Red gaming setup | Top 5 – Best Budget Gaming PCs

Red gaming setup | Top 5 – Best Budget Gaming PCs

Not everyone has the money to purchase a high-end gaming setup, but there are a lot of budget gaming PCs available that offer impressive overall performance. Each option has specific strengths and weaknesses, which makes it important to find the right one for your gaming needs.

what’s up guys in today’s article I’m

breaking down the five best budget

gaming pcs in 2022. through

comprehensive research and testing I’ve

put together a list of five products

that will meet your specific needs so

whether you’re looking for casual gaming

or competitive first-person shooters

that are also affordable I’ll have the

perfect product for you I’ve included

links in the down if you want

more information on any of the products

i mention and I’ll try to keep it

updated for the best prices now lets

get started with the article.

1. Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

if you want a gaming pc that offers

enough power to smoothly run a range of

games a nice design and good storage at

an affordable price the dell g5 is my

choice as the best budget option for

most people in 2022 the dell g5 isn’t

the most powerful pc on the market but

it can handle nearly any computing task

and you get a solid processor that can

smoothly run some mainstream titles at

decent settings which make it ideal for

almost any user doesn’t have a

standout design like the Orion 3000 but,

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop


it has a compact footprint that’s

perfect for smaller gaming setups or

desks like many of the other options on

this list has a tempered glass side

panel that allows you to see the

interior and it features vibrant

two-zone RGB lighting that’s easy to

customize via the Alienware command

center companion app despite the size it

has a decent range of connectivity

options and offers 5 USB-a 3.2 ports 4

USA 2.0 ports a USB c port an ethernet

jack headphone and mic jacks and more to

accommodate your preferred peripherals

even more, the back panel doesn’t require

tools to open for easy upgrades but the

proprietary motherboard slightly limits.

Features and Specification

The customizability under the hood it

utilizes 8 gigabytes of ram a 10th gen

intel core processor and the same Nvidia

Geforce gtx 1660 super GPU as the

skytech archangel but it offers superior

all-around performance with demanding

tasks it can reliably play graphically

demanding games with decent frame rates

edit smaller video files and handle some

intense workflows better than most sub

1500 gaming pcs but the base

configuration might not be powerful

enough for competitive 4k gaming

unfortunately the 256 gigabytes of SSD

storage is a bit low for larger game

libraries but

it also has a one terabyte

SATA hard drive and empty internal slots

to increase the storage as needed the

dell g5 is the best budget gaming pc for

most people because it comes with a

decent range of connectivity options and

solid performance with some demanding

titles and computer tasks if you don’t

want to spend too much money but want a

surprisingly powerful pc that can

reliably run intense online games like

halo infinite with decent frame rates

this might be your best choice next up.

2. Skytech Archangel

we have an affordable

alternative to premium models that

offers impressive gaming performance for

the price of the sketch archangel is a

solid budget-friendly gaming pc for you

to consider sketch’s archangel isn’t as

pricey as some other models on this list

but it comes with a powerful ryzen

processor that offers improved

multi-tasking performance and enough

power to play most games at basic

settings it features a sturdy steel

chassis that should hold up over time

and a moderate footprint that can fit

into most desk layouts.

Skytech Archangel


The tempered glass panel on the side allows you to

view the internal components and three

temperature regulating fans at a glance

and the fans offer vibrant RGB lighting

that won’t look out of place in most

setups unfortunately it doesn’t have the

port selection of the dell g5 but you

still get two USB 3.1 type a port an

RGB control button a headphone and a mic

jack an additional USB c port on the

rear and 802.11 ac wi-fi support I also

like that it comes with a free lifetime

technical support so you’ll be covered.

Features and Specification

if any issues arise the ryzen 5 3600

processor Nvidia gtx 1660 super 6g GPU

and the 16 gigabytes of ram can run

nearly any game smoothly at lower

settings though it can’t quite deliver

smooth frame rates with more demanding

games like red dead redemption 2 at

higher settings like the Orion 3000 the

500 gigabytes of storage should provide

enough space to keep your favorite games

easily accessible and the speedy SSD

drive should help reduce load times for

games and improve its power efficiency

though dedicated aaa gamers would likely

benefit from additional storage i also

like that the windows 10 os doesn’t have

much bloatware so you can maximize the

storage capacity to suit your needs

while it doesn’t quite offer the same

raw power as the Orion 3000 the skytech

archangel gives you a solid amount of

power for a reasonable price and it’s

more than capable of handling less

demanding titles like the sims with ease

this is an ideal choice if you’re

shopping around on a tighter budget and

just want a pc that can nail the basics

and handle just about any casual gaming


3. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

some users might want a relatively

affordable pc that can deliver a solid

gaming experience in a compact

space-saving design of the hp pavilion

gaming desktop is my choice as the best

compact cheap option in 2022 not

everyone has the money or desk space to

accommodate a premium pre-built pc and

the hp pavilion gaming desktop offers

surprisingly powerful internal

components despite its small stature and

can run mainstream titles like GTA 5

with decent frame rates, it only weighs

around 13 pounds and measures in at 20

by 16 by 12 inches which makes it one of

the smallest options on this list and

provides solid placement flexibility.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop


It has a minimalist design compared to some

brightly lit competitors like the

skytech archangel but it offers a small

lighting strip near the bottom to add

some flair I also like that it comes

with a wired keyboard and mouse so it’s

a great option if you’re just getting

into gaming, it comes with a decent

amount of connectivity options.

