A port of Quake allows to play it on Apple Watch

Since it came out in 1996, the popular shooter Quake 1 has been ported to many different devices, including the iPhone as early as 2008. It can now even be played on the Apple Watch. In fact, YouTuber MyOwnClone put Quake on the Apple Watch Series 5, and you can control it with both the touchscreen and the digital crown.

A good idea for games you can play on the go

MyOwnClone says in a post on Hacker News that the port was built on top of existing ports for iOS and Mac, with many changes to make it work with watchOS. The mythical FPS can run at a resolution of 640480 at 60 frames per second, and it can run at a higher resolution at a lower framerate.

On the control side, you can either use the arrows to move or tilt the watch to move through the accelerometer. It’s not very useful either way.

Quake Apple Watch iOS, id Software

The port is available on GitHub, with a demo and more information on the build process available on YouTube. To put the game on an Apple Watch, you will need a Mac, Xcode, and copy-protected Quake files to compile the code.


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