Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 boosts

There are more smartwatches on the market than ever before, and almost every other month, a new high-end model comes out. The Galaxy Watch 5 line of devices from Samsung, to name one brand, just came out. But, surprisingly, the popularity of the Galaxy Watch 4 has had an impressive effect on other devices. Even more surprising is that the Korean company did well in a market for smartwatches that were growing as a whole. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 boosts

Between Q2 2021 and Q2 2022, Samsung’s share of smartwatch sales around the world went from 7.4% to 9.2%. During the same time period, Apple’s share fell from 30.6% to 29.3%. Counterpoint Research put out a report called the Global Smartwatch Model Tracker, which includes these results.

Global shipments for the second quarter were up 13% from the same time last year. This was most noticeable in India, where the segment has been supercharged by the arrival of low-cost smartwatches that cost a fraction of their more expensive alternatives, such as the Galaxy Watch 4 series, which was very popular in North America, helping to blow up retail channel movements by 347%. Over the course of a year, India’s share of smartwatch shipments went from 6% to 22%.

This put India in second place, one point ahead of China. Even though shipments dropped by 4% from one year to the next, North America is still the leader.

Sujeong Lim, an Associate Director at Counterpoint, said that the market for smartwatches did not go down as predicted. She also said that 30% of the models shipped to India in the second quarter of 2022 sold for less than $50. This made smartwatches very popular in the area. India was mostly driven by local brands like Fire-Boltt and Noise. Noise has increased by 298 percent since last year. 

Smartwatch sales

Huawei is now in third place in terms of smartwatch sales. A year ago, it was in second place. But the brand continued to be the most popular smartwatch in China for a third straight quarter. In China, Amazfit’s shipments dropped by 11% from the first quarter, but the company did pretty well in India, where they grew by 65%. In Q2 2022, Xiaomi’s share of the global smartwatch market fell a little bit.


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