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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review (NOT 360) | Laptops for Every Need | Samsung US. Find the perfect Samsung windows laptops. The best Samsung laptops you can buy right now.

So what you’re looking at right here is
the brand new Samsung galaxy book pro
that’s it just the pro, not the pro 360
just the pro
and besides the hinge there actually are
quite a few other differences
and if I were to decide between these
two laptops I would probably actually
recommend the pro

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review

to most people and so I’ll explain why
later on in the video
but in this video of course we’re going
to dive into a full tour and a full test
of this laptop
to help you decide if it’s the right one
for you and so, of course, we’ll be
testing out the speakers the microphone
the hinge we’ll talk about the physical
design as well as the software because
if you saw in Samsung’s launch that’s
one of the big selling points in their
new galaxy books everything coming out
this year

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review

they’re really talking about the
software on there the integration with
your phone
and of course, we’ll cover that in a
second but let’s start off with
the physical design of this laptop
I mean the first and most obvious thing
is just how incredibly small it is
it’s really really thin and light this
is the 13.3-inch model
and honestly, if i were to recommend one
to anybody really I’d be recommending
the 15-inch

I’ll explain why in a second but the
13-inch is just so incredibly small i
love the size and the portability of
this laptop
and looking at the sides they actually
packed quite a few ports into this
unlike the galaxy book pro 360 which
only has
three USB type-c ports and then a
headphone jack

Galaxy book pro Review

this one on the left side has HDMI which
as you can see is almost the entire
the thickness of the keyboard so
very impressive that they crammed that in
there we have two USB type-c
ports one of them is actually a
thunderbolt again I love to see that on
and on the other side, there’s even more
ports they have a USB type a
we have a headphone jack and we have a
micro sd card slot

so honestly you’re able to charge
through USB type c on here, i love the
duality of that
and you’re still getting pretty much
every port i would want to use
of course, if there’s not a port you’re
looking for if you want another HDMI or

Galaxy book pro Review
Galaxy book pro Review

Samsung galaxy book pro 360

you could easily use the thunderbolt or
the other USB type-c
to plug in another display that way so
with that being said
I mean the ports on this I was very
happy the next thing to note
is actually the material of it so I
mean comparing them side by side this is
not really a comparison video but that
you’ll notice that the galaxy pro 360
feels a little bit more premium it also
feels a little bit heavier as well

a little bit more of a metallic design
while this one generally incorporates a
little bit more plastic in it
specifically, you’ll see there’s a little
bit more flex in it but honestly
all things considered, I’m not especially
disappointed in the design
but i think that really what they’re
doing with this laptop

Samsung laptops

it kind of seems like Samsung is trying
to directly compete
with the MacBook air is very thin very
light and you still have a really
the powerful processor onboard and a ton of
and overall a really nice travel
experience the next thing I want to talk
about is actually

the hinge on this laptop is one of
the main differences between the galaxy book pro
and the pro 360 as the name obviously suggests
and in many ways, I think that this one
is actually an advantage
although you have fewer features you
like you can’t flip it back to a tablet
you can’t use it as a touch screen you
don’t have an s pen but

Samsung product review

all things considered in the most common
the use case for most people most of the
this is going to be better and I’ll
explain why in a second the first thing
is that when you open up this laptop so
if we just do a quick little one-handed
hinge test

you’ll notice that it’s very easy to
open it’s perfect stiffness there really
and the benefit of this over the 360
is actually that it doesn’t wobble so if
you move your table around you’re
talking with your hands you’re typing
you know the display really doesn’t
wobble at all and that’s something that
we did see

Samsung product review
Samsung product review

Samsung galaxy book

on the galaxy book pro 360. that did
have quite a bit of wobble
so that’s an advantage of this hinge
style another advantage of this one
is actually the display now the display
on here is
really similar to the galaxy book pro
360. you’re looking at

a 1080p display I wish it was higher
resolution yes but
this one actually although it’s not a
the touch screen is a much more matte
display which means that you have a
a little bit more anti-glare
and even though it’s not the brightest
out there you have fantastic colors and
you really don’t
need to be much brighter than this when
you don’t have a glare
so I find that most of the reason that i
wish the galaxy book pro 360 was

Samsung notebooks 360

is when I’m in a bright environment and
there’s some glare but once you kind of
eliminate that glare or at least mitigate it
as much as this one’s doing i found that
this one handles much better in bright

the display here is still using Samsung
super AMOLED which means that you are
getting really nice dark blacks
really good contrast and overall
fantastic color so the display quality
although I wish it was slightly high

Samsung galaxy notebook

I am really happy with this and talking
about the keyboard a little bit more
I found that the keyboard again you have
a pretty much plastic body here
so you are going to notice some flex
throughout the entire keyboard
especially on something so thin like
this but the overall keys

Samsung notebooks 360
Samsung notebooks 360

like there’s a decent journey to them
they feel all right they don’t feel like
the most premium laptop out there
but they get the job done and the big
advantage of this keyboard is actually
across the top so we have some really
good functional buttons here

laptops Samsung 360

of course the same as brightness and
volume and stuff like that
but Samsung incorporated a few extra
buttons here one of them is to change
uh the performance mode if you want to
call it that of the laptop
you can turn the fan off to an optimized
the mode you can turn it up to a performance

another button is actually to turn off
the camera or and the microphone as well
we’ll get into a camera test in a second
but turning it off is a nice security
the feature that you can have here
and then of course in the top right we
have that fingerprint sensor it’s quick
it’s responsive

best buy Samsung laptops

but I don’t like it I would much rather
have face id on a laptop
it’s just easier when you open it signs
in immediately instead of fingerprint

but regardless they wanted you to have
those really nice thin bezels all
the way around the laptop and
and I do appreciate those bezels having
a thin bezel all the way around
pretty much symmetric too it looks good
I think it’s a really really good design

