Samsung Odyssey Ark Review: This Massive Gaming Monitor

The 55-inch curved Odyssey Ark from Samsung costs $3,500 and goes on sale today after being available for preorder for a few weeks. And, given how games have been released in the past few years, it might even be possible to just walk into a store and buy one. Several Verge employees checked the stock at their local Best Buys and found that one or two models could be picked up today.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Review

To be clear, I’m not saying you should spend a month or two’s rent on a mini LED gaming monitor that’s the size of a good TV. In fact, it seems a little strange that it could be that easy. Since its debut at CES 2022, there has been a lot of buzz about the Odyssey Ark, and it’s such a crazy product that it seems like you should need permission to get it. At the very least, your chiropractor should have to sign a note saying that you understand the risks of using a computer monitor that is taller than you.

Still, I can see why you might be wondering how much you’d get for your car and how you’d get the Ark’s huge box home. (You can fix that by ordering it from Amazon.) But maybe try to resist the call of the void on this one, at least until we can review it properly. Samsung’s equally crazy 49-inch Odyssey G9 has found a home on the desks of a few editors, but this takes things to a level that might be unforgivable.

Survival Evolved

My coworker Cameron Faulkner has spent some time with the Odyssey Ark, but it will take a lot more testing to figure out if something this big and expensive is worth it compared to, say, buying an LG OLED TV and setting it on your desk. One of those, though, wouldn’t have Samsung’s Gaming Hub built in, which lets you connect to game streaming services like GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming with just your monitor and some kind of input device (though, let’s be honest, anyone who buys the Ark probably already has a pretty good gaming setup).


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