Features and Specification

Features four USB 3.1 gen1 ports and a USB

input 4 USB 2.0 ports on the rear an

HDMI port and more along with wi-fi 5

and Bluetooth 4.2 for your wireless

peripherals unlike most options in this

range it also supports 5.1 surround

sound to provide a more accurate and

immersive in-game stereo image it

utilizes 8 gigabytes of ram and a 6 core

ryzen 3500 processor that can nail the

basics like streaming videos or browsing

the web and ryzen processors typically

tend to perform better with multi-core

tasks than intel options like the dell

g5 you also get an Nvidia GeForce tx

1650 super GPU with 4 gigabytes of gddr5

memory that can run less demanding games

most modern esports titles and some more

intensive open-world games with good

frame rates at basic settings it also

offers ray tracing support which

simulates the behavior of light to

provide more immersive realistic graphics

the hp pavilion desktop isn’t quite a

gaming powerhouse that can handle

demanding online games but it offers

solid performance for the size and price

and it’s ideal for casual gamers who

just want to play basic games with

smooth frame rates or dabble with some

more demanding titles next up.

4. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC

we have a great all-around

option that provides enough power to

handle most modern titles and offers

impressive VR compatibility the

cyberpower pc gamerxtreme VR is a great

all-around option to consider the

CyberPowerPC gamerxtreme VR gaming pc

comes with an excellent blend of

performance aesthetics and affordability

it’s an ideal choice for more demanding

games viewing content and general web

browsing it has a sleek black design

with a transparent glass side panel to

see the internal fans with vibrant RGB

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC


lighting and it features some rings of

lighting on the front panel like the

skytech archangel it comes with a solid

warranty and free lifetime tech support

it provides an ample port selection

which includes an HDMI port a display

port six USB 3.1 inputs two USB 2.0

inputs and an ethernet cable along with

built-in 802.11 ac wi-fi support unlike

the cheaper models on this list it also

comes with impressive 7.1 channel audio

to provide immersive audio and more

accurate positional cues while playing

you also get an included keyboard and

mouse to save money on accessories and

unlike most included peripherals.

Features and Specification

The mouse features built-in RGB lighting to

match your setup on the inside it has 8

gigabytes of ram and a 10th generation

intel core i5 10400f processor that

offers solid all-around performance with

basic tasks and solid multitasking

capabilities for the price but the

overclocking headroom isn’t the best in

this range also offers an Nvidia

Geforce gtx 1660 super GPU that can run

mainstream aaa titles at 1080p with

smooth frame rates and minimal lagging

at decent settings, even more, it comes

with unique DirectX technology to

provide faster processing higher frame

rates and improved graphics performance

and it’s optimized for VR systems the

cyber power pc gamer extreme VR is a

great all-around option to consider.

because of its solid storage capacity

unique technology to improve the system

performance and quality included

peripherals to add some extra value i

would recommend this if you want a

powerful pc that offers impressive

all-around performance and enthusiast

level performance with demanding games

at 1080p for a good price

if you’re looking for a budget gaming pc

that offers a great balance of in-game

performance gamer-friendly features and

connectivity options the Acer predator

Orion 3000 is my choice as the best

overall option in 2022.

5. Acer Predator Orion 3000

while the near 1000 price tag might be too pricey for

some users the Acer predator Orion 3000

is a relatively affordable alternative

to premium, gaming pcs that can smoothly

handle most 1080p or 1440p gaming

requirements it has a reasonably compact

build that only measures 15 by 7 by 15

and a half inches and you get a sleek

design with a tempered glass panel on

the side despite its small stature it

offers a decent range of front-facing

ports including a USB 3.2 port and a USB-c

port with up to 10 gigabits per second

speeds and two three and a half

millimeter jacks on the front along with

several additional inputs on the rear

Acer Predator Orion 3000


though the built-in headset grip can

block some ports when being used inside

the chassis you get is vibrantly customizable

RGB lighting and high-quality frost

blade fans to maintain an optimal

internal temperature i also like that

the mid-tower case is easy to open so

you can upgrade the components to your

liking it utilizes 12 gigabytes of ram

and a 10th generation intel core i5 10

400 6 core processor that can handle

demanding productivity tasks or creative

work like editing better than cheaper

models like the hp pavilion gaming


Features and Specification

it also comes equipped with an

Nvidia GeForce gtx 1660 super GPU that

delivers excellent overall gameplay and

smooth frame rates with demanding

mainstream 1080p and 1440p games at high

settings but the 4k gaming performance

isn’t the best even more it features

Nvidia dlss support to squeeze out some

additional frame rates and ray tracing

support to produce more realistic

graphics the Acer predator Orion 3000 is

the best overall option because of its

robust internal cooling system easily

accessible components and superior

all-around gaming performance to the

less expensive models mentioned if

you’re a mid-level gamer or if you don’t

need top tier power and want something

that can perform well with most games at

a good price this might be the best

choice for you

links to updated pricing on all products

mentioned in the article are in the

down below.


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