Samsung Galaxy A72 Review – Full phone specifications

Samsung Galaxy A72 Review – Full phone specifications. The Galaxy A72 on-screen fingerprint sensor recognizes your unique fingerprint, allowing you an easy and secure way to unlock your phone.

Hey guys welcome back to the Website
what we have right here is the brand new
Samsung galaxy a72 which is the Samsung
the phone you’d be buying
if you wanted a high-end Samsung phone
without paying over a thousand dollars
in fact surprisingly this one’s less
than half the price of the s21
and yet it packs many of the same
features we’ve got multiple cameras on

Samsung Galaxy A72 Full Review

big display slim phone and an ip68 water
resistance rating overall a really
impressive spec sheet
for a mid-range phone but in this article
we’re gonna dive into this with a camera
test a speaker-test
and really figure out what this phone is
all about to decide whether or not this
phone is actually as good as it claims
to be

or as some mid-range phones do if it is
just all specs and doesn’t actually
translate to a good experience so
there’s definitely a lot to talk about
here like i said definitely a really
impressive phone on paper
and just holding it in my hand i could
tell you it feels really nice
even though it’s a plastic back phone
which is to be expected for mid-range

Samsung Galaxy A72 Full Review
Samsung Galaxy A72 Full Review

i really like how this phone feels it
feels really slim and really solid
and as far as the back goes i like that
it’s a matte back it’s definitely easier
to film for one
but there are a bunch of different
colors you can choose from obviously
this is the white one there’s a violet
of blue and
i’ll show you guys on the screen right
here but the phone aesthetic
overall i think Samsung really nailed it
and did a great job

Samsung galaxy a72

we see a lot of other phones around this
price point for example the iphone se
that end up either having larger bezels
or thicker phones or
or bigger camera bumps in one way or
another they end up feeling
less premium or they feel more like a
burden when you’re using them they have
a giant bezel something like that
this phone i really like how it feels
but let’s actually get into a physical
tour and i’m going to talk more about
what this phone has on the inside later
on in the article as well as the camera
test but

just looking at the back of this phone
like i said we have the plastic back
we have four cameras but it’s like four
cameras with little air coats around
that because
as always one of them is a macro camera
so really just three cameras that i
would be using
uh and again we’ll test those out in a
second but the camera bump is overall
relatively slim maybe i’m being
desensitized now with all the flagships

the me 11 like you guys just saw
that came out or the s21
ultra like so many phones have massive
camera bumps it’s a little bit
refreshing to see such a slim camera
bump on here
that seems like they’re still able to
fit everything in there
other than that on the right side we
have our volume rocker and our power

Samsung galaxy a72
Samsung galaxy a72

Samsung galaxy a72 5g

that’s the same as we’re seeing on the
s21 and pretty much every other samsung
phone out there
the left side has absolutely nothing
just a nice clean rail all the way down
the top we have our sim tray this has
dual sim and it has a micro sd
expandable storage you can expand this i
believe up to one terabyte but it comes

256 gigabytes in the phone already so
i really won’t be needing to expand that
it’s there if you want it we have a
microphone next to that on the top
obviously on the front we have our
little earpiece speaker which when you
turn the screen on you can see
yes there is a visible bezel all the way
around this phone but
it’s really not an eyesore and you can
barely see the earpiece the speaker on
the top of course once i get into the

Samsung a72

you guys will see that it is
surprisingly loud for how small it is on
a mid-range phone
uh but going down to the bottom of this
phone we’ll get back to the screen in a

the bottom of this phone we have a
headphone jack i’m kind of wondering
when samsung is going to remove the
headphone jack from the mid-range phones
for now i’m really happy to see it there
i mean in the past i noticed that
i end up using so many Bluetooth earbuds
anyway they’re just more convenient that
i don’t use the headphone jack but
occasionally you get in a friend’s car
and they have an aux cord
and instead of like setting up the
bluetooth it’s just so much easier to do
that and

