Samsung Galaxy S21 5G full review | Samsung S21 Cutting The Right Corners

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G full review | Samsung S21 Cutting The Right Corners. Introducing Galaxy S21 5G and S21+ 5G. Super high-resolution camera and 8K video. Galaxy’s fastest processor yet. All-day intelligent battery.

What we have right here is the brand new
Samsung galaxy s21 is the base
model out of the three which is
essentially the phone you’d be buying
if you wanted the latest specs from
Samsung the latest flagship

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G full Review.

but you didn’t want to spend over a
thousand dollars so for the first time
For a long time, Samsung changed their
normal trend every year they increased
the price of almost every single model
and this year with the s21 they actually
dropped the price compared to last year
and this one’s selling at just under.

now there are a couple of things people
complained about how they dropped
the price and I’ll talk about that
throughout this video but overall i
think this phone is really impressive it
delivers a lot of the really big
flagship specs

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G full Review
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G full Review

the processor uh the storage and
everything you’re really looking for
but of course, coming in eight hundred
dollars is a very competitive
price so with that being said let’s get
into this video the first thing I want
to start off with
is just a physical tour I think within
the first couple of minutes you’ll see what
people were complaining about
but honestly, I’m not sure that those are
really a big drawback so

Samsung galaxy s21

starting off on the back you’ll see that
there are several different colors i
believe there’s three or four different
colors I’ll show them on the screen
right now
and this one right here I think looks
really clean the white and silver
and all the way around the phone you
have the rails are made of aluminum of

so it should be pretty durable and we’ll
take a look at that in just one second
but on the back
the white back here is actually made of
plastic and this is the first thing
people were complaining about
when you’re buying a flagship phone they
wanted a glass back as we’re seeing on
the s21 plus
and of course last year’s galaxy s20
it’s very common to see glass backs on
flagship phones

Samsung galaxy s21

Galaxy s21 ultra 5g

But with that being said the plastic
back is honestly something that I almost
prefer now don’t get me wrong I love a
the good premium glass back on a phone but
plastic does have its advantages so
first of all, you’re not going to get
fingerprints on this one it really
doesn’t have as much of a shine to it so
even if there were fingerprints
you really wouldn’t see them on top of
that it is more durable so it’s less
likely to shatter

I mean maybe you could get a scratch on
it but I’ve done a lot of polling and it
turns out a lot of people
actually prefer plastic backs and people
who don’t prefer plastic backs I mean
many of them end up using a case anyway so
the plastic back while it did get a lot
of attention and a lot of people
complained I don’t think is really a big
drawback I’m happy they did that that’s
one of the cut the ways to cut cost
that i think is pretty harmless it’s
really hard to see the difference
but if it saves money it’s good to drive
the price down

Samsung galaxy s21 review

now looking on the top left you’ll see
we have our camera bump there our three
64-megapixel telephoto lens and then 12
megapixel wide-angle and ultra-wide
angle lens
next to our flash something you’ll
notice is that this just like the
galaxy s 21 plus
doesn’t actually have a microphone on
the back anywhere I believe
the microphone is going to be on the top and
on the bottom

so we’ll test that out in the video test
to see how that actually sounds
but it also doesn’t have any kind of
lidar any kind of depth camera
anything like that on the back which i
think is fine a nice clean aesthetic and
i mean the overall aesthetic of this

i think i think it looks really good you
guys can leave a comment and let me know
what you think of this but
as far as phones go i think this is one
of the best looking phones on the market
right now

Samsung galaxy s21 review
Samsung galaxy s21 review
Samsung s21

i really like how the edge kind of just
wraps up into the camera bump
to have that really nice silver
aesthetic there i think it looks pretty
sleek but looking around the outside
we’ll start off on the right side when
you’re looking at the front of the phone
we have our classic buttons Samsung’s
had them over on this side for a while

the volume rocker and then the side key
the side key is essentially your power
button but
it’s going to be something you can remap
so as we’re usually seeing with Samsung devices
you can remap it to open Bixby or any
app you want maybe Snapchat for example you can open your camera and of course
you could power it off depending on how
you choose to

Galaxy s21 ultra

set that up within your settings on the
bottom of the phone we have our speaker
on the right side
we have our USB type-c in the middle
obviously again no headphone jack on
this phone we haven’t seen in years
and to the left of that, we have our sim
tray and another microphone

now I’ve been told that the microphone
in there is actually turned 90 degrees
so if you accidentally poke it with your
sim tray poker
you shouldn’t damage it but I would
still, be careful and try to avoid poking that hole
you want to make sure you get the right
hole when you’re trying to take your sim
tray out

