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SAMSUNG GALAXY F62 REVIEW | cheapest smartphone 5G. Buy Samsung Galaxy F62(Blue) with 6GB RAM & 128GB of Storage, 7000 mAh Battery, 6.7 inch FHD+ SAMOLED+ Infinity-O Display & more. Samsung’s new F62 is also known as the M62 and offers a 7,000 mAh battery, the same processor as the Note 10, a quad camera setup, and a large colorful display. So why aren’t more people talking about this?

so every year Samsung comes out with
dozens of new phones but for one reason
or another
most people only hear about three or
four of them most people know about the
flagship s series
the flagship note series and maybe
people know a little bit about the
mid-range a


series now that still leaves a lot of
phones that are almost completely
forgotten and granted
a bunch of these phones is going to be
budget phones that are not especially
exciting to review


but occasionally you find a phone that
is just overlooked it’s an exciting
the phone has great features great specs and
a great price
and it just happens to not get reviewed
and that’s exactly what we’re talking
about in this article
so the phone we’re talking about in
the article is the Samsung galaxy f62
I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks
now and it’s starting to become more
popular in India
for its low price tag of just (?)

a massive screen 6.7 inches a really
a massive battery of 7 000 milliamp hours
to easily get you through multiple days
it has an sd card slot dual sim
charger in the box headphone jack it
really has a lot to offer
at this mid-range price point oh and it
also has the same processor we saw on
the galaxy note 10. so

Smart phones F62

it’s not a slow phone either okay so
let’s get into a physical tour of this
phone starting off on the right side we
have our volume rocker right above the
power button
very standard for Samsung phones to do
this but what’s not standard is that the power button
also doubles as a fingerprint sensor
typically Samsung likes to put their
fingerprint sensor under the screen
but occasionally to save money they’ll
just put it in the power button we saw
with the tab

s7 and honestly I really like this i
think it’s more convenient
you’re going to be tapping the power
button a lot of times anyway so putting it there
is a great thing to do on the back of
this phone we do have a quad camera setup
but it’s like a quad-camera setup you
know so we’ll talk about that later on
but the main shooter is 64 megapixels
very promising lens and of course I will
get into a full test of that

Smart phones F62
Smart phones F62

Cheapest smartphone

the back of this phone is like a
blue and silver one
and it is actually a plastic back as you
can kind of tell here it was honestly
really hard to film because
it is literally like a mirror on the top
and then blue on the bottom
so that look I think it looks kind of
cool but is it my favorite aesthetic for
a phone

no, i personally prefer matte backs on a
phone but the plastic is not necessarily a bad thing
now the other things we have on this
the phone we do have a headphone jack we
have a USB type-c charging and data
transfer port
of course, it does come with a charging
cable and brick in the box
that’s nice to see and it is a fast
the charger that it comes with
25 watts although with a 7 000 milliamp hour battery

Samsung smartphone

25 watts isn’t exactly fast charging
anymore it still takes a while to charge
this up because that battery is so large
but again it’s just nice to see that in
the box at least you’re not using like a
five-watt charger

that you might have to kick around your
a house like 25 watts at least gets it you
know reasonably quick
if we look at the sim tray we have a
dual sim slot as well as an sd card slot
in there so you can put expandable
up to one terabyte and by default this
the phone does come with 128 gigabytes of
storage onboard
honestly I never really expand my
storage anyway I’d rather just use cloud
storage but

Best Budget Smartphone

it’s something that if you want it it is
available you can put an SD card in this
phone now flipping the phone over to the
the front we have a 32-megapixel hole punch
the selfie camera on the top
and the screen is 6.7 inches it gets pretty bright
it doesn’t really have a great dynamic
range though so the colors

it’s decent but it’s not the best out
there which is to be expected for this
price range
it also is only 60 hertz which normally
i would say is not a big deal but we’re
starting to see more and more mid-range phones
come out with that high refresh rate
screen so it is a little bit more of an
antiquated screen but regardless
most people buying this phone won’t
notice any kind of difference there and

Best Budget Smartphone
Best Budget Smartphone

SAMSUNG GALAXY F62 5g smartphone

it’s going to be a great display for you now as far as
the overall
the feel of the phone goes it is a larger
a phone you can definitely tell from the
large screen that it’s a big phone but
it’s also a little bit thicker as well
with that big battery on board
considering that the battery is seven
thousand milliamp hours which is
double triple maybe even four times the
size of an iPhone battery depending on
which phone you’re looking at

