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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review | Smart Bluetooth Wireless Introducing Galaxy Buds Pro. These are truly wireless earbuds, with pro-grade technology for immersive sound like never before. While Intelligent ANC lets you.

so right here we have the brand new
Samsung galaxy buds pro and the galaxy
buds have a pretty big name to live up to
from the original galaxy buds in last
year’s galaxy buds plus
they were always a really solid
recommendation for your everyday user and
as soon as I saw that Samsung released
these and they have active noise

Samsung galaxy buds pro

i got excited and i bought a pair so
In this article we’re going to put these to
the test
and figure out how good these earbuds
actually are because
like i said the past couple years made a
pretty big name for galaxy buds the
galaxy buds gave a really solid balance of fit
comfort sound quality functions battery life
and of course they all came at a

Samsung galaxy buds pro
Samsung galaxy buds pro

relatively reasonable price you’re
looking at airpods costing like
(?) and then the galaxy buds
swooped in at (maybe change)
for the plus model now these
come at a slightly higher price tag so
are they actually worth the high price

well in this article like i said we’re
going to dive in and test these out
but let’s start off with a physical tour
now the first thing you might notice is
the nice matte case
honestly i love it so much easier to
film but it’s the same exact case size as

Samsung airpods

last year’s samsung galaxy buds live the
galaxy beans as i called them
affectionately they were nice they’re
great earbuds and i do like this case
style so
we have wireless charging on the bottom
we have an led on the front
and of course we have usb type-c
charging on the back it’s a really
simple case

very pocketable very small compact i
like the case overall i think they did a
great job
keeping this case i kind of knew they
would keep this case and
i like it now as we open that you’ll see
that the earbuds themselves
look slightly different they look
honestly it’s kind of like a mix between
the galaxy buds live
and the galaxy buds plus so they have

Samsung airpods
Samsung airpods

Samsung’s galaxy buds+

kind of the high gloss finish of the
they have a little bit of the bean shape
of the live but at the same time
they have the silicone tip that we saw
on the galaxy buds plus
so i mean honestly this is a really good
start right here these are very
comfortable as far as fit and comfort go

i can wear them in my ears for hours at
a time and have no discomfort
there are three different silicone ear
tips in the box so you can customize
that but
the first thing you’ll probably notice
is that unlike the galaxy buds original
and the plus these do not have any kind
of wing tips so

Galaxy buds pro

i was a little bit concerned about that
but i did go on a run
and honestly they didn’t fall out now as
far as aesthetics go there are three
different colors there’s a purple a
white and a black as i have right here
and i mean honestly i do wish that they
were a matte color instead of that high
gloss but

other than that i think these look
pretty decent wearing them in my ears
they fit pretty flush they don’t stick
out they’re really not gaudy
not too gaudy in my opinion but the comment
down below let me know what you guys
think of these earbuds

if they look good or if you really don’t
like the aesthetic now as far as battery
life goes with these earbuds you have
five hours in the earbuds and 18 hours
when you include the case
that’s with it on so that’s a pretty
solid battery life there
but if you turn active noise
cancellation off you’re looking at eight
hours in the earbuds and 28 with the

Galaxy buds pro
Galaxy buds pro
Buds pro

which is definitely more than enough
battery for my needs now these are also
ipx7 water resistant
which is great it means that you’re
gonna have no problem if you drop these
in a puddle

uh drop them in i don’t know the toilet
whatever you i don’t know what you guys
are doing i don’t know what you’re doing
but if you drop these and they get wet
or if you’re you’re really really sweaty
or if it’s raining

Galaxy airpods

like they’re fine ipx7 means that
they’re really water-resistant
way more than they probably need to be
but regardless i like to see that in a
pair of earbuds
and of course if that battery life isn’t
enough for you say you’re on like a
plane and
and these die and there’s some crying
baby over there you can plug them in for
five minutes and get one hour of

it’s a pretty solid compromise or of
course you could charge them on the back of your
phone if you have like a newer samsung
phone or like the pixel 5 like
a lot of new phones except iphones do this

Galaxy buds pro review

now looking at the earbuds themselves on
the outside we have that high gloss
finish there is a touch pad there
and we have a whole bunch of microphones
on here i’m not even going to point them
all out but
we will get into a microphone test in
just a second on the inside we have a
small sensor right there that is the
proximity sensor

it’ll identify when these are in or out
of your ears for automatic playing and
pausing so i put them in they’ll start
take them out automatically pauses again
a great feature if somebody’s walking
over to talk to you

Galaxy buds pro review
Galaxy buds pro review

Galaxy earbuds pro

you take out an earbud it pauses the
music you can hear what they’re saying
and then put it back in and get right
back to your music
of course, we have the two nodes on the
inside for charging on the inside of the case
and we do have that silicone tip that is
really easy to take off and really easy
to replace back on there so

let’s get into a microphone test now to
see just how good the microphones are
like i said there are honestly too many
microphones to count on these
okay so this is what it sounds like when
I’m talking in the phone with the galaxy
buds pro