Samsung galaxy s21 5g

it’s weird that Samsung put them that
close on the left side
very clean nothing there you can see the
marks for the antenna
and on the top, we have our microphone
now on the front, this is the second
thing people are actually complaining

we have a 6.2-inch super AMOLED screen
120 hertz
so far that sounds great right but
the catch is it’s limited to
only 1080p and again this is something
that i don’t particularly see
as a big drawback, i know a lot of people
wanted that quad HD display that we saw
on the s20 so it’s weird to see a

Samsung galaxy s21 5g
Samsung galaxy s21 5g

Video quality

but at the same time last year, you had a
choice any way you could either have
quad hd at 60 hertz or 1080p
at 120 hertz and being that the
difference between 1080p
and quad hd on a screen of this size uh
was not as

significant as the difference in resin
screen refresh rate
i always chose 120 hertz anyway so this
screen experience is essentially identical
from my use case so 120 hertz 1080p
i think it looks really good i have no
complaints about that on the top we have
our hole-punch camera and just as a side note i actually will
be i mean you guys might be wondering
what the other differences are between
this and the galaxy s20 from last year i
will be making a full side-by-side
comparison it’s probably going to be my
very next article

Wireless charging

were the plastic back in the lower
resolution screen but both of them
i think are a good way to cut cost some
other things to note with this phone
physically that you can’t actually see
on the back of course we have wireless
charging and reverse wireless charging
so you could charge up
like your earbuds on the back of your
phone really cool feature you don’t see

Fingerprint sensor

that on iPhones it’s one of the reasons
I really like these
on the front end, we have our fingerprint
sensor underneath the screen
this is an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
and this year it’s supposedly better and larger
from my experience i mean I’m just so
used to the s20 I’m getting pretty good
at that but

i did notice that it does seem to maybe
just how i registered my fingerprint it
seems to work really well
i like the fingerprint sensor i never
seem to miss it and it just works
uh you know almost every single time i’m
using it and then looking under the hood
we have a snapdragon 888 the newest
processor from Qualcomm
and really the best you’re going to see
on any android device out there
this also has BlueTooth 5.0 not 5.2

Galaxy s21 plus

i don’t know why they didn’t make that
upgrade so it’s a little bit less future
proof than the ultra
but it’s the same boat that we’re seeing
with the galaxy s21 plus
I’m not sure why Samsung chose to put
just 5.0 and not
5.1 or 5.2 in here but you know

whatever that’s what they did i guess
and while we’re on the subject of
downgrades they also have fewer ramps
only eight gigabytes of ram
maybe they did some surveying and
realized most people don’t need 12

Samsung s21 storage

i’m not entirely sure why they did that
regardless eight
is not leading the pack but it’s
definitely going to get the job done you
have 128 gigabytes of storage
on the base model, you can of course
upgrade that i believe it’s like 50
to get up to 256 gigabytes but you don’t
actually have expandable storage so

you’ll see the sim tray on the bottom
is just a sim tray you no longer have
any room for expandable storage
this is another thing people really
complained about and this is one that i
would say is actually grounded

Samsung galaxy

i don’t really use expandable storage
on here i would rather pay for one drive
or something but
i know a lot of people that would like
to use that expandable storage so not
having that on here
kind of sets us back a little but again
we don’t see that on iPhones anyway or a
lot of other phones out there
so Samsung’s kind of been like the last
one holding on to that

Samsung galaxy
Samsung galaxy

of course, this is ip68 water resistance
so drop it in the water you should have
absolutely no problem and then
i guess one other thing to note is
The display on the front is actually a flat
display so unlike what we see
on so many of the previous s models like
s20 the s10 and keep rolling back to like the s6
edge this

Waterfall edge

one does not actually have that waterfall
edge which personally i really like that
it’s a flat display the waterfall edge
was cool when it came out and i really
liked it for a little while but
it had its drawbacks it was really
annoying honestly to try to type because
i kept having some palm issues like
every time i would reach my thumb over
farther on the screen

my palm would hit the bottom corner and
i ended up changing the keyboard
or doing something stupid like that and
it really got annoying so having the
flat display
i think is a pretty welcome change of
course if you have your phone face down now
you can’t use that edge lighting to
kind of have like a little green ring

No charging available

when you get a phone call or a blue ring
for a message
that was nice before but i mean overall
the pros and cons i think a flat display
is going to be better now
one other thing to note with how they
actually cut cost on this phone
in the box, they don’t have a charging
brick this is something that
people are very upset about and of
course you can go out and buy a charging
brick but

this is what we’re seeing now flagship
phones no longer come with charging
bricks we see the apple did this first
Samsung made fun of them now Samsung’s
doing it and i’m sure we’re gonna see
this trend continues