I mean it’s impressive that the
battery like the phone is not heavier
then it is so
overall it’s a big phone yes but it’s
not nearly as big as I expected it to be
when I first read that it had 7000
milliamp hours
of battery inside and speaking of the
battery I think it’s to be expected that
you’d be getting a long battery life out of this
easily getting through two days from my

New Smartphone

but it wasn’t as long as i hoped for but
the fact is that the processor in here
it is a fast processor and it’s the same
one that we saw in the galaxy note 10
but it’s not a snapdragon it was the
Exynos version
which is the 9825 again pretty quick
processor but what that’s really known for
is its inefficiency with a battery when
the note 10 came out a lot of people

New Smartphone
New Smartphone

that the Exynos version didn’t last
nearly as long as the snapdragon version
and here again, we’re seeing the same
a thing which I mean it’s compensated more
than compensated with the seven thousand
milliamp-hour battery
but you just wanna keep in mind it’s not
going to be lasting like five days
okay so I think you guys have
the general idea of what this phone is like

First Smartphone

but let’s start talking a little bit
more about using this phone and
one of the things people really care
about the phone and rightfully so
is the camera setup so if we look at the
back of this phone, we have four cameras
like I said one of them is the main
shooter the 64-megapixel primary lens
and I’ll get into a full test of that in
a second but the other ones we have
a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens so those
are the two photos or two lenses that i
would really be using

First Smartphone
First Smartphone

then the other ones which are why i said
quad camera in quotes
is because one of them is a 5 megapixel
depth camera which you will probably
never use at all for
anything if it wasn’t there you wouldn’t
notice the difference and of course you
have a five-megapixel macro lens
again if it was not there you
would not notice that at all Samsung
even knows this

Google Smartphone

which is why when you open up the camera
on the bottom, the macro is not easily
because it’s really just a sales tactic
that a lot of mid-range phones are using
where they’re throwing in that macro
lens nobody really wants it nobody
really uses it it’s low quality
and I wish they would just get rid of it
and save the space but regardless

it’s there and we’re gonna get into a
full test of that, okay so taking a look
at the cameras starting off with
the macro lens you can see why I don’t like
it’s not really great quality
really poor sharpness there’s no
autofocus if they made it a higher
quality lens at least

Best smartphone camera

i would maybe appreciate it but here you
can see just not especially useful
going to the ultrawide lens you can see
a typical Samsung photo here
very high saturation pretty good dynamic
range as well good sharpness overall a
pretty nice photo

i would say it’s a little bit over
saturated looks like the older Samsung
lenses here
but as you zoom in even digitally it
looks pretty decent
you can see here is a great example of
the really oversaturated red in the
but again the photos especially for
landscape I think they still look pretty
decent here

Best smartphone camera
Best smartphone camera

Best cheap smartphone SAMSUNG GALAXY

a little bit of warping on the edges
with the ultrawide lens but
the standard rear lens like i think it’s
a pretty good photo
you’ll notice that the trees on the left
of this photo look slightly weird with
the coloration
but even again here’s another example of
the digital zoom when you zoom all the
way in

it’s still not even that bad one weird
thing is the rear portrait mode however
my face is way over sharpened and
there’s some weird color on my nose and
my forehead it just
it looks very very abnormal when we go
to the selfie lens portrait mode, it does
the opposite it actually really softens
your face a lot

Small smartphone

almost too much and then of course in
the no selfie mode
the front-facing lens sometimes
struggles a little bit with dynamic
range but
otherwise, it does a decent job so here
is an article test and I’m walking around
right now

it’s really stable we have great colors
pretty saturated so the water
looks a little bluer here than it does
in real life but
otherwise, i think it looks really it
looks really good honestly the
stabilization does a great job if i move

Android smartphone

it tries to stabilize so you get
a little bit of warping but it gives it a
much smoother look to it
we can also zoom so if we zoom in we’re
going into our uh actually we don’t have
any other lens we can go into 10x zoom
with this
lens and let’s see if it lets us zoom
back out

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

it does it lets us zoom smoothly between
lenses between
the ultra-wide and the standard wide
angle lens and honestly they looked
pretty consistent with color so I think
the transition you can see
when it happens right there but