Samsung a72 5g

it’s still nice to see that on a phone
of course we have the other microphone
there a speaker on the bottom and a usb
type-c port in the box you’re gonna like
this in the box this phone comes with a
super fast
25 watt charger so that’s something that
you’re not even seeing in
phones that are double or you know even
triple the price of this so getting that
charger in the box

great to see that 25 watts is not the
fastest out there right now so i
wouldn’t call it super fast but
that’s what samsung calls it and it can
charge this phone up reasonably quickly
so it has five thousand milliamp hour
the battery in this phone again that’s on
par with a lot of flagships out there
and you’re gonna be getting a pretty
solid battery life i’ll talk more about
the internals in a second but

Galaxy A72 mid-range phones

charging it up i mean five thousand
milliamp hours 25 watts you guys can do
the math it charges up
reasonably quickly but it’s not going to
be like a 30-minute charge obviously
now getting back to the front i i
mentioned the front a couple times

the part that you’re looking at
obviously of the phone you have a 6.7
inch display and in the world of
mid-range phones we kind of have to
like they pick and choose what they want
to put in here they can either make it a
bulky phone

Samsung A72 5g camera

a cheap build but give it like a good
display or give it like what the pixel
3a and 4a did
just give it a good camera like there’s
different things you can do
and so Samsung it looks like is trying
to do
everything at once but one of the things
that they didn’t max out that we’re
seeing some other mid-range phones do is
the display

Samsung A72 5g camera
Samsung A72 5g camera

so it is a relatively bright display
it’s 800 nits
for reference a lot of flagships around
like 1200 nits so they definitely get
brighter but
i mean i’m able to see this out in
bright daylight with no issue
the color on here looks great samsung if
there’s one thing they’re good at it is
making bright colorful displays
so that was no concern we do have a
bezel all the way around
like i said i don’t really care about
that i would rather have a slim bezel
all the way around

than what the iphone has with the giant
chunk on the top and bottom
but we do have a hole punch camera on
the top it’s a really small hole punch
and if you look closely you can actually
see a small metal ring
when your screen is off it does kind of
flash you occasionally so
i’m not sure why they add the little
metal ring it’s something that we saw
last year in the a series as well
but it’s something that you definitely
want to be aware of i wish they didn’t
do that but

Display galaxy a72 5g

it’s it’s going to be there and the
display itself is full hd plus
60hz display so pretty standard for a
phone around this price range
but some of the nice things with this
phone that they really advertised
heavily at the launch were
the eye saver for one the eyesaver is
supposed to be limiting the blue light
it’s something i always turn on with my
other phones

and it’s nice that this phone actually
does a pretty decent job of it
you’ll see like something like the a02
or the a12
a lot of those phones like yeah they
sometimes have an eye saver mode or like
a blue light filter mode

but it ends up making everything look
really distorted and brown this still
looks pretty normal pretty natural the
color balance is all really good
even when you have that on so i am
impressed with that feature
at first when i read it i thought
doesn’t don’t all the phones have that

Fingerprint sensor

but i see what they were talking about
they did a decent job here and then the
other thing i want to talk about on the
display is actually the in-screen
fingerprint sensor as you can see on the
uh it’s if you’ve noticed literally this
entire article i’ve been signing in and
turning it off
and i’ve been consistently getting in
every single time no rejections and so
even though it looks like the sensor is
pretty small on the bottom

i’m impressed i think overall it does a
decent job i have no
issues with that the only thing is i
wish it was a little bit higher up on
the screen i feel like i’m reaching my
thumb down
a little bit far for that but maybe
somebody who has smaller hands would
have no problem with that and that might
be a great
spot um so maybe my hands are the
problem maybe i’m the problem here
but i mean like i said it’s definitely
fast and consistent i really like how
far samsung came