Samsung laptops best buy

okay so with that being said let’s get
into a webcam test all right guys so
this is a webcam test this is what it
looks and sounds like it’s limited to

Samsung laptops best buy
Samsung laptops best buy

honestly very disappointing for a laptop
that has the name pro in it
also, it does give you some interesting
features on the bottom so
it’s like a beauty mode is on right now
this is when it’s off it really doesn’t
look different to me at all

but we can go into like clean mode or or
beautiful mode which makes me look really
really strange but essentially this is
what it looks like I don’t think it’s
the best out there for the price like i

Samsung laptop touch screen

at this price point and at this like pro
the level laptop I wish there was a better
camera on here
now we can also take a look at the geek
bench scores right here so the OpenCL score
performed reasonably well

and then of course the single and
multi-core scores look really on par
pretty much what we were seeing with the
galaxy pro 360
which is honestly pretty good okay so
now let’s get into a speaker-test
okay so let’s do a quick speaker test at
full volume

Samsung gaming laptop 360

so as you might have noticed there this
laptop has
speakers, it has speakers
and that’s pretty much all I can say
about that they’re far from the good they’re
not loud at all and it’s hard to hear
even like anything I’m listening to on

but I mean all things considered, that’s
one of the compromises you make to have
a razor-thin and ultra-light laptop-like
you’re not going to have big speakers
the speakers are located on the bottom
you can see them right there
and so in a lot of situations especially
if it’s sitting on your lap or

Samsung Galaxy Review

or anywhere with a softer surface they
are going to be more muffled
even more, muffled than they are already
so speakers are definitely not a
strength of this laptop but

samsung’s giving you some pretty good
software to very easily connect
with your galaxy buds or any other
headphones you want and that kind of
segues us into the topic of software
which is really one of the big strengths
of this laptop, if you go to the start
the menu on this laptop you can scroll down
and see a lot of different apps that
come pre-installed here

Samsung laptops

some people might not like this because
you might not use all these you can
always just remove them if you wanted to
but honestly, they have some really great
stuff out here so from link sharing
which is a great way to

Samsung laptops
Samsung laptops

really send large files back and forth
to people without needing to upload it
to google drive or something like that
we also have live message live wallpaper
which is actually really cool your
wallpaper literally changes on your
and of course, we can go down to the
Samsung category here and there’s a ton
of stuff

Samsung galaxy book pro 360

from Samsung flow to Samsung dex we’ve
got smart things to control your smart
home on here
we’ve got Samsung security Samsung
settings and actually settings it has a
little quick option on the bottom right

where you can open that and it’s going
to allow you to like change the fan and
the keyboard brightness and
and all types of things like that and
all of this syncs up really well with
the Samsung ecosystem so if you have a
Samsung smart tag or a Samsung phone
everything is going to work really well
together with this laptop so

Samsung notebooks 360

in the Samsung ecosystem like this is
really a good introduction for
windows syncing up better with your
the phone which was really the emphasis when
they released this laptop and I think
that’s kind of interesting because it’s
a different approach from the old

Samsung for a long time
was a really a hardware company that had
software on there so if you think back
like one UI 3.0 on their phones and
newer it is good it’s a lot better now
then it used to be but if you think back
to like TouchWiz and


and the older launchers Samsung used to
have they were really a hardware company
they were great because they had really
good camera sensors
a really good phone design but
the software would usually lag a little bit
and nowhere is kind of a different
For example like yes it’s a thin light

but the physical design of this feels
like they spent less money on it they
where trying to make it more affordable
it’s a plastic design it doesn’t have a
great camera it doesn’t have great


but the software is where you really
pull ahead here now
the combination of a really good
processor and good software
should be giving a lot of people a great
experience which is why

i was saying before that I would really
be recommending this laptop over the 360
for most people you’re saving money i
really don’t need the touch screen
anyway like I could do without it if it
meant I’d saved a lot of money and i
didn’t have that glare on the screen
and in general, it’s definitely going to
get the job done

Size of Laptop

but one last thing I want to mention
something I said in the beginning of
this video
and that is if you’re looking to buy the
galaxy book pro
I would highly recommend getting the
15-inch model instead of the 13-inch
model and the reason for that
is because you’re going to have 16
gigabytes of ram on these

on this 15 inch model and the 13 for
some reason they only allow
8 gigabytes of ram so you can get an i5
or an i7 processor
but only 8 gigabytes of ram so anybody
looking to be

A lot of Features

more of a power user if you’re trying to
use this laptop for 3d modeling or
or just running a lot of software
editing videos you really need to have
that 16 gigabytes of ram
which is why I would be recommending the
15-inch model and when you’re looking at
the 15-inch model

a Lot of Features
A lot of Features

all things considered the price of it
the processor the ram
uh the screen quality everything
combined it really is
it’s a pretty good laptop at a pretty
good deal and so I think it’s a pretty
easy laptop to recommend
for any students out there anyone
traveling and anybody who
really thinks they’re going to be
pushing their laptop and they really


a good processor and a good integration
with their phone and this ecosystem so
overall guys
that’s what I have to say about the
Samsung galaxy book pro if you guys have
any comments about that obviously leave
them below I want to hear your opinions on this


8GB RAM with 13.3” model, 16GB RAM with 15.6” model


This is the opposite of most Samsung products. Here, the focus is price, performance, and software. Normally they care about hardware more

The new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is the laptop I would choose if I was in the market for a new premium windows laptop. The 15.6″ i7 16GB RAM Galaxy Book Pro offers high-end specs for hundreds of dollars less than many alternatives. Samsung also offers some incredible software integrations in the Samsung ecosystem with this laptop.

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