Buds Pro Samsung

of course, you can also record an article in
pro model with the Samsung phone as I’m
doing right now it’s using the earbuds
so comment down below let me know-how
this sounds to you honestly i expect it
to be sounding pretty good

especially because a lot of the galaxy
buds in the past have been ranking
very very high in the comparisons i’ve
had for the best microphone quality
on a pair of earbuds but again comment
down below let me know what you guys
think of these earbuds

New Samsung galaxy airpods

now there are some features that Samsung
was really talking about when they
released these
one of them is the Dolby head tracking
audio that’s pretty self-explanatory
it’s kind of like apple’s like 360
spatial audio i believe

where wearing these you can like look
around and it’ll sound a little
different like you hear in your left ear
than you hear on your right there’s not
a lot of content out there right now
that’s going to play back in that format
and of course it only works on samsung
devices right now but it’s something

New samsung galaxy airpods
New Samsung galaxy airpods

Airpods galaxy

in the next couple of years if we see more
of that could be a really cool
feature to have
on top of that, we do have that
intelligent active noise cancellation
which means that if you want to start
talking to somebody it’s something that
we saw in like the sony headphones the xm4s

where you have the anc on blocks out
everything somebody walks over to you
you want to talk to them you just start
talking and it’ll automatically turn off
the anc it’s a cool feature to have
honestly, it’s i probably just take my
earbud out anyway it looks kind of
i feel rude if i’m just talking to

Samsung’s galaxy buds+

someone with earbuds in especially
because it doesn’t really pause my music
now when it comes to active noise
cancellation i really tested these
earbuds out in several different
environments and

what i found was that overall they do a
pretty decent job i was really happy
with how they cut out
like traffic sounds outside some ambient
sound like some humming here and there
maybe an air vent like stuff like that
definitely gets drowned out so if the

Pro buds

white noise is what’s bothering you
these do an excellent job now for other
things some higher frequencies they
really don’t cut them out nearly as much so
for example like a vacuum cleaner really
doesn’t get cut out at all because it
actually is a higher frequency
a little bit of the low-end stuff does
disappear but you know it’s just
something to note overall

the anc and these did a pretty decent
job now they also have that
the voice detects as i’m going to show
you guys in the app in a second
which means that if i just start talking
it’ll turn anc
off and it actually turns on
transparency mode and it cuts the volume
of my music down so i can hear what i’m

Latest Samsung pro buds

when I’m talking to somebody now the
the only catch is when it detects that I’m
not talking for 5
10 or 15 seconds it’ll automatically
switch back on so if you’re talking to
somebody and they have
some reply to you that takes more than
five to 15 seconds

it’s going to turn your music back on
and turn the anc back on
so unless you’re continually saying
uh-huh yeah yeah
or something like that like it’s going
to it’s going to be kind of strange now
maybe this is a good thing maybe you
guys are talking to people and you just
don’t want to listen to them you can
drown them out whenever you’re not
talking and then just say come

Latest Samsung pro buds
Latest Samsung pro buds
Galaxy buds plus

some kind of generic reply like oh yeah
tell me more hey guys just a quick aside
like i said the price difference is
pretty substantial for these
compared to the airpods pro or to the
galaxy buds plus

i may have already made that article now
as far as sound quality goes with these
earbuds i mean i’m just going to make it
really simple
they sound really good these are an
excellent pair of earbuds for
anything you’re listening to aggressive
music rock rap
more chill stuff you listen to acoustic
music if you’re listening to jazz

sound quality

you know if you’re listening to some
Mozart just jamming out to some Mozart
like these are a great pair of earbuds
they have a really solid base
so it’s going to be prominent but it’s
not going to be too in your face
if you’re a big base lover if you’re
just you know like a big mosh pit lover
like you really want to go out there
and just like slam your head to some
hard base maybe you want to consider
something like the

like the powerboats pro or the Jabra 75ts
but for the majority of other people out
there these are going to do an excellent
job you also have great instrument
separation uh and you’re going to have
some pretty decent clarity as well so
the sound quality in these i was very
impressed of course they’re not quite at the level
of the Sennheiser momentum twos but i
mean they’re ahead of a lot of other
earbuds out there

Pretty secure

now really the only complaint i had with
these earbuds kind of tie in with the
lack of wingtips
i really like the wingtips in the galaxy
buds plus and while these are still
pretty secure i found that

it does require a little bit more force
to put them in your ears they’re a
little trickier to get in
and yes I’ve tried the different ear
tips they create a great seal but
i mean they’re not the easiest to stick
in your ears
especially not quickly at least and when

Bluetooth earbuds

you’re running like they stay in
reasonably well but i still think the
wingtips on the galaxy buds plus
did a slightly better job now of course
the galaxy buds pro
are just a pair of Bluetooth earbuds so
they connect normally to smart TVs and
smartwatches and laptops and tablets and

all kinds of different stuff but if you
want the added functionality i’m going
to show you in a second
you’re going to want to make sure that
you connect these to either a phone or
really a tablet anything that has either
the google

