Samsung Galaxy S22 (Ultra, Pro, Reg) | leak reveals the final designs of all three models

The Galaxy S22 series will be the next flagship series released by Samsung in early 2022. A leaked video shows off the designs of the Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22

So Samsung is finally doing it they’re
finally adding a feature that I’ve
always wanted to see on the galaxy s22
ultra which i think is going to easily
make it the best or at least one of the
best phones of 2022. this is a feature
for a long time we’ve seen on the galaxy
note series and i’ve always wanted to
see it on the s series it just makes
sense that it would be there but
in this article, we’re going to talk about

The galaxy s22 ultra the s22 pro notice
the name difference there and the galaxy
s22 and i want to break it down into
four things i’m really excited about in
the s22 ultra and three things that i’m
a little bit cautious about that well
we’ll see when we see and all these
phones are coming really really soon on
february 8th samsung is expected to
announce these three phones which means
they’ll probably be shipping about

Samsung s22 release date

Samsung s22 release date
Samsung s22 release date

A week or two after that and even more
exciting is on top of these three phones
samsung is also expected to ship a
galaxy s21 for about a month earlier so
that’s giving us about four new phones
to choose from within a one month time
span which is really exciting but i’m
getting ahead of myself i started this
article with like a big claim about how i
love this new feature and i’m sorry i
realized i didn’t say what the feature
was the new feature and there are quite

A few new ones but the big one that i’m
really excited about is the s pen i
don’t know why for a long time samsung
always had the note series and then the
s series and they chose to put the s pen
in the note series not in the s series
like the s pen and the s series like
i don’t i don’t know why samsung did
that but now that samsung has finally
retired the note series rip note series
the galaxy note 20 ultra in my opinion
was one of the best phones ever made

The note power users

Yeah, i mean a lot of new phones came out
the flip and the fold and that’s really
exciting but it’s entirely different
from the notes and that left kind of a
void it left a lot of the note power
users the super fans
really wanting a new phone with an s pen
and so last year samsung came out with
the s21 ultra and they had like a giant
s pen that you had to charge separately
and get a little accessory to stick

It on the side and and then it’s asymmetric
like it wasn’t the right answer but now
samsung’s finally adding the s pen
inside the phone as a proper sequel to
the note 21 ultra this is the s22 ultra
i’m more than excited to see this phone
and on top of that they’re making some
pretty big improvements not only are
they going to have the s pen in the
phone they’re also going to have the
cameras in the phone and what i mean by
this is they’re not gonna have a giant

Galaxy S22 camera

Galaxy S22 camera
Galaxy S22 camera

Camera bump which i mean i love the note
20 ultra it was a great phone but you
can’t deny one of the big drawbacks of
it was just how chunky that camera bump
is yeah it’s a statement yeah it looked
kind of nice at first but honestly like
from the camp from the camera wobble
when you set it on a table to just like
getting stuck in your pocket and it was
it was a massive camera bump nonetheless
like like i said i like that phone but
having a smaller camera bump or a more
recessed cameras on the s22 ultra

I think is going to be absolutely amazing
but of course the s22 ultra is going to
be a part of a three phone lineup
including the as22 and the newly renamed
s22 pro now the leaks for these show a
drastically different design these
phones are more likely to be very very
similar to what we saw on the galaxy s21
and s21 plus
sorry i just realized i have an apple
sticker on that man i was like sorry if
i offended anybody didn’t i didn’t mean that

A comfortable design

Anyway so the s21 and the s21 plus last
year were like that a
little kind of camera corner but we’re
gonna see something very similar this
year which is honestly a little bit
disappointing it’s a comfortable design
it’s nothing drastically new or
different but at the very least it
probably should bring a much lower price
than the s22 ultra i’ll give you more
thoughts on how the four phone series is
really going to line up like the s21

The s22 the s22 pro and the s22 ultra
but let’s get back to talking a little
bit more about the s22 ultra unlike the
s22 and s22 pro the s22 ultra is going
to have more of a squared off display as
we saw on the note series which makes
sense for the s pen also similar to the
google pixel 6 which is really great for
viewing media and additionally they’ll
have kind of a waterfall edge that’s
going to give you an amazing screen to
body ratio and a really nice bezel-less
appearance additionally the phone like

