Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review – The Tile Alternative with A Twist

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review – The Tile Alternative with A Twist. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, 1-Pack, Black. Find the perfect Mobile Accessories for you!

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

so what we have right here is the brand
new Samsung galaxy
smart tag and this was released
alongside the s21
the s21 ultra the plus and of course the
galaxy buds pro
and with all of that stuff coming out
this kind of got overlooked so
in this article, i want to break down what
the galaxy smart tag does
and what it doesn’t do so there’s a
couple things i want to talk about like
for example does it work with
non-samsung devices is it water
resistant a lot of questions that
you might not think of at first but they
definitely need to be asked when you’re
talking about this device we’re also
talking about what it is what it does
and of course some of the really cool
features such as smart home controls you
could do

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

with this little button right here now
starting off with just a summary i want
to talk about i mean if we just look
closely at this
you can see it looks really similar to a
tile so if you guys know what tile is
it’s like a little Bluetooth low energy
tag button thing
and you put it on like your keys or or
anything you want that you don’t want to
lose and

if it’s within range of your phone you
can say find it and it’ll make a beeping
sound like it’s a pretty simple
the concept there and that’s how you find
your keys i use it all the time it’re
really a great thing to have
but this made by Samsung has some
additional functionality so
obviously, you can do the reverse so if i
push the button here i can find my phone
my phone

Functionality smart tag Samsung

will beep but it also has some other
really cool things so we’ll get more
into the functionality in a second but
as you can see from the front
uh we have a little logo right there it
says galaxy smart tag
that’s actually the button so the entire
front plastic flexes and there’s kind of
a nice little tactile feedback
nice little tactile feedback under there
and that’s how you’ll actually get it to
do whatever you want

on the top, we have a little hole that’s
going to be how you tie this onto your
keys or as they showed in the release
like your dog’s collar
i wouldn’t put this on my dog but i mean
you know whatever you’re going to lose
you can put it on there
on the bottom, we have our little speaker
a hole that’s obviously it’s making the
sound and then a little slot

Functionality smart tag Samsung
Functionality smart tag Samsung

you can put a screwdriver in their twist
it and that’s how you open it up to
replace the battery this has a pretty
standard cr2032 i think the battery it’s
like the standard battery you see in
a lot of watches
they’re at like every single best buy
and you can really buy them pretty much
anywhere so

Battery life

i think they said the battery life on
this should be pretty long
about a year but you know it’s good to
know that you’re going to be able to
replace that battery
pretty easily one unfortunate thing
about this design is that it appears to
have no

water resistance rating so I dug through
samsung’s website
through the spec sheets and i didn’t see
anything that mentioned anything about a
water resistance
and while i really don’t expect to drop
my keys in the water there are and
plenty of other things that i would want
to put this on that have a probability
of getting wet
and it seems that that would probably
damage the smart tag now other than that

Samsung device

let’s start talking about some of the
functionality with this device as I mentioned before
if you have the smart things app on your Samsung device
actually, let me stop there and rewind
A little bit i mentioned the Samsung device
this unfortunately only works on Samsung devices so
if you have an iPhone or any other
android phone

according to Samsung this is not going
to work so you really need to have
either a Samsung phone
or a Samsung tablet in order to
effectively use the smart tags it’s kind
of a weird unfortunate thing that
they’re doing
and I’m not entirely sure why I think
they’re just trying to strengthen their
ecosystem and they know

Samsung Ecosystem

this is like a really small loss if
somebody doesn’t buy it you know it’s no
big deal but it’s a little incentive to
push you into the Samsung ecosystem
now okay let’s get back into the
functionality of this
as i said you can push the button uh
twice to find your phone but if you push
it once or if you press and hold it
you have two other functions that you

can actually completely define
within the app so let’s take a look at
the app now and I’ll show you guys
a bunch of other things you can do as
well as to how you can actually remap that
okay so here we are in the smart things
app and as you can see in the little on
the go category we have keys now when
you connect these

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag

you can actually rename them to whatever
you want because I plan on these being on my keychain
it makes sense to name them keys so let’s tap on that
and it’ll bring you into a lot of
different settings on the top it’ll tell
you the status

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag
Samsung Galaxy Smarttag

currently, it’s nearby one thing i wish
these did was
i i really wish it would give you a
notification when you
are out of range so for example like a
lot of times a galaxy watch does this if
you get out of range
it’ll notify you i think that would be
great just so that if I leave my keys
like at a bar or something or a
restaurant and I’m leaving it’d be great
if it’s like it notified me when i
reached a certain distance and i thought
oh it’s out of range it’s obviously not
in the car with me

that would be a really nice feature
maybe they’ll add that who knows but
it’s not there right now
we can view it on the map so if i go and
open up the map it’ll go into the
smart things find the app
and it’s going to show you at least
where it was last seen
now something to note with this is even
though i’m using the s21 plus which has
uwb technology which is ultra-wideband
and essentially what that means is i
should be able to pinpoint things that
are using uwb

