Samsung Galaxy A53

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Android smartphone. Features 6.5″ display, Exynos 1280 chipset, 5000 mAh battery, 256 GB storage, 8 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy A53

galaxy a53 last year Samsung’s a series
accounted for almost two-thirds of their
phone sales and perhaps the most
exciting phone in the lineup this year
is the a53 5g this smartphone packs a
lot of the flagship features at a more
reasonable price now i’ve been using
this phone for about the past two days
53 hours right and i want to share in

this article my experiences and help you
decide whether or not this might be the
phone for you so we have a lot to talk
about this year samsung followed the
footsteps of the pixel a series which
was very very popular and they only made
one configuration for 449 dollars you
get a black phone with 128 gigabytes six
gigs of ram five cameras on the phone a
great display expandable sd card storage
and more that we’ll talk about later on

but but that’s it no other colors no
other storage choices just one
configuration this of course drives the
cost down which helps us in the long run
to get more features at a better price
but the good news is a lot of what they
offered here i think is really the right
stuff now the lack of colors can be
fixed with a case the lack of extra

Flagship s22

storage can be fixed with expandable
storage and much like the flagship s22
phones this phone also has a slimmer box
as you can see right here and the box
only includes the phone a sim tool and a
type c to c cable so we no longer have
the earbuds or the case or a
charging brick
they cut all that out and it’s a lot
more like their flagship boxes now so

let’s take a closer look at the phone
i’m used to larger phones coming from a
pixel six so although the six and a half
inch 120-hertz AMOLED display makes the
phone a bit larger the plastic the all
plastic build definitely keeps it pretty
light and as a guy i already have some
pretty large pockets in my clothes my
hands aren’t small but i can imagine
anyone with smaller pockets or smaller
hands might find this phone a little bit
on the large side now of course a large

The display is very very bright

The display is very very bright
The display is very very bright

size is necessary for the star of this
phone which is the display with a very
small cut on the top an in-screen
fingerprint sensor and a really high
quality display on here like it’s no
surprise that that’s going to be one of
the highlights of this phone it’s going
to be great for gaming for watching
media for anything you do with the phone
now the bezels are not non-existent here

this is a mid-range phone so you have
some bezels all the way around but the
good news is they’re mostly symmetric
and and i find i don’t think they’re a
really big deal when i’m watching
anything on the phone so looking at that
the front of this phone already takes a
lot of the same boxes that a 1 000
flagship would do the selfie camera has
a little shiny ring around there i’m not
sure why they did that the in-screen

the fingerprint sensor is optical instead of
ultrasonic but we’ll talk more about
that later in the article but overall the
amoled display is very very bright
really vibrant it has great color it’s
easy to watch in bright daylight if
you’re outside like i said it’s great
for watching media for gaming whatever
it might be this is a samsung phone so
it’s no surprise that this has one of

Little bit cheaper

the best screens you can get on the
market now the combination of a large
phone that is also very light does make
it feel a little bit cheaper than a lot
of flagships so i’ve been using the
iphone 13 pro which is a relatively
heavy phone and so switching to this it
feels a little bit cheaper the all
plastic design on the back although it
doesn’t have any flex like the plastic
rails on the side you can tell it’s an

all plastic phone but looking at it you
can’t necessarily tell just from looking
personally i think this phone looks
really nice it reminds me a lot of the
galaxy s21 ultra from last year the
matte black one color everywhere
honestly i really love the a series
design so you can see overall it’s a
pretty clean looking phone and looking
around the edges of this on the top we

Type-c port for charging

just have a microphone the entire left
side there’s nothing on there nice clean
design it’s a little bit boxer you might
notice it’s not as round on the rails
all the way around so that’s kind of a
trend we’re seeing with a lot of the
phones in the industry of course the
iphone is very boxy now even the galaxy
phones are getting boxier and this
one definitely feels a little bit more
squared off on the right side we’ve got

our volume rocker as well as our power
button and on the bottom we have our
speaker another microphone a USB type-c
port for charging for data transfer but
unfortunately not for samsung dex
plugging this in i wasn’t able to get
samsung dex to work there’s no settings
that say samsung dex as of right now dex
is not available on this phone and then

Light weight

a big positive next to that we have our
sim tray which also doubles as an sd
card tray for expandable storage up to
one terabyte so you don’t have to worry
about not having options to expand the
phone remember i only said this comes in
128 gigabytes and that’s it so expand it
with an sd card it’s kind of a useful
feature unlike some other mid-range

phones like the pixel 5a the galaxy a53
does not have a headphone jack some good
news despite the light weight of this
phone is that the battery is actually
still really impressive i can easily get
over six hours of screen on time in a
day before i even get a low battery
warning so realistically you could

probably get six and a half or seven
hours of screen on time and i think most
people could afford to charge this
probably every other day i’m sure some
people could even go every three days if
you’re really light with your usage
besides the somewhat cheap feel my first
complaint with this phone is with the
charging so 25 watt charging is great it
fills the 5000 milliamp battery pretty

Wireless charging

quickly but i much prefer wireless
charging when i’m in my car or at my
desk i have wireless chargers all over
it’s just so nice to get in my car set
it there it’s charging or on my desk on
a stand unfortunately this does not have
wireless charging so that that’s a bit
of drawback but that’s a compromise that
is really relatively common among
mid-range phones fortunately a common
compromise that most mid-range phones do
make that this one did not make is the
ip rating many mid-range and budget
phones have no water resistance rating
and although like yes they’re less
expensive they’re easier to replace I

still like i don’t want to i don’t want
my phone to die if i drop into the
puddle right i don’t want to lose all my
photos so it’s really nice that the
galaxy a53 has an ip67 water and dust
rating so this is the same rating you’re
getting on a lot of top tier s series
phones the iphones most phones out there
and so it’s great to see that kind of
creep down into the more affordable