108-megapixel main camera

108-megapixel main camera
108-megapixel main camera

I said it’s going to be a little on the
thicker side because it’s housing those
cameras mostly internally and the
cameras are a 108-megapixel main camera
a 12 megapixel ultra wide a 10 megapixel
3x zoom telephoto and a 10 megapixel 10x
telephoto periscope as well as a laser
autofocus and a flash but the big one
the periscope lens is mostly recessed in
the phone i have no idea how they were
able to do that and not reduce

The battery or also fit the s pen in there
like these engineers must be playing
tetris on another level now of course we
can’t be sure what this phone is
actually going to be like until samsung
announces it on february 8th and so if
you’re excited to learn more about this
phone on february 8th i will be covering it

Samsung galaxy s22 release date

Samsung galaxy s22 release date
Samsung galaxy s22 release date

if you don’t want to miss that article
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of course because samsung hasn’t
announced this phone yet like i said
they’re expected to announce it on
february 8th we don’t know exactly how
much it’s going to cost but we can look
at this last year the s21 ultra was 1200
a pretty hefty price but a substantial
decrease over the note 20 ultra from the
year before which was thirteen hundred
dollars and factoring that in that now

We have a phone that’s going to have an
s pen in there just like the note and
it’s going to look a lot like the notes
architecture i wouldn’t be surprised if
the s22 ultra was 1300 or even more
especially with supply chain shortages
and uh inflation and all these other
factors tying in i really wouldn’t be
surprised if it was over 1300
which is kind of unfortunate and that
would kind of lead people to look at

Bluetooth feature

The s22 or the s22 pro which are likely to
be around 800 and a thousand dollars but
again we can’t be entirely sure now
getting into the four things that i said
i was really going to be excited about
with the new s22 ultra the four things
that i just love about the new design
the first one’s obvious having an s pen
on an s22 ultra i think is going to be a
huge improvement i love having an s pen

Now before anyone writes it off and says
come on why do you want a pen in your
phone you can use your finger or like a
little stylus
no no this is a very different
experience if you are signing documents
or drawing on snapchat or taking notes
or doing literally anything having a pen
is so convenient additionally it works
as a little Bluetooth device for your
phone so you can take photos remote

Air gestures
Air gestures
Air gestures

You can do all types of different things air
gestures like it really adds a lot of
functionality to a phone and ever since
i stopped using my note 20 ultra about a
year and a half ago i seriously missed
that phone like i really missed having
an s pen on every phone i’ve had since
then there’s tons of experiences or
situations where it’s just so convenient
to have that so i’m excited they’re
bringing you back secondly reducing the

Camera bump i can’t stress this enough
having a massive camera bump on a phone
especially when you have a pen is going
to cause problems when you’re writing
because if you imagine setting it on the
back and you have a giant camera bump
only on one side when you write it’s
going to wobble back and forth that’s
been a problem on the note series for a
really long time so having smaller
cameras or a smaller camera bump

Galaxy s22 ultra

I think is going to give you much fewer camera
wobble and that’s a big positive thirdly
this is coming with the snapdragon 8 gen
1. sounds like some kind of totally
different processor lineup but
essentially it’s just a sequel to
the snapdragon lineup for mobile
processors they had the 888 last year
they had the 868 the year before like

They’ve been kind of jumping around with
numbers lately now the snapdragon 8 gen
1 is what they’re using here and there
are a couple really big things the first
one as an earbud reviewer and somebody
who loves audio i’m really excited that
this now has better audio capability so
essentially you should have capabilities
of getting aptx lossless on here as far
as how samsung might integrate that

Faster processor

Faster processor
Faster processor

Hopefully, it’s not like hidden in
developer options hopefully it’s
actually usable and accessible but
regardless that’s something that is very
exciting on here additionally you’re
going to see a lot of his speed
improvements like 20 faster processors 30
percent more efficient four times faster
ai engine 18 bit isp versus 14 bit last
year which basically means like better
hdr and better 8k video and just