Galaxy smarttag setup

this device the smart tag is not
actually using that Samsung’s coming out
with a smart tag plus
later on, this year we will be using
uwb and what that means is
if i have this like behind a bookshelf i
can actually on my phone like look
around have kind of an ar
setup and it’ll show me that it’s behind
the bookshelf to really help you find

this is a really nice feature but of
course i mean the beeping on there
does a pretty decent job anyway so if
I’m anywhere within range
i can just make it beep and i should be
able to hear it behind a bookshelf
but regardless that’s going to be the
difference between the smart tag
and the smart tag plus now going down
you can go and let your tag find your
the device I’m going to enable that
and like i said that’s going to be if i
double tap this

it’ll ring my phone so it’ll ring my
phone and i can find my phone so
obviously, you can find your phone with
the galaxy watch or with other devices but
it’s nice that you have it with this as
well so if you just have your keys and your phone
you can find your phone going down we
have right here you can press or
press and hold and customize what this
is going to do so if we hit the little plus

Smart lights

we have four different options here so
the first one is control devices
so any kind of IoT internet of things um
so for example
like smart lights or if you have mine
it’s like literally my refrigerator so
if I push the button
i can have something happen it could
turn on lights it could

change the temperature of my
a refrigerator you could do stuff like
that it’s really really powerful
but i mean i don’t know if i’m
necessarily going to use it i don’t have
a ton of Samsung smart devices in my
home but


you know it’s something that is going to
be there you could also notify somebody
so if you wanted to like send a text to
somebody maybe this is
like a daily reminder for like your
parents to take their medicine i don’t
really know why you’d want to notify
somebody with this maybe when you’re in
an area like a geo-locating thing
but regardless like it’s something you
could do you could send a text whenever
you push the button or if you double-tap
it you know what


maybe that would be a good example if
you’re like if you’re in a long-distance
relationship may be pushing the button
just say like hey I’m thinking of you
i don’t know that’s an idea i have no i
have no idea why people would do
this but

Different functions

if we go back you can also change this
location’s mode so
maybe like change to away or you could
run some scenes as you saw on the bottom so
those are how what you’re going to do
you can actually map the same ones for
press and hold
or just single press so you can have two
different functions on this key
or on this tag, i’m not going to set up
either one of those because i really
don’t care about that

but then if we go down here we can
change the volume to high or low
and we have like 10 or 12 different sounds
that we can actually customize and of
course on the bottom tells you the
battery life or the battery
level of the smart tag and that’s pretty
much everything you’ll be doing
in the app so guys that’s what i have to
say about the Samsung galaxy smart tag
it’s such a simple device but it’s a

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

nice addition to Samsung’s ecosystem i
really like how well it integrates with the s21
of course, that’s the only thing it
integrates with is a Samsung device so
if you don’t have an android or a galaxy phone
if you have any other android or if you
have an iPhone you should definitely be
looking into getting a tile

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag
Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

if you already have tiles they’re so
similar that i don’t know if it’s
necessarily worth buying this but
i mean the smart mapping feature on
there being able to
map the single press or the press and
hold to do something with your smart

i think it’s a really cool feature it’s
a cool flex if you’re at a party and you say oh
look if i push my button i can change i
can change my lights in my house like 50
miles away i don’t know it’s a cool thing to have
regardless but comment down below let me
know what you guys think of the Samsung
galaxy smart
tag and the smart tag plus if you’d be
buying one which one would you get
thanks for reading guys i’ll see you
next time.

Additional review notes:

Much like a Tile, this is a BLE 5.0 dongle
When the device is around, it can ring your phone or your phone can ring it
You can map the button to do other things
When it is not in range, you can see where it was last seen or locate it with the Galaxy Find network

No water resistance rating
The button is actually just flexing plastic – no actuation or gaps, so waterproofing would be easy

Does it work with non-Samsung phones? No. Only Samsung phones and tablets
S21 vs S21+ usage (UWB) – no difference for this one
Within the year, a Tag+ should be arriving and it will use UWB


Press the button to:
Control nearby devices (turn on a light)
Notify someone
Change location mode
Run scenes
Press and hold allows you to map to the same functions

Change the volume and ringtone
It would be great if you could set up a notification for when it is out of range

The battery level is indicated on the phone
The battery is easily replaced with a standard CR2032 battery.


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