Flagship phones

with many other flagship phones
throughout the year so with that being
said guys let’s jump into a camera test
like i said we have four cameras on this
phone the selfie camera on the front
and then the three on the back so we’ll
get into some articles and photos
to see how well it actually performs so
starting off here’s the ultrawide camera
and overall Samsung improved a lot it’s

a much lower saturation than it used to be here’s the wide-angle but you will
notice the shadows look especially blue
in the snow, i’m not sure really why they
did that but
here’s the telephoto lens and again the
sharpness looks really really good the
trees are a natural color here’s the 10x zoom
still very usable and as we dial it into
30x zoom

Samsung galaxy s21 rear camera

i mean it’s more usable than it used to
be it’s really not that bad but i’m
obviously not going to print this out
here’s live focus view this one is
essentially portrait mode with the rear

Samsung galaxy s21 rear camera
Samsung galaxy s21 rear camera

my skin looks a little bit too saturated
the selfie camera has a much more natural
skin tones
and when you go to live focus mode again
it does an excellent job i think this
actually does one of the best jobs
for blurring the background very very
accurately and just as a side note i’ll
actually, be


posting all these photos on Twitter so
if you guys want to zoom in and actually
look at them a little closer
go check out my Twitter
with two ends and I’ll share these
photos there okay so this is an article with the s21
again I’m walking around and it’s really
pretty smooth, not shaky

but we could go back to the ultra-wide
as you see here and the mic
zooms out as we zoom in it’s going to
sound like I’m getting farther away so

3x zoom

we go to 3x zoom and again pretty stable surprisingly
stable it looks really clean
nice sharpness overall great color and
as we go over let’s bring this pole into focus
looks like it focused really pretty
quickly a good natural blur in the

overall i think this looks pretty good
but let’s see what it sounds like
if well let’s see what it sounds like
if you’re recording like a person and
the audio is on this side again without
a microphone right next to the cameras
we’re gonna see how this actually sounds
using the microphone on the top and the
bottom of the phone itself

3x zoom
3x zoom
Selfie camera

so leave a comment and let me know what
you guys think about how this audio sounds to you
and that’s it for the article test okay so
this is the video test with the selfie

um just let me know how this sounds and
looks to you guys in a comment below
uh but honestly i mean it’s doing a
great job like there’s obviously the sun
right behind me and it’s still
like i’m not a total silhouette so it’s
doing a really good job of the
of the dynamic range the color overall

New features

i’m impressed with this
so overall guys the galaxy s21 regular
is a phone that
although it has a lot of new features
like the newest processor
in a way, it’s kind of a step back which
is why it’s an interesting comparison
i’ll be putting out

between the galaxy s20 from last year
and the s21 right here so i mean like i said you’re
going to have some trade-offs you have a
better processor but you have less ram
you have a plastic back versus a glass
back but there’s a lot of things like
so with that being said guys
definitely check out that article
but looking at this phone individually i
mean honestly i really like it i think
Samsung did a lot of things right here i
like how they dialed the cost back a
little bit

Resolution galaxy s21

making this a more competitive phone and
the drawbacks on here don’t really
bother me i don’t care that it’s a
plastic back i don’t care that it’s
the same resolution that i was using
before anyway with 120 hertz
and i don’t usually use sd cards anyway
but i mean

there are a lot of great things with
this phone the processor is very fast
we do have that 120-hertz screen we have
all the usual flagship stuff you want to
and the cameras on here honestly do an
excellent job I really like how
even though the software even the
hardware is not especially different
Samsung is doing a lot right with your
software now so they’re finally catching

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra price

and they’re not over-saturating photos
they’re not over softening photos
i think they look really good so the
Samsung galaxy s21
i think is a pretty solid buy gives you
all the flagship specs at a much lower price
and i think it’s a pretty easy phone to
recommend but you guys can leave a
comment and let me know what you think of

Samsung galaxy s21 ultra price
Samsung galaxy s21 ultra price

the galaxy s21 is this a phone you would be buying or
recommending to friends
or are there too many drawbacks what do
you guys like and dislike about this
and as always guys if you enjoyed
this article considers liking and sharing.


6.2″ AMOLED panel 1080p 120Hz
No power brick in the box

Differences: flatter, lower res, and dynamically adjusted
Faster and easier fingerprint sensor
No SPEN support
Plastic back
4 colors
4,000 MAH battery
120Hz is adaptive, so this helps
Wireless and reverse wireless
Snapdragon 888 chip
Bluetooth 5.0 while Ultra has 5.2…
Still works with dual audio and stuff
8GB RAM / 128GB storage – downgrade


10MP selfie
12MP Wide
12MP Ultrawide
64MP telephoto (hybrid 3x)
Directors view mode
8k24 or 4k60 video
1080 super steady
Zoom in mic



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