32 megapixel a front-facing

32 megapixel a front-facing
32 megapixel a front-facing

phones when it comes to cameras of
course that’s going to be one of the
biggest selling points of this phone and
especially when you’re comparing it to
the competition being like the iphone se
which only has one camera on the back or
the pixel 5a which has two this one has
four cameras on the back but starting
with the front you’ve got a 32 megapixel
a front-facing camera which in my opinion
is is way more megapixels than you need
like i i don’t want a a photo with that
kind of resolution of of my face but you
know what if you look good and you
really love high-resolution pictures of
your face that’s an opportunity with the
front of this phone now on the back

we’ve got four cameras but i would argue
it’s really only two like good cameras
and then kind of a toy camera and then
something you’re not really going to use
and so we’ve got a wide angle lens which
which is 64 megapixels we’ve got an
ultra wide lens we’ve got a 5 megapixel
depth camera and a 5 megapixel macro
lens i wish that instead of a 5
megapixel macro they made like a five

megapixel 5x lens or something something
like that i think would be a little bit
more useful but the macro lens like
although i don’t think it’s really
important i think you can kind of bundle
that into a wide-angle lens like they
did on the iphone and a lot of other
phones out there like i don’t know i
won’t argue that it’s that it’s not fun
to use like it is fun to sometimes take

Macro lens

pictures of flowers or close-ups with
the macro lens but let’s get into a
camera and a video test to see how the
photos and videos actually turned out so
this is a front-facing camera test with
the galaxy a53 this is shooting in 4k
right now 4k 30 but of course you can do
1080 or 720 or whatever so leave a
comment and let me know how this looks
and sounds to you and now this is a

video test with the rear facing camera
you can see this is also shooting in 4k
right now and we’re able to get up close
pretty good color pretty good details
but if we try to zoom so if i pinch to
zoom out watch this
it snaps out to the ultra wide lens so
there is no smooth zooming there’s
another 5x there’s 0.5 or 1x and then
from there we can zoom in of course



digitally all the way up to 10x and
here’s the rear lens again if i’m
walking around unfortunately the
stabilization is just really not that
good with this so looking at the front
facing camera a portrait mode i think
honestly did a good job still a little
bit too much sharpening with the selfie
lens but the rear lens honestly has a
really nice natural bokeh there good
color very vibrant the night mode shots

were a little bit grainy but still very
impressive for a mid-range phone the
regular wide angle shots were pretty
decent and then if you zoom into 2x it’s
still really a pretty nice crisp photo
you can zoom all the way into the max
zoom and the photos it’s really not that
usable of course you have the wide-angle
shot as well and the wide angle gives
you a little bit of distortion on the
edges but otherwise it’s nice for a

matte black

small space additionally i mentioned
that there’s a speaker on the bottom of
course you also have the speaker on the
top so let’s get into a speaker test to
see how media would sound when you’re
watching it

so what has this phone actually been
like to use on a day-to-day basis i’ve
only been using this for 53 hours but i
think thats enough to kind of get a
pretty good idea of what it’s like to
use this and so some of the things that
you’re going to notice after you unbox
it maybe a couple days later the first
one is that although i really do like
the matte bat the matte black back and
it does a decent job of not showing

fingerprints it definitely can get a
little bit smudgy from time to time and
and of course matte black although i
think it looks really nice so some
people might get bored with that so you
might want to get something like a skin
on the back of that i can link some down
below i was using the pixel 6 pro and
the iphone 13 pro before i have two
phones one personal and one business and
and so coming down to this phone oh it’s
it’s a mid-range phone so i don’t expect

swipe gestures

it to be as fast but it’s the one thing
that i really did notice and so some of
the customizations i made to this to
make it feel a little bit faster
first of all i mean i always change this
in the dark mode that’s not going to
make it feel faster but it’s something
that i think is easier on the eyes the
second thing is i actually went into the
animations and i reduced the animations

as an accessibility setting i actually
just removed the animations and it does
make it feel a lot faster and of course
the third customization i always do to
these mid-range samsung phones is i
changed over from uh the the buttons on
the bottom like the home button the back
button i made it swipe gestures that’s
what i’m used to and i think that gives
you more screen real estate and it just
is easier for me to use that i was

slightly cheaper

slightly cheaper

however impressed with the the overall
value of this phone i felt like besides
the slightly slower processor and
besides the slightly cheaper build
quality there was really almost nothing
else that i think the average user would
notice as a difference between these
devices you still have great cameras you
still have a great display you have a
probably even better battery life and

overall like a really solid value for a
phone and i think most people probably
wouldn’t really functionally have a big
difference notice between this and a
flagship phone which makes it a really
easy recommendation of course you do
have some other things that are
available on Samsung’s flagship phones
that are not on this one some of the
flagship features like Samsung dex uh of
course you got like dual Bluetooth audio
things like that that are not on this

better display

one but again that’s something that you
don’t see on a lot of competitive phones
anyway now in the mid-range category
there’s a lot of competition now and
i’ll compare this to the pixel 5a and
the iPhone se in a future article and if
you want to see those be sure to click
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To summarize this phone is probably going
to have more features more cameras and a

better display than those other
competitors but that don’t mean it’s
going to be better after 53 hours with
the phone i think it offers an
incredible value and in general it’s a
really safe bet for you for your kids or
parents whoever you’re buying this phone
for i think pretty much anybody who can
afford this phone would be happy with
this phone so if you enjoyed this article
consider liking and subscribing i’m Abdul Rehman
thanks for reading and i’ll see
you next time

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