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Review DJI Osmo Pocket is a compact 3-axis stabilized handheld camera that turns any moment into a cinematic memory. Learn more at

Review DJI Osmo Pocket

welcome review-information website my name is
Abbas and today we have the focus on
the DJI Osmo pockets two months after
it’s been initially released a marvelous
camera gimbal which supports up to 4k at
60 frames per second including face tracking
well not quite face tracking with
the highest resolution so hang on a second

is it’s working now yeah I guess perfect
so two months later the good the bat and
the accessories you need let’s get
started this review is not going to be
one of the many hyped reviews we have
them on starting we still carry on
having about the Osmo pocket although
this sounds like a threat and all at
all. i do believe that the Osmo pocket
is a wonderful close brilliant
solution for vlogging and I would like
to talk a bit more about the strengths
the weaknesses and as mentioned already
the accessories you might need the more
time passes the better the device is
getting kudos to the DJI firmware

Features the Navigation the Hardware Specs

team because the steps they have in
terms of upgrading are quite fascinating
because you can easily find tons of
reviews about all the features the
navigation of the hardware specs and so on
I want to say a little about these topics
and we’ll focus here on the features
that you need to know about no matter
good or bad and the most important
accessories you might need in order to
improve your shooting experience and
also, the shooting possibilities because

if used as it is it might be not as
powerful as some people want to see it
and because of doing a lot of reviews of
action cameras so shooting outdoors I
always try to be as reasonable as
possible I will of course speak about
what is different when shooting with
GoPro for example compared to the Osmo
pocket let’s go for the positives first
the way DJI is sending this device to us
is quite simple and minimalistic but at

Perfectly designed

At the same time powerful the box packs the
Osmo pocket itself a few connectors for
smartphone and this fabulous protective case
it is something like a hard case
perfectly designed with the right cuts
to give you access to everything you
needs without removing the gimbal you
can change or insert microSD and should

you need to quickly shoot something
taking it out is a matter of a few
seconds now how much time do we need
before it is shooting ready let’s
compare with the GoPro Hero 7 black I
guess surprising for many people this is
not too much of a difference few words
about the user experience which is of
course very different between both the
hero 7 is designed to be mostly used
standalone although the hero app is
super powerful you can control every
a single bit of the shooting modes from
the camera menus, not quite the same with
the Osmo pocket while DJ I have realized
that being bound to the smartphone is
quite a serious bummer

Easy Use Functions

there still are functions that are a bit
easier to be configured from the mimo
smartphone app and besides that the
the display is really small so if your eyes
are not in a perfect shape I would
strongly recommend looking for
alternatives since we mentioned the
smartphone apps are one more advantage of
the GoPro is the ability to Livestream
to YouTube and Facebook
hopefully DJ I are working on
integration of such functionality as we speak
resolutions support is quite good and
having the stunning 4k at 60 frames per
second is a fabulous opportunity don’t
need to mention that stabilization with
this gimbal has a lot of benefits

compared to e is and especially in low
lights the size definitely does matter
because of the small scale and the lack
of counterweight, if you used to deal
with large gimbals and heavy cameras
your hands will have to adapt to the new
situation and while you’re working on
improving your hand holding skills of
something really small the footage might
seem a little jumpy there are a few
different shooting modes with the gimbal
including time-lapse and slow-motion
each of these modes is suitable for
different scenes and I tend to like the
fpv mode a lot especially for vlogging
you also count on face recognition and

Larger Lens

tracking which is pretty fabulous you
can see right now me being tracked and
by the way, if you want a comparison
versus a much more expensive camera with
the larger lens check this comparison
between the Osmo Pocket and the
Panasonic g7 with the Leica what is that
it’s the 14-millimeter lens not the 15
millimeter lens yeah I think the Osman
pocket does a pretty good job
considering its small scale you may find
the selfie option which turns the camera
towards yourself so you can see at the
same time the camera lens and the
display something I’m using right now
and it’s it almost lost the face

tracking there also is control of the
following speeds which is the reaction
the time between your movements and the
compensation if you choose it to be
faster the compensation may seem a
little aggressive but that is not
necessarily a bad thing as it gives the
footage more realistic dynamic look
while keeping it quite steady to smooth
is not always great and especially with
vlogging the more dynamic
the environment is the better perception the
the audience will have a few days ago DJI
has published a new firmware which
finally brings the scene alike
color mode which allows for better