Samsung a72 specs

with the fingerprint sensors they used
to be a complete headache especially
on the a series and something samsung
does especially well with the a series
is they try to give you everything you
need so the charger in the box is great
this also comes with a screen protector
pre-installed which is great you don’t
have to buy one and try to place it
yourself with bubbles

it’s great that they already did that
and on top of that this year the a72
now has a water resistance rating ip67
i mean don’t try this but it means you
should be able to submerge this and it
should be fine for
i think one meter underwater for 30
minutes or some something
like that basically what it means is if
you drop this in a puddle it should be
fine if it gets rained on it should be


like you shouldn’t have to worry nearly
as much about water
damaging this phone now of course all of
that sounds great but there were a
couple drawbacks i noticed for one
the haptics on this were not especially
i found that they were relatively strong
but they felt a little bit cheap at
least from my experience here
okay now i promised in the beginning of
this article that i would do a camera test
so let’s get into that but something i
want to mention first is that we have a
five megapixel


macro camera on here i’m going to show
you guys what it does but of course
it’s a macro camera i never get excited
about those we have a 12 megapixel
ultrawide lens
a 64 megapixel main shooter so your wide
angle lens and this actually has
optical image stabilization which should
be great for night photos
for videos for just holding your camera
still and taking a day photo

Zooming galaxy a72 5g

it’s nice to have that and then we also
have an 8 megapixel telephoto lens
which again also has optical image
stabilization which is even more
important when you’re zooming in on
if you don’t have ois it is really hard
to take a video

or a photo that’s not either blurry or
shaky so taking a look at the photos
honestly the main camera
does a fantastic job if you give enough
light there’s great color great
brightness great sharpness
very true to life colors and you can see
this waterfall again looks really great
the only thing is in lower light

situations sometimes the sticks
or the trees get slightly over sharpened
but again that’s really nitpicking there
otherwise it seems to look really good
if you go in slightly lower light
i also notice that the dynamic range is
not the best the trees get a little
silhouetted here

but otherwise the ultrawide lens again
great color on this one
minimal distortion on the edges and even
the 3x optical zoom lens even though
it’s not the highest resolution
it still looks pretty good you can see
here again a small little waterfall and
we can zoom into 10x

Fantastic edge

still a very usable photo a little bit
more on the noisy side but
a quick denoising filter would probably
fix that and make it look decent
even this waterfall which is a fast
moving subject obviously looks decent at
10x zoom
30x zoom obviously is completely
imperceivable you really can’t even tell
what these photos are like this one’s a
waterfall and you could

Fantastic edge
Fantastic edge

maybe tell that it’s like abstract art
really the selfie lens i was a little
bit less impressed with it kind of over
softened my face
especially when you go into live focus
mode and it missed the edges quite a bit
but it yeah so it wasn’t really that
great uh the rear light focus mode
however was

much much better fantastic edge
detection and then of course we get to
the macro lens which is
completely useless i’m really not even
going to talk much about this it doesn’t
have autofocus
so i don’t like it all right so this is
the test with the video this is shooting
4k 30 right now

Image stabilization

and you can see it’s definitely trying
to stabilize as i walk it walks a little
bumpier than this so that is the optical
image stabilization
uh otherwise you’re going to see that we
have really nice bright greens in the
grass here
very vibrant colors pretty good dynamic
range this way

but if we start including the sky up
there i mean it is pretty early in the
morning but still the trees are a little
bit silhouetted
otherwise we can switch between lenses i
believe we can if we zoom out we
seamlessly switch to the ultrawide which
again looks really good
dynamic range is slightly less powerful
here actually no i’d say it’s about the
same just

Consistent lighting

more skies in it there still great color
great sharpness everywhere and we can
zoom into the telephoto lens
now let’s go look at that thing over
there as we zoom in again pretty
seamless with the zoom
it still looks really good consistent
color consistent lighting

the lenses overall i’m very impressed
with that we can also zoom into 12 times
and again the telephoto lens also has
the optical
image stabilization so even at 12x zoom
i’m able to pretty easily hold
that pipe in the middle of the frame so
zooming back out to the standard lens
this is what it sounds like if a subject
is talking in front of the camera
as i am right now so you guys can leave
a comment and let me know how this
sounds to you

