Samsung galaxy fit vs fit2 full review

Samsung galaxy fit vs fit2 full review, Are you thinking about upgrading? Do you have an option between the original Samsung Galaxy Fit and the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2? Hopefully, this quick review can help you out!

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Samsung galaxy fit vs fit2 comparison

so going with the differences between the two
bands first thing you’re going to see
are the physical differences in the original
galaxy fit does have
an actual button on the side where the
fit 2 has no buttons whatsoever
when you are using the bands themselves
they are detachable
so on the original fit band fit1
they are detachable so they can come
right out and that’s how you’re going to
switch them out
where the difference is with the galaxy fit 2
is it actually come out of the entire band
like this their charging is also
a little bit different as well with

Samsung galaxy fit vs fit2 comparison
Samsung galaxy fit vs fit2 comparison

The original fit band has a little cradle
that you pop in that is magnetic which is nice
I do like the cradle whereas the galaxy fits too
it’s more of a little clamp that gets
put on and you can use the clamp
with the band on as well other than that
a couple of the key differences in the
actual galaxy fit one burst the galaxy
bit two
the galaxy fit one
has a little bit of a smaller screen about a point
nine five-inch where the galaxy for two
is going to be a little bit bigger
at 1.1 inches so that’s going to help
out a little bit as well

Difference between galaxy fit vs fit2

the only real other difference between the two
is the galaxy fit 2 actually have a bigger battery
so it does support up to 14 days and if
you take off continuous heart rate
you can get up to 21 days and with my
the testing they’re pretty much
true with that so if you’re looking for
a band that has a little bit more
battery life I would go with the galaxy fit too
another thing that you might see is the actual band itself
as you can tell the latch is a little
bit different on the old one where
the new one fits too

you actually have this little bit of
a hinge that helps so much
when you’re trying to put the band on so
I definitely recommend the hinge
on the galaxy fit too as far as their
sensors are concerned they’re pretty much
identical I saw no real differences in heart rate
and steps they’re all working fairly
well even with sleep tracking so there’s
no real differences
as far as the sensors are concerned
and of course, you’re using the same app

The galaxy wearable app

you’re using the galaxy wearable app and
using the Samsung help
app both of them you are gonna need for
these guys so one’s gonna be more for
the band and one’s gonna be more for your fitness
tracking to help kind of differentiate
the two so since the galaxy fit one
is a little bit older it’s gonna be a
a little bit tougher to find some more
updates and stuff like that so you won’t
be getting as many updates
it actually took support away from
a couple of the widgets

in there so if you are looking for
something that’s going to be up to date
a little bit more I would definitely consider
the newer one so what are my
recommendations if you had the galaxy
one you were thinking about getting
the fit too don’t worry about it stick
to the galaxy fit one wait for something
that’s gonna be a little bit more of a leap
in its fitness tracking I mean yes you
will get another seven days
of battery life but it’s not really that
worth it to buy an extra band
even though it’s only 59 and of course

Price point – Samsung galaxy fit vs fit2

if you are looking between the two
and they’re both around the same price
point even if the galaxy fits one if
you’re getting refurbished can be a little bit less
I’d still consider just grabbing a brand
new galaxy fit too unless you’re getting
this guy for like 30 bucks
but if you’re looking for something
a little bit cheaper the me
band 5 which I did do a review on my
the website itself you can check that
right up here and also I do a comparison galaxy fit too
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Price point  - Samsung galaxy fit vs fit2
Price point – Samsung galaxy fit vs fit2

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