Smartphone deals

i think it looks pretty good and now
this is what it would sound like if
somebody was talking again we don’t have
a microphone on this side right next to
the lenses but
we do have one on the top and bottom so
we should have a pretty good sound
you guys can leave a comment and let me
know how this sounds to you and how this
the article looks to you

all right now the selfie camera is also
4k which is awesome
uh we’re getting some hard shadows from
the sun is right there but it does a pretty
decent job pretty good dynamic range for
a selfie camera
a little bit less saturated i think
unless I’m just being blinded by the sun here

Best smartphone overall

uh but you guys can leave a comment for
this as well let me know how this looks
and sounds to you
and that concludes our camera test so
some more about the experience with this
a phone like I said the 9825
Exynos processor is pretty fast it’s
going to be

more than fast enough for anything
you’re doing most everyday tasks the
camera everything’s very responsive
of course, if you’re trying to do some
very heavy gaming you’re definitely
going to be able to reach
the limits of this processor but it
definitely is doable you can easily play
games with this phone and i had no
problems with that either
this is running android 11 so again a
very good experience on here very up to

SAMSUNG GALAXY F62 mid-range phone

and as far as the mid-range phone goes I was
impressed it was very fast and
has a decent amount of ram it definitely
gets the job done and you shouldn’t be
noticing any kind of problems now
the other things this phone does also
have NFC which is something that we
don’t always see in mid-range phones
and it is really nice if you want to use
Samsung pays to have a contactless payment

wherever you’re going gas stations
whatever i like to see that i was really
happy that this phone had that
so the experience with this phone
overall was very positive it didn’t feel
exactly like a flagship because you
could tell like the phone’s a little
bulkier it’s a plastic

SAMSUNG GALAXY F62 mid-range phone
SAMSUNG GALAXY F62 mid-range phone

Galaxy F62

back uh and of course, it is like
the display is not a fast refresh display
but other than that it runs very quickly
has plenty of storage
has a massive battery in there and it’s
going to in some ways
be similar enough to a flagship phone
that i could easily use this phone as a
daily driver

so the Samsung galaxy f62 overall is a
pretty decent mid-range phone it’s gonna
be pretty quick it’s gonna have a great
battery life
has a very large display and a nice
fingerprint sensor and it has
pretty much everything you’re looking
for in a mid-range phone now of course
they did cut some costs on things
the ultrawide lens is not especially great
two of the lenses the macro and
the depth camera is completely useless
and it doesn’t have a telephoto lens but
with that being said

Samsung Galaxy f62.

i mean it’s still nice to have
an ultrawide lens in case you have a very bright
condition and you really want to use it
or you can use the primary shooter which
is a pretty decent camera
overall guys this phone i think it’s
pretty decent for the price but you guys
can leave a comment below and let me
know what you think of the Samsung
galaxy f62.


7000 mAh battery
Exynos 9825 same as Note 10
Quad camera, 64MP main shooter
6.7” display
Headphone, dual SIM, SD, NFC


Cool design on the rear
Plastic back
Hard to film
This is a large and heavy phone
Fantastic AMOLED display, but not that bright, and just 60Hz
Dual SIM + SD card (up to 1TB)
4 camera setup
Center hole-punch camera
No screen protector
The fingerprint sensor on the power button
25W fast charging
7000 mAh battery
Plastic back
3 Colors – Green, Grey, Blue
In the box, you get a charger, USBC cable, and that’s it
The display is large but just OK. Poor HDR, mediocre color, ok brightness, and only 60Hz


5MP Macro
12MP Ultrawide
64MP Wide
5MP Depth
32MP Selfie

The Primary is decent but the others are meh.
Decent night mode on a primary shooter
Macron has no autofocus
Night mode on ultrawide sucks

Android 11
Exynos 9825
A very fast midrange phone
One UI 3.1 is fast and smooth (and it is really meant for big phones… like this one)
Integrates well with Windows
No 5G


VERY fast midrange phone, decent camera setup, no telephoto lens, Decent but perhaps not the best for gaming (no HDR, 60Hz, etc.) good brightness!
Just ok speakers
Slow 25W charging for a battery this big
Wish it had a better water resistance rating

Thank you For Reading.

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