Puppet Master 213 keeps Los Angeles fans happy with El Triste

Puppet Master 213 keeps Los Angeles fans happy with El Triste

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KABC) —When Cain Carias is on stage, the audience is mesmerized by how he moves and makes his puppets feel.As for Puppet Master 213, Carias made a puppet that he called El Triste, which means “The Sad One” in English.

He said that the name was meant to show feelings that were the opposite of his own.”I’m always happy and smiling, and I wanted to do something sad, which is the opposite of that,” Carias said.When he was 13, Cain moved to the United States from Tijuana. He said that at first i,t was hard, but then he got his first job at the famous Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

“He just blew my mind as soon as I walked in,” Carias said. Because it was close to Halloween, they had things like glowing skeletons, Dracula, and Vampira. It was a really cool thing to see, so I paid a lot of attention to it. “He says that Baker was his teacher and that he fell in love with puppetry as an art form. Now, he tries to remember the past and give a good message for the future.Bob Baker died in 2014 at age 90. Carias proudly points to a tattoo on his hand that says “Baker.”

Puppet Master

“I put Bob Baker’s name here. All the things I know I learned from him. This is actually a memorial for him and a reminder to myself that I’ll keep doing this forever because he almost saved my life. I grew up right here on the streets. “Around here, we don’t have the best reputation, but we’re trying to change that for ourselves.”

The organizer of a recent event where Carias performed said that PuppetMaster 213 has built a fan base for his work and for El Triste over the years. People now want to take pictures with him and his puppets.

Angeles fans happy with El Triste

Because PuppetMaster is so involved in the community and shows up at health fairs and other types of community events, a lot of people are really excited to meet him, said event organizer Allegra Padilla. “And (for) the youth, it’s also the opportunity to see him as a role model.”His fans love his work and how he feels about it.

“He makes me feel good,” fan Dwayne Wright said. “Everyone here is smiling, and they are showing feelings that many of us are afraid to show. Everything is coming out on that stage. “His girlfriend says that he is happiest when he is on stage making other people happy.Mayra Plascencia said, “I really like seeing him perform and do something he loves.”

“He never says a bad word about it. He might get tired, but seeing him happy makes me happy because he’s basically living his dream.


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