Selfie camera galaxy a52

and then this is the selfie camera again
shooting in 4k 30 right now
i’m just walking around so you guys can
leave a comment and let me know how this
looks and sounds
and that pretty much concludes our video
test okay let’s get into a speaker test
and you guys will see that it’s a
relatively loud phone it does a pretty
good job and

Selfie camera galaxy a52
Selfie camera galaxy a52

i really don’t have any complaints i’m
not really expecting the best audio
quality out of this
but i was still impressed

just 10 miles south of yellowstone is
grand teton national
park and although the two parks are side
by side they honestly couldn’t be more

Good speaker a72

so honestly pretty good speakers as far
as the internals of this phone go
it’s kind of a mixed bag so we have 256
gigabytes of storage
uh eight gigabytes of ram up to a
terabyte of expandable storage
25 watt fast charging 5000 milliamp hour
you can use it as a mobile hotspot it
has nfc and
the list goes on it does a lot of great
things but there were a couple drawbacks
one of them is that this phone
only has lte it’s not a 5g version right

which i i know whenever it is 5g i say
don’t worry about 5g
but it is kind of a drawback in that
it’s a little bit less future proof that
you don’t have 5g on here
realistically i have no problem using
lte and most carriers right now most

are only using lte if they’re using 5g
it’s not even millimeter-wave anyway
so i wouldn’t worry about that but it’s
just something that i have to point out
that if you’re making a phone in 2021
without 5g
technically that has to check off as a
and unfortunately the other drawback

Samsung a72 processor

with the internals of this phone
is the processor it’s not especially
fast and you can really notice this when
you start to go into the search function
and if you’re looking for a certain app
a lot of times it’ll take some time
like a substantial amount of time before
it actually shows you
what you’re looking for so definitely
not the fastest phone out there i was a
little bit disappointed with the speed
on this one

but again you have to cut costs
somewhere so for anybody who doesn’t
care about if you’re not playing games
you’re not doing anything like that
this phone could be a fantastic phone to
buy so overall pros and cons for this
starting off with the pros i really like
how it feels a nice slim phone
very long battery life on here overall
pretty decent display a pretty solid
package and a nice balance of everything
you’re looking for

Headphone jack

to make it feel like a really good
mid-range phone like you know that it’s
not a flagship
but it still has that water resistance
rating still has a good rear camera good
battery like everything that you really
be looking for is there
and on top of that it even comes with
some stuff that flagships don’t come
with like a charger in the box a
headphone jack

expandable storage and a pre-installed
screen protector but of course there are
a couple drawbacks like i said
the haptic feedback is not the best on
here the haptic motors are
a little bit cheap and they feel that
way when you’re using it
and i mean you’re going to have some
bezel around the phone and really the
big one is that the processor
is not the fastest out there it’s not


it’s by no means slow
but you’re definitely going to use it
and know that you’re not using a
flagship so guys
that’s what i have to say about the
samsung galaxy a72 if those drawbacks
are not concerning to you
then i would highly recommend getting
this phone it’s less than half the price
of the s21
and it delivers a lot of what i wanted
to see so

i was happy with this but you guys can
leave a comment and let me know what you
of the a72 down below in the comments
i’ll be there hearing what you guys have
to say and if you enjoyed this article
must like and sharing this article.


Slim camera bump
MANY colors
The plastic back is matte and looks cheap, but I don’t care
Includes screen protector

Haptics are strong but loud and cheap feeling

Eye comfort shield
800 nits are ok, but flagships usually hit around 1200
Under display fingerprint sensor (small and too low)
Metal ring around selfie camera
32MP selfie camera


Optical image stabilization
5MP Macro
12MP ultrawide
64MP main (OIS)
8MP 3x optical telephoto (OIS) – 30x space zoom
OIS should help with low light photos


256 GB storage
Octa-core processor
1TB expandable storage
GameBooster can monitor and optimize
Includes 25W super-fast charger
5,000 mAh battery
Mobile hotspot, NFC, only LTE right now


Not the fastest processor, no 5G, low refresh rate
Reasonably loudspeakers t
interesting price


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