More data in general with your photos
like there’s a lot of big improvements
that we should be expecting with this
like i said a lot of them i think are
going to be really in in the photos as
you have better ai capabilities and
better isp capabilities
not going to get too technical the point
is we’re going to see some pretty nice
improvements this year additionally

Large boxy design

The last thing that i was really excited
about is having different options but
this is both a pro and a con so the
positive is that if you don’t like the
large boxy design of the s22 ultra you
can also go down to the s22 regular or
s22 pro in their drastically different
designs they’re gonna be much rounder
much more familiar they’re not going to
have that thick design that we’re seeing
on the s22 ultra but of course

The downside is they’re probably not going
to have an s pen so
that’s like i said both a good thing and
a bad thing it’s good they have
different options but it’s bad that the
different options don’t come with an s
pen i don’t know it makes sense ultra
users are more likely to use the pen and
regular non-power users are less likely
to use the pen anyway now that ties me
into the three things that i’m a little
bit concerned about with this phone

5 000 milliamp-hour battery

5 000 milliamp-hour battery
5 000 milliamp-hour battery

There are some things that although it’s a
really exciting design i’m just not so
sure how they’re going to turn out one
of them is the thickness of this phone
so they fit a periscope 10x telephoto
lens in there they fit an s pen in there
and somehow they still have a 5 000
milliamp-hour battery with 45 watt
all in this phone and there’s no camera
bump like it’s it’s gonna be a thick
phone and so i mean i’m fine with having

A thick phone i don’t really care but
the question arises of when you add a
case on this which i probably won’t but
if you do add a case how thick is this
phone really going to be like is it
going to fit in your pocket at all i
don’t know that’s something that you
want to be aware of the next one number
two is screen wobble i mentioned that
you’re much less likely to have it
because the camera pump is smaller but

Samsung S22 features

We don’t know how big these cameras
actually are and like how much they
actually stick out you can see that they
stick out a little bit so you might
still have some wobble and if you’re
writing on this it still might rock back
and forth but it’s supposed to or i
would expect it to be much less than
previous notes
and then lastly because you have

This kind of new design where there’s like
different like all the cameras of their
own little bump
what’s that going to be like for
collecting dirt or getting things on
there like how is it going to be to
clean that i dont know that’s just
something i thought of like if i put
this in my pocket is it going to collect
lint in all the little corners like

Samsung S22 price

We don’t know and we’re i’m excited
to see when this phone actually comes
out what it’s really like but talking
about the s22 and s22 pro now these
phones are probably more likely to cost
around 800 and a thousand dollars but
again we can’t be confident on this
because the s21 fe is rumored to launch
just one month earlier this four phone
lineup i think is going to kind of
really only have two good phones the s22

and the s22 pro are not those two good
phones honestly i think they’re a little
bit boring they’re gonna look a lot like
last year’s phones but just with a chip
drop or at least according to rumors and
I think more likely the phones to
recommend would be if you’re a power
user the s22 ultra is absolutely going
to be the go-to and if you’re looking
for the best bang for your buck

Drastic redesign

Drastic redesign
Drastic redesign

I mean if the s21 fe is anything like
last years s20 we can be confident
that it’s going to offer a lot of bang
for your buck a great chip great cameras
all of that at a surprisingly low price
but guys that’s been it that’s my take
on the galaxy s22 & s22 pro and s22 ultra
i’m really excited to see this phone
it’s a really drastic redesign and i
think that the s22 ultra might be my
go-to phone for at least the first half

if not all of 2022. so leave a comment
down below and let me know what you
think about this upcoming phone but of
course i can’t stress this enough i
don’t actually have the phone in my
hands yet this is just based on the
leaks and renders they could come out
with something pretty drastically
different but anyway i hope you enjoyed
this article if you did consider liking
and subscribing i’m Abdul Rehman thanks
for reading and i’ll see you next time


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