Bluetooth earbuds
Bluetooth earbuds
Samsung devises app

play store or the Apple app store so
right here we have the galaxy ware app
this is native on a Samsung phone it
already comes pre-installed but
if you have an iPhone for example it’s
easy to just download the app and you

almost all of the same functionality
there are a couple of things that you only
get on Samsung devices
but for the most part, i would argue that
the majority of people wouldn’t notice
the difference so
looking at the app right here going down
the first thing is the noise controls
which means

Different volumes

how much of the outside sound are you
hearing so on the ambient sound mode we have
four different levels as you can see
right below that
and that means that i can hear my
surroundings playing them back through
the speakers on the earbuds
at different volumes i recommend never
going to the highest volume

because it is extremely loud it’s like
hearing aid overload
if you’re hard of hearing that could be
great to have that but for most people
you are going to damage your ears
if anybody claps or slams the door
anywhere in your proximity then we can
also go to off
and that just turns off everything it

Passive mode

just goes into regular passive mode
as you notice the reason it’s switched
back is because i have voice detect on
when it detects my voice it’s going to
automatically shift over

to ambient sound mode so i can hear
myself and hear my surroundings
it’s a nice feature to have especially
if i’m going to start a conversation
with somebody
and i don’t want to take my earbuds out
then of course active noise cancellation
we have two different levels here
my voice doesn’t really sound that
different from the passive noise


but it does cut out a lot of the other
low-level sound so low-frequency sounds
like cars and
and jet engines and stuff like that it
does a pretty solid job of that
as we go down like i said voice detect
will notice when i’m talking
and it’ll automatically switch over

switch over to an ambient sound mode
we can block the touches on the touch
pad if you want to readjust these
i don’t think it’s a problem because i
usually grab the outside to readjust
so but if you don’t then you can just
block the touches and that’s that’s
a nice thing right there


you can customize the touch and hold
feature because these are touchpads on
either side
so customizing that you have four
different options for each one opening
Spotify is a cool option you can have as
well if you just want to take these out
put them in never even take your phone

out of your pocket and just start
playing spotify wherever you left off
cool feature to have i’m really happy
that they added that we have some
advanced features here so advanced
features are like the Bixby wake up
unfortunately, these don’t work with any
other voice assistants


um it just the native thing if you just
you can’t wait for google with this you
can’t wake Alexa with this
but i can say hey Bixby
and see that’s what happens let’s try
that again hi Bixby
hi Bixby yeah so i think you guys get my
point here

it’s really nobody’s favorite voice
assistant because uh
because of that it just it’s really
unreliable i i really wish they had
functionality for
Google or even Alexa really anything
else other than Bixby on here


if you touch and hold you can summon
your native voice assistant but
you just don’t have that voice command
to summon it as we go down you can read
your notifications aloud
going down to labs we have kind of a low
latency mode and so that’s something

again i don’t particularly use much but
you’ll notice that what’s missing here
that we saw previously on the galaxy
buds plus
is actually the other option we could
use the accelerometer to change the
volume I don’t know why they removed
that from these

Noise cancellation

i really like that feature so you have
the touch controls and you can double
tap the top
i thought that was a nice thing to have
but regardless it’s not on these
all right guys so that’s been it that’s
my take on the Samsung galaxy buds pro
overall an excellent pair of earbuds
once again a really solid balance of
sound quality and comfort
and functions and the addition of active

noise cancellation i think
makes these a really really strong
competitor out there also coming in at
i mean yes it’s more expensive than the
previous models but
Samsung now has several really good
earbuds this is exactly what they were

Noise cancellation
Noise cancellation


anybody who doesn’t care about active
noise cancellation
can save the 50 and go with the galaxy
buds plus
but i think a lot of people are going to
want that extra functionality especially
if you’re traveling
or commuting or any anytime you’re in a
loud environment it’s just such a nice
feature to have so
comment down below let me know what you
guys think of the Samsung galaxy buds


3 colors
First, you’ll surely notice the lack of wingtips
Instead, just in-ear silicone tips, and slightly different ones at that
5/18 hr battery (8/28 with ANC off)
Fast charging – 5 min = 1 hr
Wireless charging
IPX7 water resistance
Fit and comfort
During workouts??
Touch controls
Great case


Intelligent ANC
Stops when you speak
If you are talking to someone boring, this is fantastic. It’ll start playing and then you just say something random to be nice
Auto-switching between devices
Dolby Head Tracking audio (tracks your head’s motion)
Only supports Bixby



I’ll compare these to the Buds Plus and Live in another video, but these sound REALLY good honestly
Present, balanced bass

ANC test


These work with iPhones, Samsung phones, and any android phone, and can also pair with laptops and more but without the Galaxy Wear app


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