t
so go and check those out and if you
come from this article leave a comment on
that article cuz I get them all on my
phone so I can see where you guys all
end up I love it like a really fun
scavenger hunt but I hope you guys are
Have an awesome weekend and I
will see you guys all at my next article
love you all.


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