Captures dynamic range

post-processing and color grading and
captures dynamic range in a better way
mentioning briefly the rest of the other
good things excellent battery life with
kind of always-on display check
possibility for charging while shooting
check and possibility of external
the microphone is also checked by the way that’s
the difference between using this
external microphone and recording
with the internal microphone terrible
acoustics in this room so yeah you can
feel the difference could be pretty huge
and it’s nice to have overall this
a small device is quite powerful and ready
to offer you and to end video and audio
experience in a pocket shape most of the
people are talking about the goods
not too many dare to speak about the bat
number one autofocus

yeah pretty bad no matter how many
updates we get the autofocus will likely
never be great as it is contrast based
and combined with the relatively slow
CPU inside we cannot expect miracles
especially with the higher resolutions
at least the autofocus in 4k is
considerably better than the Lumix g7
for instance but if you’re a
the dark-skinned person you should better
use the autofocus single-mode and just
maintain the chosen distance in slow motion
is up to hundred twenty-five percent on
Full HD let me tell you about

FPS in Full HD

a smartphone that can shoot 960 FPS in
Full HD and costs less than the Osmo
pocket yes I’m talking about the poker
phone f1 the GoPro Hero 7 supports up to
240 frames per second in Full HD and I
guess enough said about slow-motion
could be better next point is time-lapse
the good news is that you can create
wonderful motion lapses thanks to the gimbal
the bad news is that other than that you
can’t achieve anything significant and
mostly upset because of the lack of
hyper-lapse like feature as we have it
with the GoPro even if you do something

like hyper-lapse which in theory should
work well on a device with the gimbal it
looks horrible this is where GoPro
simply smashes the Osmo pocket with the
a feature called time warp and this is
where electronic image stabilization
which is mostly software-driven and
happens that post-processing fits the
fun out of the Osmo pocket there are two
things I truly dislike – the start
The first one is this kind of connection one
more situation that endangers
the integrity of your phone’s port and also
the fact that you are so dependent on
the MIMO app looks like there have been
enough people complaining about it as DJ

All Control in the Stick

I seem to slowly bring all the control
in the stick itself and already more and
more of the pro features are available
via the menus on the day of releasing
the Osmo pockets to the white public it
was sort of thunder cooked two months
later I think it’s getting close to
being super useful and
we seem to get the taste of more and
more good spices and I think that
concludes the major disadvantages let’s

switch to accessories if you follow the
website on a regular basis you know that
I’m as reasonable as possible when it
comes to buying new accessories and I
try to stay like that when analyzing
which are the best for the Osmo pockets
because there is no tripod mount you
have to buy one online there are plenty
of motors that are 3d printed and
they’re just fine here is one for five

totally worth it having a tribal is
awesome especially if you’re going to
Making time-lapse videos is the second thing
I got is a bike hook and I’m using
it even when recording this very video
unfortunately, I don’t have any footage
from a bye because outside it’s still
it’s still winter
apparently the build quality of this one
is not too great but I have the feeling
that if you manage to attach it well to
a bike this could be fabulous for the third
and currently my favorite kind of
accessory well because we have a lot of
manual controls we can control the ISO

Very Reasonable Camera

we can control the shirt speed so it
makes it very reasonable to get good
lens fielder’s I got a pack from free
well eight of them which are super
easily attachable the price is still a
bit steep and you may go for the cheaper
packs but I truly love this mostly
because of that yeah magnet-based
quick-release filters are the easiest kind
of mounting and there is no way than to
fall down there are ND filters and
the combination of ND with polarizing
effect ice already mentioned I got these
from a free well and since I’m still
wearing the back from polar Pro I can
say the quality is great the way of
attaching is great I simply have no
remarks very easy to carry box and
a nice pouch that you can use for cleaning
them so overall entirely satisfied with

what I got from pretty well and so DJI
Osmo pockets or the GoPro Hero 7 black I
think that’s the wrong question because
if you truly need good photography gear
better have them both the Osmo pocket is
more cinematic more manual better
stabilized in the low-light
stabilization is way better than the one
on the action camera but if getting a
GoPro or a cheaper action cam you will
at the options to get more mounts and
accessories fixed focus which for
dynamic environments could be even

Excellent device DJI Osmo Pocket

better what a proof rating or a case to
dive with and possibly time warp or
better slow motion and certainly a
larger and maybe nicer display so no I
don’t see the Osmo pocket as a hero
7 alternative although in some
situations probably I would pick to go
out with its rather than taking an
action camera this device is great on
it’s own the smallest standalone gimbal
with camera design so far and with a bunch
of remarks, it still is an excellent
device maybe that’s why I like it that
much because it’s imperfect well that’s
been all about today’s review if you

liked it I hope you’re gonna double
check if you’re subscribed if not yet
then just make sure to do it because I’d
love to see you again if you really
liked the review that many men maybe
maybe you can give me another chance and
check some of the other reviews just
right after I shut up it’s been a great
a pleasure to have you aroundmy name is
Abbas looking forward to seeing you soon
you have a great day Cheers.


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